Two Scenes in Micah and Marissa's Relationship that Probably Didn't Happen (But Would've Been Awesome)

Alternate Title: A Pair of AUs Based on Sci-Fi TV Where I Stuck My Brother and His Girlfriend in Random Situations

Alternate alternate title: Who said I should name things they should be fired

A/N: So today is a very super special day, in that today marks the first anniversary of my older brother Micah and the fabulous Marissa started dating each other. Marissa asked me if I could write a little fic for these two (which is kind of taking RPF to a whoooole new level) so I whipped up this little thing really quick. I hope you like it, Marissa. Happy anniversary. Love you. :)

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greekpineapple replied to your postanimegacon is toMORROW????? yeah i’m going with…

Like I said, pictures or I know where you sleep

Tons of pictures. All of the pictures. (also there’s like a 97% chance we’re going to go hunt down hola while we’re there, she has a table in artist’s alley and she wants pictures of us too because have i mentioned i actually talk to her sometimes, she says we sound cute)

Sugar (or, five times candy played a part in a relationship, and one time it defined one)

For Valentine’s Day Marissa has (once again) comissioned me to write a little thing with her and Micah. And it’s cute and vaguely meta and the slightest bit creepy. Which is fun. AU in which they’ve known each other since, like, forever. (idk if you can tell but I really wanted candy when I wrote this)

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