green and white stripe

The Signs As Alternative/Rock Band Members
  • Aries: Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Taurus: Marilyn Manson
  • Gemini: Axl Rose
  • Cancer: Kurt Cobain
  • Leo: Anthony Kiedis
  • Virgo: Billy Corgan
  • Libra: Trent Reznor
  • Scorpio: Jack White
  • Sagittarius: Mark Hoppus
  • Capricorn: Dave Grohl
  • Aquarius: Chester Bennington
  • Pisces: Thom Yorke
  • I apologize if I got the Genres wrong, I`m not very good at genres.

All A-spec people belong. 
We are all deserving of love, respect, acceptance and community. 

I wasnt able to include all of the flags/identities I wanted to in this, but hopefully the message is still clear. I might re-do this one day to be even more inclusive/include all the flags I missed. Maybe with a second ring or something.

Image Description: The picture is an a-spec positive drawing with the words ‘All A-spec people belong’ in big letters inside a ring of hearts and flowers. 

The hearts in the ring are coloured to resemble a-spec flags: 

  • Two asexual flag hearts - black, grey, white and purple stripes
  • Two demisexual flag hearts - a black triangle on the side with white, purple and grey stripes
  • Two aromantic flag hearts - dark green, light green, white, grey and black stripes
  • Two demiromantic flag hearts - a black triangle on the side with white, dark green  and grey stripes

Between each heart in the ring there are (8) flowers. Each flower is coloured uniquely to resemble a different lgbt+ flag. This is meant to represent how a-spec people can also have varied non a-spec identities that are just as important to them/the variety of different identities among a-spec people. 

The flags seen on the flowers, starting from the top of the circle and going clockwise, are: 

  • The pansexual/panromantic flag - pink, yellow and blue stripes
  • The bisexual/biromantic flag -pink, purple and blue stripes
  • The lesbian flag - different shades of pink stripes 
  • The gay flag - a rainbow/red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stripes
  • The polysexual/polyromantic flag - pink, green and blue stripes
  • The transgender flag - stripes in the pattern: blue, pink, white, pink, blue
  • The intersex flag - yellow with a ring of purple in the middle
  • The non-binary flag - yellow, white, purple and black stripes

I’ve seen a lot of misinformation getting spread about quoisexuality and quoiromanticism lately, so I decided to make this post to educate about what exactly the term means. You’ll also probably see a little bit of info on quoigender in here as well, because the same person gave all three of them an official name.

Quoi- comes from the French word for what. @epochryphal coined quoisexual, quoiromantic, and quoigender. I ripped several of co’s posts for this very large post intended to correct misconceptions.

The Definition

There are actually two main definitions of quoi-, in general. The term was built to be adapted to more personal use, however, so these are not the only definitions.

The first is slightly older than the second: basically, it is when one disidentifies with {sexual/romantic} attraction/orientation as sensemaking, accessible, or applicable to oneself. (This post is helpful for elaborating on this.)

The latter is simpler: can’t tell the difference between two attractions.

The latter definition is often used as the sole definition of quoi. It is not. Do not use it as such.

Individual Terms:


  • sexual orientation and/or attraction does not make sense as a concept or an experience
  • can also mean someone for whom the experience of sexual attraction is confusing, someone who cannot tell if they experience sexual attraction or if what they experience is indeed sexual attraction 
  • can also mean someone who disidentifies with the concept of sexual attraction altogether, as a social construct or as not applicable to themself or otherwise
  • Is not the same as quoiromantic. If you mean quoiromantic, say quoiromantic.


  • applying romantic orientation doesn’t make sense here 
  • cannot tell the difference between romantic/platonic attraction
  • disidentifies with the concept of a romantic orientation 
  • is confused or unsure if they experience (minor edit:) romantic attraction
  • Is not synonymous with quoisexual. Do not use quoisexual to mean quoiromantic.


  • someone who finds the concept of gender identity, or of existing gender words, to themself to be inaccessible, inapplicable, non-sensical, &c
  • can mean someone for whom the experience of gender is confusing, someone who cannot tell if they experience gender or if what they experience is indeed gender (except, perhaps, through extensive abstract analysis)
  • can be used instead of “questioning,” which indicates an ongoing search for a better term; quoigender instead indicates a troubled history with gender words/identities, and perhaps a frustration with searching, or finding such a search unhelpful; instead using quoigender as a more permanent, stable, unchanging, fixed point
  • also: throwing up one’s hands and saying “ugh, what gender even. forget this.”
  • this is not exclusive of having non-binary pronouns, of having social dysphoria or other kinds of dysphoria, of some gendery words being better or more accurate than others – just as being quoisexual is not exclusive of having sexual preferences, limits, boundaries, trends, &c

(Directly copied from a post by coiner to avoid getting out of my lane.)


