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etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 6.9.17

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Modern Times

Written for Day 5 of @zutaraweek

Disclaimer: I own as much as Jon Snow knows

“I’m pretty sure that’s my hoodie,” Zuko commented, as he slid into the seat opposite Katara.

“It was your hoodie,” she corrected with a smirk, casually stirring the tea sitting in front of her.

He raised his eyebrow. “When I started dating you, I did not realise that I would face the prospect of my favourite hoodie being repossessed.”

“Oh calm down Sparky, I’ll probably give it back…eventually.”

“That does not inspire much confidence.”

“Oh whatever,” Katara smirked again, and took a sip of her tea. “You’re lucky I love you.”

“Yeah,” he replied softly, reaching over and intertwining their fingers. “I really am.”

She flushed. “Dork,” she muttered, although she did squeeze the hand nestled in hers. “How’s your shift been going?” she added, looking around the green and gold interior of the Jasmine Dragon.

Zuko shrugged. “Not too bad. Uncle says he’s found a new blend of tea that he thinks we should try. And by ‘we’, he does of course mean ‘he’.”

Katara smiled. “That sounds like something Iroh would do.”

He rolled his eyes affectionately. “To be honest, I’m not even surprised anymore. But it makes Uncle happy, and that’s what matters.”

“We’re all happy when Iroh’s happy,” she laughed. “It’s contagious. Speaking of being happy, are you still on for tonight?”

Zuko smirked. “Oh, definitely. There’s no way I’m missing movie night. It’s a – what does Sokka call it? – ‘Gaang Tradition’.”

“Oh yes; it’s one of our most sacred,” Katara smiled fondly. “Just hanging out together with food, a movie and then games or whatever afterwards ever two weeks? Doesn’t get much better than that. This time, it’s at Suki’s.”

“Thank Agni,” Zuko snorted. “I trust Suki to pick out a decent movie. The last one we watched…that wasn’t a good movie.”

Katara frowned. “Okay, so The Boy in the Iceberg was a pretty big let-down, especially considering we’d all read the book it was based on, but it wasn’t all bad! Like Sokka said, the effects were decent!”

Zuko rolled his eyes. “Any movie made by Ember Island Players Studio is dreadful. I mean, I told you how badly they butchered Love Amongst the Dragons. The bit where we paused the movie to get more snacks was the best part of it.”

“I have to agree with you there,” she took a last sip of her tea. “Well, I’d better get back home. Sokka says he wants to bake a cake or something for Suki, and I need to make sure that he doesn’t get too adventurous with the ingredients or burn the house down or something.”

“Good timing; my break’s nearly over. Have fun with babysitting Sokka.”

“Oh shut up,” Katara rolled her eyes, before leaning forward and brushing her lips against his. “See you at Suki’s for the movie. Don’t be late.”

Zuko smiled. “Wouldn’t miss it.”