The Three Graces

SVTFOE Homecoming AU Drabbles Halloween edition
  • Ferguson as Ned: *wearing green makeup and has bolts glued to his neck* Dude, what are you wearing?
  • Marco as Peter: *wearing the original spidersuit* Umm you know, classic spiderman? Like his debut outfit?
  • Ferguson: Psst, laaaame. Seriously like nobody will know who you are. Now Ferguastein on the other hand...
  • Star as MJ: *wearing a Greek inspired outfit with sandals and flowers tied into a wreath on her head* Is a shameless rip off of a time honored horror classic. Also incorrect as you should really be called Ferguastein's monster.
  • Ferguson: Ugh, seriously Star? Even Halloween? You can't let me have even Halloween? Why?! and who are you supposed to be anyway?
  • Star: Atalanta. Would've brought a spear but I'm pretty sure that's against school policy. *Looks at Marco* Spiderman?
  • Marco: Yeah! wait, you know about...?
  • Star: *Gives a cheeky smirk* Nope.
  • Marco: *dazed* You have a pretty smile....
  • Star: *turns pink, raising an eyebrow* What?
  • Marco: *snaps out of his stupor* I mean more! It might convinced the rest of the school you're human.
  • Star: *Deadpanned stare* And why would I do that?
  • Marco: *Shrugs* Make it easy to infiltrate humanity for your top secret mission?
  • Star: *Softly smiles* Nice try but I'm only taking your advice because it makes you feel uncomfortable Diaz.
  • Marco: *gently smiles* Whatever you say Star.

Let’s play a game~ | Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x reader

“A-Actually… It’d be Chat Noir..”

“Chat Noir!?”

“I-It’s not that surprising is it?”

“Actually (Y/N), it’s very surprising. I never thought that you’d go for the outgoing, weird, flamboyant type.”

You pouted. “Well. You like Adrien.”

“W-What!?” Marienette’s cheeks flared a dark shade of red. Marienette had thought that only Alya knew.

“All the signs are there sweetheart.” You crossed your arms. Seriously, watching your best friend fawn over him all the time is like watching Chat Noir fawn over Ladybug. You knew it was love instantly. Who wouldn’t notice?

“Psh, in your dreams (Y/N).”

You rolled your eyes. “Whatever you say Marienette.” You smiled and jumped off of the bed that you and Marienette were seated on. “I’m going to go on home now.” You stated. You had came over to Marienette’s house to study but before you knew it, it was already nighttime. 

“Oh, ok.” Marienette smiled. “Do you want me to escort you back home?”

You shook your head. “No thanks.” 

“Alright.” Marienette stood to give you a hug, which you gladly accepted. After the two of you shared and a quick and warm hug, you both said your goodbyes, and you left.

The walk home didn’t take you long so you arrived back at your white house fairly quickly. You were currently in your room, drawing a dress idea that recently popped up in your head. It was a long Greek styled dress that hung from one shoulder and puffed out towards the ends that stopped at the thighs. Though, this dress was a bit more special. There was a laurel wreath around the waist part and if you remove it, it cascades down into a long dress that drags across the floor. It even had a slit on the side, which makes it a bit easier to walk. And the Laurel Wreath can even go on your head if you want. Of course, you had golden Greek sandals to go with them.

“Perfect!” You held up the picture to get a better look at it. It was absolutely perfect. Now to make it! With a satisfied sigh, you set down your sketchbook and looked out of your window. Tonight was a full moon and it even had a halo around it. 

Since there was no one around, you took this chance to step outside–without waking your parents–and get a better look at the moon.

Just as you made it outside, you could faintly see a dark silhouette making it’s way down the street. You hid in the shadows of the alcove that was built into the side of your house. The silhouette continued down the street in your direction until it stopped under a streetlight. And there, where you could get a good look at him, was Chat Noir. He didn’t seem to be running from anything, but he was definitely in a rush.

You don’t know why, but you had a sudden urgency to keep watching to see what he’ll do. After her took a break to catch his breath, he looked around for a moment before standing up straight and closing his eyes. You were confused by this until you saw a neon green coming up from his feet. The green light continued to travel up his body until it curled around his face and disappeared. Now standing below you was Adrien Agreste. 

Marienette’s crush. 

He looked around once more before giving out a sigh of relief.

“Oh no…“ You whispered as you backed away from the alcove.”Oh no no no..” You repeated, taking a few more steps back. How were you gonna tell Marienette that you both had a crush on the same person? Would she hate you for that? Or simply shrug you off–You were cut away from your thoughts when you suddenly heard an empty soda can being crushed.

