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Percy Jackson Headcanons;

-Hazel wears alot of White clothes; it contrasts beautifully with her darker skin.
-Will is an expert flower crown maker, and forces Nico to wear them.
-Hazel painted Nico’s nails black once and he kept it on until the paint came off naturally.
-Leo can knit really well and always makes Mrs. Weasley style jumpers for the other campers.
-Thalia dyes electric blue streaks in Annabeth’s hair.
-Piper and Annabeth have matching tattoos.
-Jason once threw Percy off of the top of the climbing wall because he messed up their ‘bro handshake’ (Frank caught him)
-Rachel becomes good friends with Thalia and they draw sharpie on EVERYTHING
-Nico gets Spider bite lip-rings.
-The Aphrodite cabin holds shipping wars between the other cabins and take bets on who will become Canon (so much money was lost when Nico announced that percy wasn’t his type)
-Piper finds out about the Shipping and tells Annabeth, (they pretend to be against it but they participate frequently)
-Greek vs Roman Chariot races (is it ilegal to let frank be the horse?)
-Will is a really good artist and draws things on people’s arms when they aren’t paying attention.
-Thalia’s immortality means she can’t get tattoos but she lets Will draw whatever he wants on her arms and legs.

Okay my older sister gave me this idea so here we go

•Percy is the tree instead of Thalia and is born when Thalia is born
• like Percy and Thalia switch roles but not godly parents just ages
• maybe mortal parents tho
• actually yes mortal parents
• Thalia Jackson and Percy Grace
• possibly Annabeth/Thalia
• Thalia getting riptide
• Thalia and Grover being besties
• Nancy saying Thalia pushed her into the fountain even tho thalia is like ten feet away
• it was magic wind created by thalia
• thalia gets her shield and riptide bc I say so and that image is blessed
• Annabeth, a daughter of Athena considering Percy, a son of Posedion her older brother is just as interesting as them dating like in canon
• air head instead of seaweed brain
• thalia falling off the St Louis Arch while thinking she was going to die only to fly a little bit
• “Nope. Nope. Never doing that again. Let’s go and stay away from high places.”
• Zues master bolt is stolen and he thinks some other god convinced Thalia to steal it bc who better to steal from Zues than his own daughter
• Thalia befriended Tyson and scaring anyone who tries to bully Tyson
• Tyson gets claimed by Posedion and everyone is like wtf and Thalia is a little embarrassed she brought him to camp
• she of course learns better
• Thalia meeting Hermes on the beach
• Thalia goes right along with Annabeth with sneaking out of Camp along with Tyson who gets them the rainbow fish ponies
• thalia sets blackjack free from Luke’s ship and is like “stay gold ponyboy”
• Annabeth telling Thalia about the Cyclops that trapped her, Luke and Percy
• Circe turns Thalia into a guinea pig bc Thalia is very rude and unladylike. Also Circe is a bitch and for a while thought Thalia was a boy
• thalia flying Annabeth away from the sirens after shocking the sirens with a bolt of lightning
• “I’m Percy Grace, son of Posedion”
• Thalia dying of embarrassing bc Sally is telling all the baby thalia stories and Percy and Annabeth are just shocked about how Thalia was a sweet little baby
• thalia is notices how little Nico keeps bugging Percy and finds it funny
• Percy says the “Wow, Apollo is hot.”
• “pinecone face” “air head”
• Thalia’s pov of when Percy appears after following them on the quest to save artemis and Annabeth.
• thalia meeting Rachel
• Thalia holding up the sky and Percy being temped with joining Luke
• Percy pushing Luke off the cliff
• now for an idea that come to me halfway through writing this
• Percy is offered a place in the Hunters of Artemis and turns out Percy is a trans girl and of course Percy accepts since she doesn’t want to turn sixteen bc of the prophecy
• Thalia telling Nico that Bianca is dead
• Sally teasing Thalia about her date with Annabeth
• Thalia being tricked by Keli bc Thalia is super gay
• Thalia meeting Rachel again
• Thalia stopping by the Posedion cabin to see if Tyson is there which he is
• Annabeth and Thalia running into hera in the labyrinth, I think that happens near the beginning idk
• Thalia and Calypso. Also Annabeth kissing Thalia before the explosion.
• Thalia showing up to her own funeral like yo what’s up
• Thalia basically adopted Tyson as her brother
• Thalia talking with Nico and Bianca’s ghost
• The quest for Hades sword has a new dynamic
• oh yeah Thalia thinks Paul’s cool
• Thalia and Beckendorf are bros
• Thalia floats a few inches above the water to get to camp after the boat explosion
• Thalia getting Achilles Curse thinking of Annabeth and Sally
• Annabeth taking a knife for Thalia
• Rachel kissing Thalia
• Thalia giving the river gods a sand dollar Percy had regifted to her
• Thalia seeing Ethan fall knowing she could save him. All she had to do was jump. But the fate of the world was with Luke
• Percy with a broke leg after a statue of Hera fell on her
• Thalia going after Rachel to try to stop her from becoming the Oracle bc of May Castellan
• Thalia and Annabeth get thrown into the lake and Thalia makes an air bubble for a quick underwater kiss
• Thalia going missing
• Jason stuff happens and Annabeth’s face when he turns out to be Thalia’s half brother
• Jason finds a photo of Annabeth, Thalia, and Percy
• he asks Annabeth about the “boy” in the photo
• Annabeth tells him that Percy is girl and a duaghter of Posedion who joined the Hunters of Artemis.
• “What’s her full name?” “Persephone Grace. Percy is a nickname.”
• Jason internally being like oh shit I know her. That’s my sister
• Percy seeing her little brother and is so happy
• Leo making a joke about Mama Grace having godly talents in romance
• Percy glares at him and tells Jason about how when she was five another man came around every now and then
• the reason Hera/Juno took Jason was not only bc of the Greek vs Roman but also two children of the big three in one house
• Thalia coming to Camp Jupiter with the memory of Annabeth kissing her
• Thalia doesn’t think Reyna is trying to make a move on her bc honestly it’s hard to tell if a girl is being friendly or flirting sometimes
• Thalia being referred to as Jason’s sister
• Thalia pretty much adopting Hazel and Frank
• Thalia and Annabeth meeting again and kissing but also Annabeth judo flipping Thalia and Thalia laughing bc gods she loves Annabeth
• Thalia meeting Jason for the first time and learning he’s also Percy’s brother
• “I’m the better sister. I killed Minotaur and the lion thing. Also I made out with the current architect of Mount Olympus!”
• Jason and Leo are dating and Piper is like “Damn Reyna is cute.”
• Jason and Leo started dating after Jason and Piper realized the feelings they had for each were really fake
• basically this is a gay au
• Thalia being one of the seven instead of Percy
• Thalia going into tartarus with Annabeth
• there’s forced Nico coming out scene bc I said so
• but Nico is still gay
• okay I’m out of creative juice
• I might do more stuff for this later but yeah that’s my Thalia Jackson AU

