greeks vs romans

Greek/Roman Mythology VS Penumbra

It’s very obvious and I love it!

JUNO: The goddess of gods. Protector of and special counselor of the state. ‘Or mars’

CROESUS: A king of Lydia, who was so wealthy the phrase “as rich as Croesus”, is used in some countries today.

MERCURY: God of thieves and tricksters. Also the God of storytelling.

JANUS: A god of beginning, ends, and transitions that is two faced one that looks into the past the other looks in the future.

also let me tell y’all about the AU i was thinking about while falling asleep last night

imagine if nico ran into jason and thus the roman camp shortly after the end of The Titan’s Curse while he’s out on his own still learning how to demigod. like 13 year old jason stumbling across teeny 11 year old nico while out on a quest or something and at first being like “oh tiny fledgling demigod i must help”

and of course that quickly turns into an awkward “wait you’re greek???” thing followed by more awkward greek vs. roman explanations and jason is having a really hard time deciding what to do about this because yes greeks are the enemy but??? this kid clearly isn’t working with the greeks and apparently he’s pretty damn pissed at them himself and i can’t just leave him out to fend for himself jesus christ he’s apparently trying to teach himself how to fight using ghost tutors??? also hot damn another kid of the big three omg??

meanwhile nico is still a miserable angry suspicious little child but that’s still a pretty new development and he’s not quite settled into the whole loner thing yet and yeah he’s pissed at pretty much everyone and everything to do with camp half-blood but apparently the romans are different and they’ve got nothing to do with all that and it would be kinda nice to not be running from monsters all the time…

long story short jason brings nico back to camp jupiter all “can i keep him” and makes a big fuss arguing with everyone about it and in the end they won’t induct the kid into the legion or anything because he’s greek and not tested by lupa or anything buuuut okay fine he can stay as long as jason’s keeping an eye on him

rest of the series can carry on as normal but nico has a place to return to other than the underworld and a friend he can absolutely rely on and asdjhsakjsafl

I don’t know where people get the idea from that in a war, Camp Jupiter would easily slaughter Camp Half-Blood. That the Romans are better than the Greeks, and the Greeks will never compare. Like it literally took four greeks to send the entire legion into a chaotic mess in boo. Four people. just sayin