You knew that you had stepped on it, but you didn’t dare move because Adrien had heard it too. You knew he had when his head suddenly whipped in your direction. While you were trying to figure out a plan to successfully sneak away, Adrien was inching closer.

You took a deep breath and decided to stand your ground. Adrien never really spoke to you at school so it’s not like he’ll recognize you. He’ll probaby just think you’re another random pedestrian..

Ever since Chloe told you off for simply looking at Adrien, you started believing that no one really knew who you were. Neither did they care.

“Oh.” He didn’t seem all to surprised, “What are you doing out this late?”

You glared at him and clenched your fists. “Don’t you recognize me at all? I’m in your class for crying out loud!”

Chat Noir only stared at you, shock and confusion etched onto his face. “I think that you may have the wrong person miss–”

“I know that’s you Adrien Agreste. You just turned into Chat Noir, and if I’m wrong, I’ll go back to being the odd one out in class." 

Just as you turned to leave, Chat Noir grabbed your wrist and forced you to look at him. "You won’t tell anyone about this. It’s highly secret–”

“A high secret I am now aware of.” You snatched your hand away from Adrien’s grasp. “I’m horribly sick of being the boring one of class, maybe now, I can be a part of something. Even if I have to use you, Adrien Agreste.”

And with that, you left the stunned teen in the dark alleyway, making your way back into your house.

This was going to be a fun game to play.

Yeahh, probably gonna make this into a mini-series. It’ll be Reader-Chan having wrongful power over the famous Chat Noir until he takes it upon himself to do something about it -3-

Also, as you may have noticed, the mashed together writing styles. Well, the beginning to the middle is my old writing style, and from the middle to the end is my new Writing style. ;-; I cringe.

For now, I’ll have to post it this way until I can get around to editing, for now I’m just going on a oneshot writing spree!!

Thanks For Reading!
Imagine by: @animerocks00
Requested by: -anonymous-
Oneshot by: @animerocks00
Proofread and Refurbished by: No one yet ;_;

My generation is muddied royalty,
like diamonds in the coal mine.
They dragged us through the dirt,
used our names as scandal.
They said we couldn’t, but we
are the gods of the subway—
Dionysus in skinny jeans—
Nemesis in a studio apartment—
Hephaestus with his grandmother’s ashes.
We may not be sacred, anymore,
but we remember Mount Olympus.
When the kingdom of heaven fell, we
were built from the leftover stratus.
Call me whatever you want, but I have
crossed the river Styx with the world
on my shoulders. We were the gods.
We were the titans.
We met Zeus at the base of the mountain;
we were both sides of the battle field.
And tonight, I am Athena with
my keys between my fingers.
When Apollo drags the sun into the sky,
I will follow on foot—
thousands of years, into the maw of the leviathan,
past the fall of Rome, past the birth of civilization.
I will walk backwards into the Big Bang
and take my dark matter with me.
Because when you force two thousand years
of royal lineage into the skin of
a nervous, twenty-one year old girl,
she learns how to tear down the garden wall
and grow her roots into the city.
I left home and took the fall of Troy with me.
My bones took up arms at the battle of Thermopylae.
I was Artemis. I was Ares.
And the warfare in my blood
does not end in silence.
Olympus falls, but the temples
go on beating,
and I am the patron saint of my own survival,
and I have sacrificed everything
except my own heartbeat.
I grew into this voice,
I didn’t have it passed down to me.
And I didn’t last a thousand years
not to go down swinging—because
my generation is the echo of the mountain.
We are Thanatos, Hera, Persephone.
The gates of the Underworld come crashing at our feet.
I am starving for a fight, and I’ve got
winged sandals to steady me.
—  WINGED SANDALS, by Ashe Vernon
the day of the formerly living

Halloween is the one day a year that ghosts are corporeal, and since Louis has been a ghost for a long time he’s learned to perfect the day’s itinerary.

1, Secure a costume months in advance by scaring people off of the one you want in the shops. 2, Find a shopkeeper skimming money from the till, steal their stash so you’ve got a proper allowance for the day. 3, Start the day with a small fry up and tea and maybe a waffle, but not more, because a day with a stomach ache is a day wasted. Snacking, not gorging, is key. 4, Cop off with someone if the opportunity arises and it feels right, but don’t grow attached to any Living people. 