anonymous asked:

I know it's a dumb question but what's the difference between Roman and Greek mythology? I've tried to understand the differences but most sites that I visited make it seem like they're the same but with tiny different stuff.

no, anon, this is not at all a dumb question! i understand there is a lot of misunderstanding and disinformation around this specific topic - both online and in actual academic books! sometimes even a lot of professors seem to live in the total belief greek and roman gods to be pretty much equivalents.. and that’s really annoying.

it’s difficult to make you understand in general what the actual difference are, because, you see, the appropriation of the ancient greek deities by the romans, or as i should more properly say, the “latins” (the inhabitants of italy before the actual “roman empire”), was a really slow, not very defined, fragmented process - it didn’t happen all at once, and it didn’t happen for all the deities in the same way or at the same moment. it was a really deep cultural exchange, full of mixed belief and traditions, happened in centuries of commercial, military and neighbourhood relationships. you might know greece started at some point to found new colonies all over the mediterranean area - the most famous and powerful were the ones in sicily and south italy, a territory called by the greeks “Μεγάλη Ἑλλάς“ and by the romans “Magna Greacia”, meaning “the great greece”. this is the first time latins came to appreciate and love greek culture and religion (which in ancient greece, were basically the same thing), and the first time they desired to share those very cultural roots with them - they envied the greeks really much, desiring to be such an alighted society themselves. they came close to all the greek pantheon and liked it really much, started to be familiar with the traditions and the philosophies, started to worship those gods. but, what you have to understand here - and this is the clue of this all great topic -, is that latins had already their own deities, with their own cults and their own myths before all this started to happen. therefore, when the slow cultural exchange started to occur, the greek deities they assimilated, they assimilated mixing them with their own ones. here resides the greatest difference between ancient greek and roman gods, they weren’t at all the same deities of the ancient greek’s world, just stolen and slightly changed, with different names, not at all. they were more like.. the result of the great inspiration and influence romans received being in close contact with the hellenic universe, an inspiration they grew so fond of they decided to change their own belief for - but mixing the two things, making a new, strange one including everything they liked of them both.

