green aliens

skyeofdragons  asked:

Describe everyone's favorite underwear. All the children. Then get Lanx to draw the underwear

Oh my god. Okay. @lanxborealiss skye wants you to draw underwear

Caleb: he wears plain grey/black boxers tbh

Gabriel: his floral lingerie 

Rytyx: doesn’t wear underwear

Malik: light blue boxers w fishes and sea horses and anchors and sea related stuff

Xerohn: he wears black boxers

Nessiah: white boxers w icecream cones


Kenneth: plaid green boxers

Billroth: His fave underwear is no underwear tbh

Mason: deep blue boxers w CONSTELLATIONS

Renenetmos: doesn’t wear underwear

Dakarai: doesn’t wear underwear

Rhareth: black tight thongs

Ophiel: cute white/pink/baby blue lacey panties

Iarilan: ice blue lingerie

Wilhelm: white boxers w lil green alien heads

Douglas: grey boxers w console controls from differen consoles like NES, N64, joy-sticks etc etc etc