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A Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, a danny phantom fanfic | FanFiction
in which danny hates his half-life and he honestly has a pretty good reason to. dannymay day five: moment in time / clocks

           Danny was having a rough day.

           It started when, at three in the morning, Skulker decided to pay him a visit via the loudest fucking flying scooter that Danny had ever heard in his life, which, mixed with him being literally slammed into the side of a brick building only minutes afterwards, led to a pounding migraine that left him in a heap on the sidewalk for a little over an hour, surrounded by the crushed bits of Skulker’s metal suit.

           At seven fifty-five, he woke up way late. As in, the-final-bell-rings-in-five-minutes-and-I-can’t-find-a-shirt-that-doesn’t-smell-like-dead-cow late. And then Mr. Lancer, his homeroom teacher, gave him a detention when he slid into the room two minutes after the final bell, wearing one of his dad’s giant Fenton Works sweatshirts with nothing underneath. Five minutes after he sat down, breathing laboriously, his ghost sense went off and he had to rush out of the room with a quick, “I have to go to the bathroom!” which resulted in another detention, as he hadn’t been given permission to leave the classroom.

           And then, as the gosh diddly darn icing on the cake, Dash Baxter met him in the hallway after second period and tripped Danny as they passed. “Oh, so sorry!” He had exclaimed overdramatically, and then he grabbed the fabric of Danny’s tired old backpack and tore a hole right through the bottom. His books and crumpled papers went flying and he ended up late for third period.

           Oh, he almost forgot to mention: Clockwork hadn’t been leaving him alone. It was always Ghost King this, Ghost King that. Danny couldn’t handle being the Ghost King, he was positive. Sure, he hadn’t had his coronation yet, but Clockwork was always mentioning training and studying. The first time his mentor brought up studying, Danny had laughed in his face. He didn’t even have time to study for his vocabulary tests, for fuck’s sake. Why couldn’t Clockwork just be the Ghost King? He seemed perfectly capable.

           Danny had decided that he couldn’t do this anymore.

           Rather than heading for the lunchroom, he trotted down the hall and towards the office. He stopped before turning the corner, put on the most pain-filled face he could muster, and slowly stepped out and made his way to the office desk.

           “Yes?” said Ms. Coverly, the secretary.

           “I feel really sick,” said Danny, forcing his voice to become hoarse. “I feel like I’m gonna throw up.”

           Ms. Coverly had pulled a face, eyed him up and down, and muttered, “You do look a bit pale…”

           Internally, Danny had taken that offensively. Externally, he nodded weakly.

           Ms. Coverly sighed and ran a hand through her ridiculously teased hair. “Alright, I’ll call your parents.”

           “Can you call my sister instead? My parents are really busy at work.”

           “Uh …”

           Danny coughed so hard his throat had actually started to hurt, making sure not to cover his mouth.

           Ms. Coverly had pulled out the phone before Danny’s cough was finished. “What’s your sister’s number?”

           And then he was in Jazz’s car, smiling broadly at her as she scowled down at him. “Just because I’m on break for the month does not mean you can call me willy-nilly and pretend to be sick.

           “You’re a blessing, Jazz. Bless you.” Danny had put his hands together as though praying, bowing twice.

           Jazz had sighed heavily.

           This was what was running through his head as he floated aimlessly through the quiet green abyss that was the Ghost Zone, turning onto his back and supporting his head with his hands. My life kinda sucks, he told himself. Just a little bit. But, hey, at least I finally got this moment of silence to myself.

           And then he was falling.

           Danny’s back hit soft grass and he flailed, yelling even after he was already on solid ground. It took him several more disorientating moments before his head wrapped around what had happened.

           He’d fallen through a natural ghost portal.

           Danny groaned, squeezed his eyes shut, and took a few moments before lifting up his head to observe where he’d ended up. Then he heard a noise that sounded a lot like a mixture of crackling electricity and rushing wind from behind, and he turned his head quickly towards where the portal had been.

           Key words: had been. It was gone. Behind it, a crowd of befuddled people stood watching him. Someone screamed out something in a foreign language, and pitchforks seemed to materialize out of thin air.

           “Fuck,” Danny said.

           “AAAAH!” The villagers said.

           They were upon him before he could blink, and Danny caught a glance at the sharp end of a pitchfork pointed directly at his skull before he phased through the ground and ended up behind the crowd.

           “Clockwork, I could really use your help here!” Danny shouted, which was, apparently, a mistake, because the villagers spun on their heel and came running after him once more. A pitchfork narrowly missed his head.