so, to take an example i am really fond of lmao, if we talk about artemis, we talk about the strong, independent, sometimes cruel, mistress of the wilderness, of the restless and untamed nature and animals, protector of young girls, yes, but at the same time the one who gives them death with her deadly arrows - associated with the moon and the night and witchcraft.. but if we talk about diana, on the other hand, we talk about the chaste, compassionate, quite, roman goddess of the woods and the springs, of the hunt, but most importantly of pregnancy - thing artemis owns just because she helped her mother while she was delivering apollo, but much more important in the cult of diana, almost like she was a roman version of eileithyia. in her cult, we find far too much of a pre-roman goddess italic people used to venerate in really ancient times - a deity of the woods, of rivers and trees shadows and daylight, probably called “diviana”, closely associated even with the investiture of new kings. her association with the moon came only in later times, when the roman emperors consciously intended to create a deeper connection between their world and the ancient greek one - already fallen apart.

and here we arrived at the second great point of our distinction between greek and roman mythology:

the actual appropriation, the thing everyone thinks about when they picture in their minds roman gods as the greek gods with other names, that huge thing, occurred only in, so to speak, more recent times, when the roman empire was already built and the emperor of the time, its first emperor i should say, augustus, made up the all great conception of roman mythology for political and power purposes. now i’m not gonna write here everything i should write about this matter to make you understand ALL the great multitude of whys and hows that lead augustus to this decision (i will probably end up with a book and this is not the case), but as you certainly already know, this emperor ascended to the roman throne after a long time of political and cultural chaos - caesar dead and accused to have plotted the state supremacy, the republic abolished, the civil wars, the all matter of antony and cleopatra.. and therefore gaius octavius (augustus’ real name), took the power no one before him was allowed to take in rome, as a defender of the “mos maiorum”, “the ways of the elders” - he was the personification, he acted as the personification of everything that was good and just and right of the great ancient past of rome.. making that very past all up. he basically forced virgilius (who absolutely tried everything for years to politely avoid the job), to write a great epic composition of the mythical history of rome and its foundation, the aeneid, giving him precise instructions about what he would have to say in it, above all else about how the epic poem should have proven rome was founded directly by the fleeing trojans (therefore the all empire was actually the heir of the long lost greek world), that romulus and remus were actual sons of the god mars (ares) and that officially caesar descended from them - and he, octavius, as caesar’s own heir as well, becoming that way the real emperor of rome with divine blood in his veins. culturally, yes, he intended to give rome back its peace; politically, he wanted to make his own right to sit on that throne, until that day just a concession of the senators and the senators alone. and last, but not least, he with one great action, took upon rome all the great fame the anciet greek culture and religion had in the mind of the all world, making them their actual heirs.
so, it was because of that and in that moment alone, that a real superimposition and equal exchange of the two mythologies occurred, but it was absolutely not a natural phenomenon, on the contrary, basically everyone in the empire kept their own beliefs and traditions. roman religion from that moment on became a political matter. if there is a thing that equates all the roman ruling across the ages, it is certainly their modern conception of religion and beliefs, a conception not even nowadays everyone is able to have: they understood immediately, as they began to expand their empire, that they couldn’t have any chance of keeping such a large territory, composed by the most different people, if they forced them to adopt their own culture. they knew there was a great difference between religion (that was a state thing) and beliefs (that were private). so they just let everyone be free of believing what they wanted privately, as long as they took part at the religious public cults - that were a celebration and an invocation of the glory of rome. the greatness of rome was believed to be granted by the benevolence of the gods. so not participating - as a roman citizen - at one of those public cults, would have meant to act against the safety of the empire. also (and this is another HUGE difference between the two mythologies), romans believed in a particular relationship with the gods called “do ut des”, “giving for receiving”. basically they believed that giving those celebrations and offerings and temples and obedience to the gods automatically granted them something of their choosing/of the same value in return (this survived even in present days religions, when we say “please god if you make me pass this test i would do x things for a x period”). it was a very clear, almost law-like contract between human and deity - and between deities and empire -, and was absolutely an all roman invention; ancient greeks would have been horrified by such a blasphemy. not only the gods owed you NOTHING while you owed them respect and worship ALWAYS (IN ANY CASE, no matter if they killed your all family and kids and dogs and stole your cows, they are the fucking gods, they can do as they please), but they also believed there was a force greater than everything, greater than men and gods alike, called tyke (the fate), from which not even zeus could run away from. do ut des my ass, in the presence of the tyke.

so basically, those are the main differences of the all greek vs roman mythology great matter. regarding each god in particular, as i said, it’s impossible to point out each and every difference - they are a lot. the greatest is, the ancient greek part is totally mixed with a new ancient latin part. so nope, not the same deities at all. if you are interested, do some research about the gods you like the most. it’s really a fascinating thing to think about :) i really hope i helped a bit!!