Unfortunately for Louis, this year starts off on a bad foot since he runs into a curly headed boy in a Greek toga, sandals and laurels shivering outside the costume shop that Louis has secured his Green Arrow costume. Curly’s looking a little lost, patting down a tree as if he’s amazed that he can feel the bark. 

On a regular day Louis would get into the tree and make some whining noises, so that the bloke would think he was actually hurting it and back off. But now, well he’s a little bit concerned, isn’t he? It’s just part 2 AM and maybe this bloke was at a party last night and got lost in the shuffle and will now freeze to death because some scruffy bark distracted him.

So of course Louis has to help out. Harry, as he introduces himself, doesn’t seem drunk when he speaks, although he seems to bump into a lot of things for someone who’s completely sober. He could drag him to the cops but then he’d probably have to file a report, and if Harry’s under the influence of something else he might get into trouble. And since he refuses a coat, saying he likes the cold, he clearly can’t be left to his own devices.

He looks too sweet to get into trouble, dimples carved deep into his cheeks and his wide smile bringing out clear green eyes. 

So Louis decides that he can keep watch over him until he sobers up properly.  A breakfast is a good start, so he takes him to the caff. Harry order so much that he makes an unexpected dent in Louis’ allowance. Of course, he can’t even finish it, but Louis refuses to leave with money on the table like that so they sit and bicker until their pot of tea is long finished and and the waitress has been giving them the stink-eye for good long time.

Harry asks where they’re going next, and Louis doesn’t even hesitate to answer, as if he’s come to expect his presence for the rest of the day. Louis’ weekday Halloween tradition includes stopping by at animal shelters that allow you to cuddle the cats and dogs. He usually spends a couple of hours with his nose buried in a puppy’s soft neck fur, but this time he has to drag Harry out before closing. They renamed all the kittens, and both their faces and hands are sticky with dog slobber.

Second stop of the day is the spa, where Harry asks if they can do a couple’s massage so that they can keep talking, and Louis would have suggested it if he hadn’t. However, Harry seems too flustered to talk once they get started, since Louis has no sound filter when the masseuse hits a particularly good spot. And every spot is a good one  considering he can’t feel anything the rest of the year. Harry himself just lets out soft grunts every now and then, and judging from Louis’ own reaction he starts to regret their choice of a couple’s massage altogether.

Regardless, they’re stuck. Louis never leaves the spa without a soak in the hot tub, letting his skin prune. He presses his fingers to Harry’s shoulders and he does the same, and they’re amused by the wrinkly textures.

Eventually they drag themselves to some house parties, surprisingly, Harry has suggestions for those. It’s impressive, Louis thinks, that Harry was out partying last night into today, and has been spending all day with Louis and still has energy to party. He appreciates it, though.

He’s run out of notes, so they’re both relegated to taking booze from the communal fridge. Nothing that Louis would choose for himself, and he thinks the same goes for Harry as he watches him wince as he gulps down Heineken. Harry declines all asks to dance, from girls and lads, sticking closely to Louis’ side, and Louis feels guilty. Mostly because he wants Harry to stay close, even though Louis can’t offer anything past midnight, which is steadily approaching. But Harry’s been staring at him with more hunger than he devoured breakfast, and licking his lips, and brushing up against him. Excusing himself like he doesn’t know Louis is there. (He knows, of course he knows, there’s no way to read the stroke of a thumb along Louis’ hip as anything accidental.)

Louis has reached his limit after Harry pretends to pluck a piece of glitter off of Louis’ neck, but in reality only seemed to breathe hotly against his nape. He was only human (today) and could only control himself so much. Harry seemed to be on the same page, because Louis only had to turn and tilt his head up an inch before slotting his lips against Harry’s.

It’s better than Louis expects, and he curses himself inwardly, because how is he supposed to step away from Harry after tonight? How is he supposed to explain that he can’t see him again unless he wants to wait a year? His mouth is filled with questions but he can only whisper them hotly into Harry’s mouth when their tongues press against each other. Harry pulls away first, though, with eyes screwed shut. I’m a ghost, he says and Louis doesn’t get why his costume has to be explained now. A Greek ghost seems like an oddly specific pick, also, which he adds, and Harry just shakes his head. A real one, he emphasizes, and he must expect something other than the wide grin gracing Louis’ face when he opens his eyes. A fairly new one? Louis asks, and Harry confirms. Which explains his behaviour when Louis found him, he supposes, but he can’t really bother with all that. He just whispers, Me too, directly into Harry’s ear before kissing him again.