  • People use this term with and without the SAM.
  • As I’ve already stated multiple times, quoisexual =/= quoiromantic. Please do not use one to mean the other.
  • As far as attractions being confused goes, I’ve seen sexual/sensual and romantic/platonic be the most common, however, these are not the only possible combinations.
  • Depending on which definition you are using, quoi may be used in combination with other a-spec or non a-spec terms. Most commonly used with the “can’t differentiate with two attractions” definition.
  • It was not created solely to force people into the SAM or any other bullshit. That is nonsense.

{The quoisexual/romantic flag. Black stripe, white stripe, lime green stripe and sky blue stripe.}

That’s all I’ve got folks - thanks for listening!

“I have always felt deprived of underwear. I always felt that i would have really made it if I had all the socks and underwear I could ever use. Even in Pensacola (where Ted was arrested for the last time), I went to a shopping mall and bought some socks. I was buying socks everywhere. This is for real. I mean, I’ve got a sock fetish. No question about it. I must have six or seven pairs right here with me in my cell. I am really sick when it comes to socks. These are some of the things for people who really want to know what makes Ted Bundy tick. They’re parts of the combination to the deepest, most secret recesses of my mind. I’m very close to my feet. Right now. I’m lying on my back with my foot propped up on the bars. And I’m studying my toes. For a good portion of the night. They’re probably the most attractive feet you’ve ever seen. I’m sure all these law-enforcement officers around the country are looking through their unsolved crimes for anything to do with the presence or absence of socks. Socks are such a serious part of my life. They’re so very important to me. They kept reading the list of socks and all [in court] and I felt proud. Honestly, it didn’t even begin to occur to me that people might wonder why I had all those socks. I just felt proud that I owned all those socks. Like a man who stands at the back of his ranch house and looks out over the range and sees all them cattle. The only time I began to have little bought of sheepishness was when I read about a white sock with a blue band and green stripe on the toe. Those are odor eaters- and that was getting too personal.” - Ted Bundy talking about his obsession with socks in conversations with a killer.



Lime green silk ottoman having wide ombree blue, black and white stripe, the sacque back jacket with double fan shaped cuff trimmed in looped cord, pleated petticoat with center back inverted pleat, open at both sides from waist bound in white linen tape with linen ties, hem bound in gold linen, unfinished stommacher trimmed with self furbelow, completely unlined.

Knock Your Socks Off (Draco Malfoy x reader)


request: okay i know that this was requested but i can’t find it anywhere bc it was literally months ago.. it was something about draco taking the reader dancing sooooooo :))

word count: 974
warnings: none :)

It’s a Friday evening in late April and the snow has finally completely melted. You sit on the stone bench overlooking the fields leading to Hagrid’s hut, where Draco Malfoy had told you to meet him. The sun is setting, creating streaks of crimson and violet across the horizon. The grass looks greener than yesterday, and the breeze is warmer and has a slight fragrance of spring flowers.

You glance back towards the towers of Hogwarts, wondering where he is and why he’d wanted to meet. You’d always been friendly towards each other and joked around, but were never close enough to do things outside of class. It kind of came out of nowhere. You return your gaze to the landscape, your mind in another world.

Your trance is interrupted by a pair of hands suddenly grabbing your shoulders from behind, and you jump, nearly falling off your seat. A voice says, “Now what is a girl like you doing out here at a time like this?”

You turn your head and your eyes meet Draco’s. They’re the color of a cold winter storm, but they give off a look of humor and mischief. You smile and give him a little shove. “You nearly gave me a fright.”

“Nearly?” He chuckles. “Looked to me like I knocked your socks right off, miss Y/L/N.”

You smirk and lift up your foot, pulling up your pant leg to reveal your green and white striped stockings, climbing past your school shoes and halfway up your calf. “Socks are unharmed and undefeated.”

“Humph.” He responds, arms crossed but grinning, and comes around the bench to stand in front of you. “However, that is an interesting fashion choice, love.”