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Here's another one, the first Camp Half-Blood vs Camp Jupiter capture the flag match (I have my own idea about this but I would be curious to hear yours) (Also, sorry to be a bother)

You’re not bothering me at all! I love this prompt as well so…

-First of all there is a whole debate between the two camps as to whether or not War Games or Capture the Flag is better.

-Camp Half-Blood thinks that War Games is too serious and extreme, while Camp Jupiter views Capture the Flag as “childish”.

-Anyways, each month they have both a Capture the Flag and War Games tournament, each being hosted at it’s respectable Camp, and it’s always Greek vs. Romans, mostly because 1.) The Greeks and Romans want to prove to each other that they are better than the other and 2.) Reyna and Annabeth on the same team= domination.

-The Greeks always have the “home turf” advantage and knowledge of where to setup while the Romans have better organization skills and adapt to the territory pretty quickly.

-Honestly though, it always come down to Reyna and Annabeth and it a huge competition between them.

-Like, they are always looking to oust each other whether it be strategy or making major plays.

-The others just follow their orders and try not to get killed by them if they get in their way.

-Though there is a bit of competitiveness between the other campers, it is nothing compared to that between Annabeth and Reyna.

-At the end of the day however, regardless of who wins, it is always a lot of fun and it helps bring the two camps together.

Those are just a few of my thoughts, and sorry it kinda revolved around Annabeth and Reyna but honestly I feel that Capture the Flag is basically a power struggle between the two in a friendly way, lol.

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You said that you enjoy pairings that show off the differences and contrasts between two characters. That being said, I was curious about what you like about Jercy. They've been noted to be quite similar after all.

Only in the sense that they are both powerhouses? Otherwise they are written to be complete foils of each other (and their color schemes look good together too - I think I just have a thing for light hair dark hair combos, haha…). Jason is serious and steady while Percy is laid-back and unpredictable. Jason wants to live up to other people’s expectations and is generally humble (except where Percy is concerned and he turns into this testosterone-charged competitive dude…? It could just be inconsistent writing, or he has some serious UST to work through :B), whereas Percy really hates expectations and likes to live life the way he chooses and is generally pretty cocky. Jason is observant and tries to be diplomatic with the people around him, whereas Percy is honestly pretty self-centered (mooning over Annabeth doesn’t count). Which makes sense, they’re supposed to be the Roman vs Greek camps personified (Romans are about the legion, you have to think about the good of the group as a whole, whereas Greeks are sort of everyone for themselves). If it comes down to saving the world vs. saving a friend, it’s been suggested in canon (Hazel’s POV I think? But she’s biased against Jason so unreliable narrator lol) that Jason would pick the world and Percy would pick the friend. Jury’s out on that one because what we’re TOLD is not the same as what we’re SHOWN. We know from TLH and his actions of late that Jason really does have strong personal loyalty and he’s protective of everyone in his crew. I feel like he’s the kind of dude that would choose to sacrifice himself rather than let a friend get hurt, even someone he’s not very close with (he barely knew Nico and when Cupid started attacking them in Croatia, Jason went way beyond the call of duty to watch Nico’s back, pulling him out of the way and making sure he was safe. This is what he does for a total stranger, and not one who’s been remotely nice to him). Vs Percy letting Bob make the final sacrifice so he and Annabeth could both make it up out of Tartarus. I’m not saying Percy wouldn’t fight tooth and nail for his friends - he would - but with the whole Jason-becoming-more-Greek and Percy-becoming-more-Roman thing, you have to wonder what that means for their future character development. One last point - I tend to see Jason as naturally introverted and Percy as naturally extroverted, so there’s a nice opposition there too (for that matter, I see Leo as introverted despite his loud mouth and Nico as extroverted despite his grimness. Will save that discussion for another day).