           “CLOCKWORK. I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME.” Danny screamed, twisting around trees but trying not to stray too far from where the natural portal had dropped him off. He was hoping and praying that it would just show up in the same place and take him back to his time, where he could flop into his bed and fall asleep. You know, now that he thought about it, leaving his room had been a Bad Idea. He never should have entered the Ghost Zone. Bad things always happened when he entered the Ghost Zone.

           Something heavy hit him in the back of his head and he hit the ground hard, later colliding with a tree. Several leaves showered down upon him.

           Danny’s bleary eyes stared down at what had caused his fall. A rock. Some fucking villager hit him in the head with a fucking rock. That migraine that he’d gotten at three in the morning from Skulker came back full force.

           “Cwockwork,” Danny muttered, his tongue feeling swollen in his mouth. He could taste blood.

           And then the scene disappeared, and he was lying on a metal floor surrounded by clocks. His head continued to swim.

           “Now, you sure did fail that test, didn’t you?” A familiar voice queried, and purple robes floated into view.


           “Of course. To become king of the Ghost Zone, you must undergo a series of highly intensive tests. Your reliance on me was a bit concerning. You must figure out how to solve problems by yourself, Danny.”

           “I fackin’ hat yoo, Cwockwork.”

           “We’ll work on your language tomorrow, hm?”

           And then Danny passed out.

Those who oppose thee
Shall know the wrath of heaven.

Andraste 7:19

And in return were given, in hushed whispers,
The secrets of darkest magic.

- Threnodies 5:11

Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just.

- Benedictions 4:10

Then the Maker said:
To you, my second-born, I grant this gift:
In your heart shall burn

- Threnodies 5:1-5:8

Here lies the abyss, the well of all souls.
From these emerald waters doth life begin anew.

- Andraste 14:11

Dragons with wicked eyes and wicked hearts,
On blacken’d wings does deceit take flight

Silence 3:6, Dissonant Verse

And as the black clouds came upon them,
They looked on what pride had wrought,
And despaired.

- Threnodies 7:10

You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

- Threnodies 8:13

Beauty or a Beast (Part 1)

Dean X Reader 

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


The long grueling hunt is finally over. I strip down to nothing as I prepare to hop in the shower. The scorching water cascades around me as I hang my head, and watch the dirt and blood run off me and down the drain. Finally gathering some energy I wash my face and body, eventually hopping out and drying off.

Poking my head out the door, I check the hallway to make sure the boys were out of sight. Scurrying along the hallway I make my way to my room. Shutting the door I flop on my bed, not caring my towel has slipped almost completely off.

My head is pounding as I crank my neck, trying to check the time. The red number reads three AM. I shoot up out of bed. I fell asleep naked on top of my covers; I shake my head at the realization. Throwing on an old pair of sweats and a tee I make my way to the kitchen for some pain relievers.

The bunker is quite, meaning the boys are sleeping. I move to the kitchen, making sure not to wake them. I am standing on my toes trying to reach the bottle on the top shelf when the lights flip on. Spinning around I see Dean leaning against the doorframe observing me. I quickly turn back around silently cursing, knowing there was no way of getting back to my room. Running my fingers through my hair I try to make it look a little less crazy.

Dean makes his way over to me without saying a word. I feel his strong, toned back press against mine, as he reaches up and grabs the advil for me. He sets the bottle on the counter in front of me, and then places his hands on my shoulders. He turns me to face him. Grabbing my chin, he forces me to look up. Our eyes meet and for a moment I am lost in the abyss of green and brown.

“What’s wrong  (Y/N)? Why are you acting so weird?” His brow furrows in concern. I open my mouth to explain, when my mother’s words come back to me.

“No one cares about your problems (Y/N). Everyone has issues, yours don’t mean anything, people will find it annoying if you are constantly crying about them.” Ripping my head out of his grasp, I tell him its nothing and push past him. I practically run to my room when I am out of the kitchen. I turn the lights off and get back into bed, just wanting to fall asleep and be done with today.

There is a soft knock on the door. I say nothing, which leads Dean to slowly push the door open. He comes over and places the pills and a glass of water on my side table. He makes his way back out and with his hand on the doorknob he starts to close it, when he stops. He turns back around with his head down.

“I’m sorry if I did something to upset. You mean a lot to me (Y/N), and I don’t like seeing you like this. Please talk to me.” Silence rang as tears escaped my eyes. He takes the silence with a heavy heart as he backs out of the room and closes the door.

