Dreamy rooftop pool 

Imagine being in your own pool looking across the Aegean Sea, with uninterrupted views across the Cyclades, watching the sun setting over the famous caldera. If you want to make it a reality, then head for Santorini, where you’ll find incredible cliff-top hotels with private pools waiting for you to enjoy this memorable experience.

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Και φώτισε την καταπακτή μου
Κι έγινε φως. Ηταν ο ουρανός; Δεν ξερω.
Ενα μόνο ξέρω,
πως έχασα τη γη.»

-Οι εφτά κύκλοι της μοναξιάς-

Μέσα σε λίγες νύχτες
πῶς πλάθεται καὶ καταρρέει
ὅλος ὁ κόσμος;