“May I inquire as to the purpose of this unusual and unexpected meeting?” You ask in an exaggerated accent, tilting your head, your arms wrapped around your knees.

He smiles wider with that mischievous look on his face. “I thought it might be enjoyable to spend the night together.”

You raise your eyebrows in response.

“No, no, not like that,” he stutters, blushing, and runs his hand through his handsome blond locks. “You naughty girl… I mean let’s do something tonight.” He reaches out his hand, waiting for yours.

You pretend to consider the offer, as if you hadn’t been wishing for this moment for the last two years. He rolls his eyes and sighs impatiently, but you can tell he’s amused.

“I suppose I could give it a shot…” You place your hand in his and allow him to stand you up and guide you back inside the hallways of the school. “Now where exactly are we going?”

He looks down at you. “Dancing,” he replies, smirking. A tingle of excitement runs down your spine at the thought of it.

He leads you through the dungeons, where you can hear the music and feel the rumble of the bass through the stone walls of the corridors. He pulls you into the Slytherin common room where you’re faced with a sea of partying students, fist bumping the air or twisting their hips to the beat of the song. You notice couples snogging on sofas in the corners and see Pansy Parkinson standing on a table, grinding against some Slytherin kid. A disco ball floats above the crowd, not attached to anything, and sends flashes of multicolored light around the room.

The two of you push through lip-locked couples and almost trip over a first-year trying to do the worm. You finally reach an open spot.

Draco stops and turns towards you, grabbing your other hand. He smirks confidently and starts to dance. You decide to forget your worries and nervousness and let loose. You twist your bodies along with the music, hands entwined. It feels like a dream. Your head is thumping and your ears are ringing, but it’s like a dream.

After a bit of dancing, you lean towards his ear and say, “Get ready for my craziest moves.” He lifts an eyebrow but gives the look of approval and takes a step back to watch. You pout your lips, scrunch your eyebrows, and start doing the Macarena.

He tilts his head back in laughter. “Alright, the dance moves were pretty good, but that face was priceless,” he chuckles.

“I know, I’m bloody talented,” you shrug.

You inhale sharply at the sudden feeling of his hands on your waist. “You make me laugh like no one else, Y/N.”

He moves his arms to your back and pulls you close, until there’s no space between your bodies. Your short breaths bounce off his chest. You look up at him. The red and blue lights from the disco ball dance across his face and you can’t think of anything but how attractive he looks. You open your mouth and try to speak, but no words come out.

He grins. “Shh,” he murmurs, and pulls your face towards his. Your lips meet, and your breath catches in your throat, but you then relax and wrap your arms around him. It feels like only a second but an eternity at the same time; the two of you embraced in a passionate yet gentle kiss. He pulls away, smiling.

“Why’d you stop?” You smirk, grabbing his collar and pulling him towards you again. Your mouth lightly grazes his, teasing, until he leans in for the full kiss. This one is much less gentle. Your lips meet again and again. Your hand trails up the back of his neck and runs through his soft blond hair. His hands are on your waist, and it’s a while before they finally pull away.

When they do, you smile and give him a light little punch to the shoulder. “I have to admit it… this time, you knocked my socks halfway to Azkaban.”

Airworthy P-47 Thunderbolts, 2017

A short guide to the survivors, and how to quickly identify them.

Balls Out, 44-32817, Lewis Air Legends

Red cowling, red cockpit frame, red bars on wingtips, horizontal stabilizers and fin; aircraft code G9-L.  This aircraft served in the Venezuelan Air Force from 1949, and eventually returned to the US in 1995.  She is based out of San Antonio, Texas.

Tarheel Hal, 44-90368, Lone Star Flight Museum

Orange fin and rear fuselage, invasion stripes on underside of rear fuselage and inner wings, distinctive orange/yellow/blue nose art, aircraft code IA-N; this paint scheme was worn by an identical aircraft of the 358th Fighter Group.  This aircraft was sold to the Venezuelan Air Force after WWII and returned in the 1990s for restoration.  She is based out of Galveston, Texas.