Turning my face into my pillow I let out a sob. Lying there for another hour, I know sleep will not come again for me tonight. I get up and change into a sports bra and shorts. I walk past my mirror seeing a new pimple has appeared. I put some cover up on and some mascara, before grabbing my sneakers, and headphones. I walk to the foyer of the bunker, and sit on the stairs to lace up my shoes. I start to hear someone move around, so I race up the stairs. Very carefully I open the door, so whoever it was did not come to investigate. Outside I close my eyes, and breath in the fresh, cool air. I plug my headphones into my phone and start running, hopping to lose myself in the process.

uhokai  asked:

Can i request for an angsty one where y/n kinda like sacrifices herself to save the team but holtzy saves her and then holtzy accidentally confesses to y/n omg

A/N: This is literally the longest imagine I have ever written, oh my gosh. I absolutely loved writing it though! I think it may be a little obvious where I got the idea from, but it was just too good to pass up. I hope you enjoy it (:

You were young. Well, the youngest of the Ghostbusters by only three years. A life without you wasn’t something that the Ghostbusters ever thought about. In fact, it was the farthest thing from anyones mind.

It was late in the evening. Everyone was finishing up their work before getting ready to leave the fire station for the night. You were aiding Patty on the main level in filing all known haunted locations around New York. It was something that she figured would come in handy so that everyone had an idea of what they would be up against should they ever go to one of the spots.

“Come on, baby. I think the rest can wait for tomorrow.” Patty sighed and pushed the drawer back into the file cabinet. You had known Patty when she was still working at the MTA. She introduced you to the other three women and Kevin.

You nodded in agreement and stepped away from the cabinets. That was when the ground shook and giant booming sound coming from outside filled your ears. Both you and Patty fell to the floor, the shaking stopped almost as soon as it had started. You let out a cough and warily lifted yourself off of the floor.

“What in the world?” Patty whispered as she began cautiously stepping towards the doors.

“Everyone suit up! We’ve got company!” Abby yelled as she raced down the stairs and towards the lockers.

Your eyes widened in shock. It took a moment for her words to sink in before you followed suit. Holtzmann and Erin came rushing downstairs, proton packs in tow. You knew it must be something big because Holtzmann also carried the sashes with the grenades on them.

You pulled your boots on and stuffed your jumpsuit into them before taking a sash from Holtz and clipping it around your body. As per usual, Holtzmann wore a look of excitement on her face. She was always so eager to go on a bust. However, something in your gut told you this wasn’t just an ordinary bust.

As the five of you walked towards the doors, you noticed a faint green and blue glow coming from outside the windows. You swallowed thickly as Erin opened both of the doors and stepped out. You gasped aloud as you looked around and surveyed the area.

Ghosts roamed through the streets. Everywhere you turned, there were masses of glowing figures. Parts of the sidewalk were coated in ectoplasm. It was like stepping into a scene from a horror movie.

This didn’t seem as horrible as the near-apocolypse, though. It seemed as if there was just a tear somewhere. If only it were as easy as sewing the tear back together.

“There must be a tear somewhere in the ley lines.” Erin said, confirming your thoughts. “We need to split up, find it, and shut it down.”

“Patty and Erin stay with me. Holtz, you and (y/n) stay together.” Abby insisted before taking the two women and carefully moving down the sidewalk.

Holtzmann grinned as she pulled her proton gun out and held it securely against her torso.

“Let’s go sniff this puppy out,” She voiced and the two of you turned in the opposite direction.

“Is that what that explosion was? The ley line tearing?” You inquired as you held your gun close to you.

“Most likely. It had to have been close, though.” The blonde replied as she checked down an alleyway.

You gave a silent nod. You continued to check behind the two of you, not wanting to get caught offguard at any point. You knew Holtzmann was too busy checking for the tear to worry about her own safety. Luckily, you cared about her safety.

You cared about her a lot, actually. You knew it was pointless since it was so obvious that she and Erin had a thing for each other. You tried not to let it bother you. She and Erin were closer than you and Holtz.

“There!” Holtzmann exclaimed, snapping you from your thoughts as she pointed towards an opening in the road.

You grabbed the walkie-talkie from your hip and held down the button as you spoke, “Guys we found the tear. We’re near the cinema.”

In only a few minutes the rest of the group had found both of you. Carefully, everyone crept towards the opening and knelt down to examine it. Abby ran her hand through her hair in dismay as she stood.

“It’s too big to drive another hearse into it.” She shook her head.

“Well how are we suppose to suck everything back in and close it?” Patty asked bluntly and rested her hands on her hips.

“It’s extremely smaller than the first one so I don’t think it needs a giant nuke.” Holtzmann tried to offer some form of help.