I don’t know where people get the idea from that in a war, Camp Jupiter would easily slaughter Camp Half-Blood. That the Romans are better than the Greeks, and the Greeks will never compare. Like it literally took four greeks to send the entire legion into a chaotic mess in boo. Four people. just sayin

also let me tell y’all about the AU i was thinking about while falling asleep last night

imagine if nico ran into jason and thus the roman camp shortly after the end of The Titan’s Curse while he’s out on his own still learning how to demigod. like 13 year old jason stumbling across teeny 11 year old nico while out on a quest or something and at first being like “oh tiny fledgling demigod i must help”

and of course that quickly turns into an awkward “wait you’re greek???” thing followed by more awkward greek vs. roman explanations and jason is having a really hard time deciding what to do about this because yes greeks are the enemy but??? this kid clearly isn’t working with the greeks and apparently he’s pretty damn pissed at them himself and i can’t just leave him out to fend for himself jesus christ he’s apparently trying to teach himself how to fight using ghost tutors??? also hot damn another kid of the big three omg??

meanwhile nico is still a miserable angry suspicious little child but that’s still a pretty new development and he’s not quite settled into the whole loner thing yet and yeah he’s pissed at pretty much everyone and everything to do with camp half-blood but apparently the romans are different and they’ve got nothing to do with all that and it would be kinda nice to not be running from monsters all the time…

long story short jason brings nico back to camp jupiter all “can i keep him” and makes a big fuss arguing with everyone about it and in the end they won’t induct the kid into the legion or anything because he’s greek and not tested by lupa or anything buuuut okay fine he can stay as long as jason’s keeping an eye on him

rest of the series can carry on as normal but nico has a place to return to other than the underworld and a friend he can absolutely rely on and asdjhsakjsafl

s-o-l-a-n-g-e-l-o (sorry i'm trash)

It’s thirty minutes into the game, but they’ve already won.  Nico just feels it.  This Capture-the-Flag game was like no other-  the first ever Greeks vs. Romans.  

And sure, the Romans weren’t bad- after all, they had years of legionnaire experience.  They were brutal.  They were brave.  But they were constrained by their training.  Camp Half-Blood was all about the unexpected.  With their sneak attacks, charmspeak, improvisation, and complete chaos, they were pounding the Romans.  They were struggling to comprehend this game that required you to think so individually- there was no planning.  

Nico was feeling great.  He, Jason, and Piper were defending their territory line, holding their own.  A few yards away, Percy was wreaking havoc by the creek- water was spouting everywhere, like a powerful firehose.  Behind him, he saw confused Romans turning around, slashing wildly.  Nico smiled- he knew Annabeth was invisibly invading their lines. 

Reyna grit her teeth, gripping her spatha tightly.  She shook her head at Nico, and he gave her a mock-sympathetic look.  

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Bellarke, object lesson: Clarke jokingly asks what Bellamy said/did to get all those girls to sleep with him in their first month on the ground.

Yes. yesyesyes. You can not imagine the joy writing this brought me, thank you. I really hope you like this!!

Bellamy is cutting firewood, shirtless and dripping sweat while she forces herself to gather as many plants as she can, when she says it. He’s been ranting about Greek vs. Roman mythology for nearly ten minutes, content to list off all he has to say as Clarke throws in only the occasional comment, and as he releases a particularly dramatic huff, Clarke finds she can’t contain the laughter that pulses out of her, rich and sharp.

“Why are you laughing?” Clarke shakes her head at him, rolling her eyes because for some reason she can never seem to stop herself from doing it around him.

“You’re just such a nerd.” Bellamy huffs again and Clarke feels a puerile giggle float out of her, surprising them both with the sweetness of it. “I can’t seem to imagine how in the world you got all those girls to sleep with you that first month is all.”

The instant the words are out of her mouth, a smirk spreads across his face that has her regretting ever uttering the phrase. It’s practically feral, and Clarke knows that whatever Bellamy has planned it’s wickedly dangerous. His eyes trail slowly over her, dragging over her like she’s a statue he’d spend hours staring at, like every inch of her is worth keeping his eyes there for a little too long. Wherever his eyes go, Clarke feels a heat follow, her skin sizzling as he eyes her headily and approaches.

“Oh princess,” Bellamy begins, the nickname flowing out of his mouth like honey, “you just started a game you really shouldn’t have.”

“Oh yea?” Clarke swallows and it feels deafening in her ears. “And what game is that?”

Bellamy’s eyes are locked on hers as his hand comes up and trails slowly over Clarke’s arm. Her lips purse the slightest bit at the action, but she doesn’t shift out of his way. “Just going to prove you wrong again.”

“It wasn’t a challenge, Bellamy.” Clarke finally comes to her senses, snapping her body out of his reach. His smirk grows, his mouth staying closed as he turns away from her and moves back to the firewood.

Clarke isn’t even all that sure what just happened, what’s going to happen, but she is sure of one thing.

She is so royally fucked.

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