green and white bikini

Homely Waves

(Shoutout to @graphitekatanas​ for sending me this lovely prompt :3 )

The Paladins had just finished training and were sitting in the lounge when Coran burst in, grinning widely.

“Hey, how are you doing, Paladins? I have some great news for you! Allura and I have decided to give you guys a short uh, holiday, as you humans call it. We are currently orbiting a planet that is very similar to your planet, Earth, and we should be able to spend 2 days there.”

Cheers rang through the room, a thrilled chatter developing. Everyone talked, brining up memories that were somewhat lost during the galactic battle they were fighting. 

Eventually, Allura entered the room, joining in about how she had an equivalent to a tent (it was almost as big as Keith’s house) and that they could set it up to enjoy the wildlife. The Paladins were buzzing with excitement.

The next morning, the castle was already stationed on the planet.

The team spilled out of the castle, lugging with them camping supplies. They did not have to walk long to find a decent clearing to set up camp, and according to Coran’s radar, there was a huge body of water in walking distance.

The Paladins explored, and discovered that the detected water was an ocean! They planned for the next day, then slept off the night after fire-roasted goo and some yarns.


“Oh, you’re on.” Keith growled.

The team was having a blast at the beach. Even though they were all wearing swimming suits, none of them had gotten into the water. Yet. 

Allura, Coran, and Pidge sat under a beach umbrella, observing the others. Lance and Keith were furiously building with the sand, and Hunk and Shiro helped, filling buckets with sand or water to aid the sand carpenters. 

After Lance had beat Keith, he turned to Pidge, taking in her small form wrapped tightly in a concealing towel under the shade of the umbrella.

“Come on, Pidge! Join us!” Lance whined. Pidge sighed, turning to Allura and Coran, who just smiled supportively and gave her a thumbs-up. 

Pidge slowly stood up and shed the towel, revealing a lacy white bikini that flaunted a green V- shaped pattern for Voltron. 

Shiro gently ruffled her hair. “It suits you, Pidge.”

Even as Pidge moved to join the group that was now finally entering the water, Lance stared at the spot that Pidge had just been standing in.

White bikini laced across a backdrop of caramel skin. Cheerful laugh, like a bell, continuous as she loped into the waves.

Lance shook himself out of the memory, forcing his legs to move from the spot he had been rooted to. He couldn’t let it get to him.

Soon, Lance had forgotten all about it. He laughed, splashing Hunk.

“Wait! Hey, Lance, look! I found a crab!” Lance looked at the tiny crab that skittered around in Hunk’s hand.

“Look, Lance! A crab! Isn’t he so small and cute?”

Lance shoved the thought out of his head, quickly masking his dazed look with a grin.

When it was time to go, Lance couldn’t stop the same words sliding out of his mouth.

“Do we have to go, Allura?”

“Do we have to go, Mamá?”

“Yes, but there’s always tomorrow.”

“Yes, but there’s always tomorrow.”

Lance had made sure that everyone was asleep before slipping on his boots and sliding outside. He drifted over to the beach, hidden by the dark night.

“Sandcastle competition!” 

“You’re on, hermano!”

“Lance, walk in the water with your hermana, please?” “Yes, Mamá!”

Bright sun tanning open skin, sand creamy white, waves hungry and lapping at my feet.

Lance didn’t even realize he was crying until he choked on a sob. The Cuban boy sank to his knees as he started to weep. He didn’t even try to stop himself, instead nestling himself against a large, smooth rock into a comforting position.

Keith had woken overnight, instantly noting the absence of Lance. He hopped to his feet, running into the night in search of the blue paladin.

Keith was drawn to the shore by a faint sniffling. He looked around, finding a crumpled figure against a rock.

“Lance?” At. his name, the brunette looked up. Upon recognizing who the other boy was, Lance turned his back to Keith.

“Go away, Keith.”

Keith rolled his eyes, going over to crouch by Lance.

“If there’s something wrong-”

“I said GO AWAY!” Lance whipped around, shoving Keith out of the way as he abruptly stood, starting to walk away.

“Lance! What’s up with you?! I’m trying to help you!”

“WELL I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!” Lance’s voice cracked, and he turned his back to Keith once again, sitting on a flat rock that faced the water.

Keith huffed, stubbornly walking to the front of Lance and placing his hands on Lance’s shoulders.

“Now tell me what’s wrong.” Lance tried to squirm away, but Keith kept his hands firmly planted on Lance’s shoulders. This only made Lance cry harder as he weakly tried to push Keith away.

“Just leave me alone.” Lance sobbed. Keith sat down next to Lance, tentatively wrapping his arms around the other boy.

To Keith’s surprise, Lance hugged back, and buried his face into Keith’s shoulder.

“I miss home.” Lance sniffled, as Keith absentmindedly stroked Lance’s hair. They sat like that for a while, and eventually, Lance slowly pulled back.

“Thanks, Keith. You know, I don’t hate you.” Keith was taken aback.

Lance turned to Keith with a sad, broken smile on a tear-streaked face, highlited by moonlight.

“You remind me of my hermano.” And with that, Lance walked away into the shadows, leaving Keith sitting, bewildered, on the rock.