Your eyes widened as your hands brushed over the sash around your body. You weren’t exactly sure if it would work, but it was worth a shot.

“What about multiple smaller nukes?” You prompted, motioning to the devices currently strapped to yoour chest.

Holtzmann nodded after a few seconds, “That would probably work.”

“Okay but how would we get them deep enough to actually set everything into motion?” Erin countered, causing yet another silence to fall over the group.

You bit down on your lip as your hair blew wildly from the wind. You knew that the five of you needed to get this thing fixed. It wasn’t like there could just be a giant rift in the middle of New York.

“I’ll do it.” You spoke calmly.

“(y/n), no, we’ll figure something else out. If you go in you’ll-” Holtzmann started, her voice almost frantic.

“If I go in I won’t come out, I know.” You responded. “But guys, we don’t really have much if an option here.”

Did you want to die? Of course not but you knew that something had to be done to get this thing closed. You were willing to do this so none of the others had to.

“Please just think about this for a minute, (y/n).” Patty pleaded and shook her head.

“We don’t have time for that. You guys, this thing could get even bigger if we don’t do this now.” You insisted as you already began to tighten the straps of the proton pack around your waist. That plus the grenades that Holtzmann had created should’ve been enough to counteract the tear.

“No, we’re not doing this. You’re not doing this.” Holtz argued, stepping closer to you. Her eyes seemed glassy but you knew you could’ve been mistaken since she was wearing her tinted goggles.

Everything went silent amongst the group. They assumed you had been convinced not to do anything. At least, that was until you looked at each of them with a somber expression.

“I’m sorry,” You swallowed before regripping your gun and dashing towards the opening.

All you heard was shouting behind you as you lept from the edge of the hole and down into the green and glowing abyss. After that, everything felt slow and sounded muffled.

You tried to fight back the tears as you fell deeper and deeper. You tugged off each of the grenades and threw them further in front of you after pressing down on them. You aimed your gun downwards as you sent a stream down after the grenades. And then, everything began to explode.

Up above, everyone had to fight to hold Holtzmann back from jumping in after you. She had tears streaming down her face as she fell back against the pavement.

The previous green of the opening turned red as it began to suck the ghosts back inside. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before it closed fully, trapping you inside. Jillian wasn’t sure how to describe the ache in her chest, but she knew that she couldn’t just let you die.

She whipped her head around, eyes landing on a hardware store behind them. She sprinted towards it, surprised to find the store unlocked. The owners must’ve split without locking up after the ley line tore open. She grabbed a mass of rope and dashed back outside. She somehow managed to tie one end around her waist while also tying the other end around a fire hydrant.

“I’ll bring her back,” Holtz stated before she jumped into the opening after you.

The engineer felt herself falling and knew she might not make it back in time to be pulled out. However, she didn’t care. She didn’t ever want to imagine having to live without seeing your smiling face every day. You were too important to her.

As you continued to fall, you could feel yourself start to shut down. You knew that no living thing was supposed to ever come this far. You let your finger slip from the trigger of your gun just before you felt a hand wrap around your upper arm.

Your eyes snapped wide as you looked behind you to see the one person you were wanting to protect.

“Didn’t think you were gonna get away that easily, did you?” Holtzman shouted in order to be heard.

She wrapped her arms around you so there was no way she would lose you again. She felt the rope pull taut around her waist before she and you were being pulled back up towards the opening.

You held onto her tightly, flinching as a light flashed around the two of you. You looked above you and saw that the hole was nearly closed up. You weren’t really sure if either of you would make it until you were both catapulted onto the ground. The hole closed only a few seconds after you were out.

Both you and Jillian let out a fit of coughs as you warily rose to your feet. The rest of the women surrounded you two and hugged tightly. You let out a shocked breath when you finally looked at Holtz, only to find that her formerly blonde hair was now white. You figured yours must’ve been the same when she mirrored your expression.

The other three women moved behind you to survey the area where the opening used to be. They needed to make sure it was definitely safe.

“Why did you come after me?” You asked Holtz gently.

“I couldn’t lose you, (y/n).” She admitted. “You mean so much to me and I lo-” Her voice cut off and she awkwardly cleared her throat as she realized what she had almost said.

“But…you and Erin?” You were confused to say the least, but your heart was also skipping a beat at the words she had almost said.

“We’re just friends. Nothing else.” She explained and gave a small smile.

“It’s you, (y/n), I love you.” She stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

You let out a laugh as your heart raced and pulled her towards you. You pressed your lips to hers for the first time and her arms laced around your waist.

“Don’t ever do anything like that again.” She spoke ince the two of you had pulled away.