Wicked Wabbit, 44-90438, Tennessee Museum of Aviation

Red cowling ring, olive drab top fuselage, yellow bands on outer wing panels and fin, aircraft code 44; she wears the paint scheme of an identical aircraft of the 57th Fighter Group.  This aircraft was sold to the Yugoslav Air Force after the end of the war and returned to the US in 1986 for restoration.  She is based out of Sevierville, Tennessee, with her squadron mate

Hun Hunter XVI, 44-90460, Tennessee Museum of Aviation

Red cowling ring, olive drab top fuselage, yellow bands on the outer wings and fin, aircraft code 40; she wears the paint scheme of an identical aircraft of the 57th Fighter Group.  This aircraft was sold to Brazil in the 1950s and returned to the US in 1988 for restoration.  She is based out of Sevierville, Tennessee.

Hairless Joe, 44-90471, Erickson Aircraft Collection

Mottled grey-green fuselage and wings, invasion stripes on the lower rear fuselage and wings, red cowling ring, aircraft code LM-S; she wears the paint scheme of an identical aircraft of the 56th Fighter Group.  This aircraft was sold to the Peruvian Air Force and returned in to the US 1969.  She is based out of Madras, Oregon.

No Guts, No Glory, 45-49192, Claire Aviation Inc

Black-and-white checkerboard cowling, invasion stripes on the upper and lower wings and rear fuselage, black band on fin, aircraft code XM-X; she wears the colors of an identical aircraft of the 82nd Fighter Squadron.  This aircraft was sold to Peru and returned to the US in 1969 for restoration.  She is based out of Wilmington, Delaware.

Squirt VIII, 45-49205, Palm Springs Air Museum

Dark green fuselage, white cowling ring, white band on fin, invasion stripes on the lower wings and rear fuselage, aircraft code 2Z-P.  This aircraft was sold to the Peruvian Air Force and returned to the US in 1969 for restoration.  She is based out of Palm Springs, California.

45-49346, Yanks Air Museum

Unpainted except for national insignia and tail number, the Yanks Air Museum P-47D is one of few unpainted airworthy survivors.  She is based out of Chino, California, along with

42-27385, Yanks Air Museum

Unpainted except for national insignia and tail number, she is a rare prototype YP-47M.  The aircraft is based out of Chino, California.

45-49385, Westpac Restorations

Black-and-white checkerboard cowling, black band on fin, invasion stripes on lower wings and fuselage, aircraft codes WZ-A (port) and B-WZ (starboard).  The aircraft was sold to the Peruvian Air Force and returned to the US in 1969 for restoration.  She is based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Tallahassee Lassie, 45-49406, Flying Heritage Collection

Blue cowling ring, blue cockpit frame, blue bands on horizontal stabilizers and fin, aircraft code 2Z-T; she wears the paint scheme of an identical aircraft of the 510th Fighter Squadron.  This aircraft was assigned to the ANG in 1948, removed from service soon after, and later restored.  She is based out of Everett, Washington.

Snafu, 42-25068, Comanche Warbirds Inc.

Razorback variant.  Dark green fuselage, black-and-white checkerboard cowling, invasion stripes on upper and lower wings and rear fuselage, white bands on horizontal stabilizers and fin, aircraft code WZ-D.  This aircraft entered civilian hands immediately following the end of WWII and has remained airworthy since.  She is operated out of Houston, Texas.

Spirit of Atlantic City, NJ, 42-25254, Planes of Fame Air Museum

Razorback variant.  Dark green fuselage, white cowling ring, white bands on horizontal stabilizers and fin, invasion stripes on rear fuselage and wings (may or may not be present), aircraft code UN-M.  This aircraft has been in civilian hands since 1944.  She is based out of Chino, California.

Lil Meatie’s Meat Chopper, 44-89136, Commemorative Air Force

Unfortunately the only picture of this plane I can find is disassembled in a hangar after a 2002 crash, so I don’t know if it still is airworthy or not.  Any information regarding this aircraft would be most welcome.

Several other Thunderbolts are under restoration to airworthiness, including the wreckage of Jackie’s Revenge which was lost in May 2016 with her pilot.  

Some A-spec positivity for a-spec awareness week!!

[Image Description: A drawing of three hearts. The heart in the middle is bigger than the hearts on either side of it and is coloured to resemble the asexuality flag (black, grey, white and purple stripes). 

The heart on the left is slightly smaller than the heart in the middle and is coloured to resemble the demisexual flag (a black triangle/arrow on the side, a thick white stripe, thin purple strip and thick grey stripe).

The heart on the right is the same size as the heart on the left. It is coloured to resemble the aromantic flag (dark green, light green, white, grey and black stripes). 

Above the hearts are the words “you are valid”. Below the hearts are the words “You are loved”.]