Can we take a moment to appreciate how well done this scene was. The music was somber and beautiful, and the colors complimented the mood wonderfully. It was truly emotional.

I mean look at

How powerful

How heartbreaking this is

Seriously, look at her face

And tell me you did not cry

When her last shred of hope had been crushed


My shot for @tazanimated !!!! I don’t animate very often at all lately so I’m especially glad I got this extra motivation to get something done and cleaned up. So excited to see the finished project all together!

reminders for all witches

♥  you have the power within you to change your world

♥  your magick thrives in every cell in your body

♥  your practice, or lack thereof, is valid and good

♥  the universe loves you and you should listen to it

♥  many will not understand you, but nonetheless you are wonderful

♥  it’s okay to take breaks from practicing; you’re still a witch

♥  don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a witch

♥  embrace the way that others practice their craft; learn from them

♥  everything you do has magick woven in it