“I promise,” You smiled and hugged her close, the other women behind you grinning silently.


I was told GW2 fashion week was a thing…soooo…

GW2 Fashion Week: Day 1 | Getra Baelreave (GB) - Reaper

When I first started playing GW2 no one told me what a hard time I would have finding nice light armour for charrs. That said I now have two light class armour charrs now and a small collection of skins I’m becoming quite pleased with. It helps that I never make glitzy characters, I am way too fond of earthy tones.

For GB I always enjoyed dressing her in “top heavy” gear with lots of layers, resulting in a bulky look, haha. It gives her an unusual silhouette that I find really suiting for her. There IS some clipping because of it, but thus is the life of charr armour.

Reaper’s hood (not shown)
Ascalonian performer mantle 
Vestments of the lich
Wrappings of the rich
Ascalonian performer pants
Aurora shoes of grenth
Cultivated Vine back piece 
The crossing staff
Reaper’s great sword (not shown) 

Dyes: Green shade, rawhide, abyss, moss, oil slick, matte, & shadow turquoise

TITLE: Once upon a full moon


AUTHOR: Valarieravenhearst1

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  Imagine Loki being a werewolf, and falling for Red Riding Hood.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’ve had this story for a while and have decided to adapt it to our beloved god of mischief. Though it is a tad long; if y'all are interested and like it, comment for more ‘cause I don’t want to bore y'all

Even A man who is pure of heart,
and says his prayers by night.
May become a wolf; when the wolfbane blooms.
And the moon is full and bright. 

Streaks of red and black disturb the eerie stillness of the collaged greens that expand throughout the forest. Light seeps through the large canopy that seems to cover the whole forest, casting shadows onto the lime green undergrowth of the forest floor. Scarlet, a local village girl sprints over thickets of thorny briars and fallen branches as she races through the wild valley like she’s done so many times before. Her crimson red cloak and hood swims in the air behind her as she runs. She lifts her face up as she stops running and starts walking, letting the light and shadow dance across her skin. The early morning birds hum and sing their sweet melody whilst gliding from tree branch to tree branch as Scarlet Inhales the earthy smells surrounding her and continues her way further into the dark, ever-growing abyss of greens and browns. To anyone else in Scarlet’s village, the forest makes people retreat back to their man-made wooden boxes they call houses, but to Scarlet, all the smells, sounds and scenery make her want to run deeper into it, exploring every valley and mountain. Which Scarlet would gladly do if not for the shining white orb that hangs in the darkening blue night sky; calling forth the monsters that are created from its silvery white light.  

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for @hauntingmichael ’s disability/handicap!5sos blurb night


That was the last thing Ashton thought about before it all went black. Not his bandmates, not his family, but you. When he saw a truck swerve into its opposite lane in front of him, and he locked eyes with the clearly drugged guy behind the steering wheel, he thought it was over. He thought that his time had come and that his eyes never would see the daylight again. That he never would be able to travel to exotic places, play a gig with his biggest inspirations or create a life together with you. He sent a silent prayer, not sure if he could believe in anything holy at all at that moment, but it was worth the try. It was worth the comfort of someone taking care of you when he was gone.

But he was wrong. He had been living in nothingness for god knows how long when he heard a faint whisper, and used every strenght left in his body to draw himself towards it. He woke up that afternoon, with you next to him on the bedside. He tried to move his hand, tried to reach out for yours, but couldn’t manage. His body refused to follow his commands. That’s when he realized how badly injured he was. 

Several weeks of healing and hard training followed, without results, and he was told that his body never would be the same. You were there all the time, always having a hand for him to grasp and giving him words of encouragement, but it didn’t help a lot. He was damaged goods and hated himself for it, hated that he wasn’t able to be there for you like you were for him. 

Months passed, and you were slowly but surely getting back to your daily routine. Ashton found new ways to help you at home every day, but even though his body seemed to heal, it didn’t heal his mind. He despised himself for not being able to do things he normally would do on a daily basis, and you could see his broken soul even though he tried to cover it. The playful spark his green abysses once held was faded, his smile not quite reaching his eyes like it used to when he talked about something he loved. You tried to do something about it, taking him to places he had written down on his bucket list and letting him experience what other people his age experienced. Most importantly, you showered him with your love. The love for the curly haired blonde poured out of you, and you made sure he felt it every second of each passing day. 

As months turned into years, you two managed to create a life for yourselves. It didn’t turn out the way you thought it would when you first started dating, but it was okay. You had each other, and that was all that mattered. And even though he couldn’t love himself, Ashton knew that no matter what, you would.