annabeth is the type of girl who would listen to most likely oldies instead of this generations music taste whenever she had the chance. michael jackson, stevie wonder, elvis presley, rick springfield, ray charles, etc.


inspo: entornos.
¿Cuántos roles tenéis ambientados en lugares pintorescos? ¿Cuántas veces habéis buscado imágenes para ubicaros en dicho entorno? Esta categoría consiste en eso: imágenes de distintos lugares, distintos paisajes, distintos entornos, cuya finalidad se centra en poder ayudaros a enriquecer las descripciones en vuestros roles.

*Las imágenes no nos pertenecen.

Alex Gray | 23 | Dalton Rapattoni | Son of Aphrodite


Alex was born into a family that consisted of himself and his sister, Lucinda with his single father. Alex was one of little popularity during school, constantly considered as girly and put down by his gay attitude, he found himself alone in the society of school. Especially shunned by females due to jealously of his almost inhuman beauty. However as he entered the early stages of high school, Alex found himself on the streets, picking on fights to vent out the pent up rage he seems to constantly have, dragged in by his sister. Until one day, Lucinda, provokes him to the point of beating one boy to hospitalisation.

From this, Alex instantly backed away from the ugly scene his sister brought him into and found comfort in makeup and fashion, only then finding a new community that slowly opened up for someone like him. Halfway through high school, he found himself as a new person and atop of the social standing in his school. With his always dramatic flare in classes and surprisingly amazing tips of beauty and romance, Alex was popular and loved for once.

But this led to more problems. As he eyed a specific someone, did he truly realise how ugly love is. Dragged into the world of fairy tales, he believed himself as one of the lucky ones to have found true love, that is until he found himself as a victim in the cruel prank. Enraged and hurt, Alex cut himself off from romantic love, finding himself as a hypocrite from then on when it comes to love advice. But life went on and Alex moved on from school and now in adulthood.

Currently Alex is studying as a drama student meanwhile making videos of his singing onto social media, getting surprisingly popular too with his talented voice. But Alex is still very much unaware of the truth of his true heritage.

Facts about Alex:

1. Alex loves theatre, it’s always been one subject he didn’t hate during school.
2. He loves to sing, it’s one thing that Alex takes pride in, his singing.
3. Alex only wears eyeliner, it’s his signature look.
4. Alex is a lot more street smart than what everyone thinks of him to be.
5. He loves vanilla frappacinos, it’s his main addiction.


Lucinda “Luce” Gray (Alecto): Lucinda’s the younger sister of Alex. Though they tend to fight due to their clashed personalities but they do share a tight bond of sibling affection. Alex is most definitely the more girly one between the two.

Logan Aurthur: These two boys are like pea in a pod. Alex thinks the world of his friend and companion. He constantly sticks by Logan and since opening himself a little to Logan, Alex felt their friendship deepen a little more than just a shallow bond.

Emily Davis: The two aren’t the closest, but they certainly do get along. Both just as sassy as the other, they constantly bounce back and forth off each other and though that does tend to lead to sissy fights, the two have more fun gossiping and singing Disney songs with their captain Logan.


Alex is sassy, dramatic and fun all at the same time. First impressions is a must in his book and if you don’t reach the standards he set, the blonde will consider you as nothing more than dirt under his own feet. However when it comes to the most important of times, Alex has a rare, reserved side of kindness to those who are bullied and hurt. But never get him angry because that’s when you truly should run for your life.


✔ Observant               ✗ Anger issues
✔ Optimistic               ✗ Prideful
✔ Humours                ✗ Judgemental


AU: The before and after [Persephone & Hades]
“Be my queen, forever”.All she had to do was take a bite of the delicious fruit that would damn her and at the same time, let her ascend.

Credit: meereen for the amazing textures, laechesis for the inspiring piece,  and google. google also deserves credit too. This is an image response to waildthingsare images here


Notes on Bestiary 5: Anemos

Creating new elemental outsiders is tricky, especially if you don’t want them to be just another thing on fire or made of water or whatever. World mythology to the rescue again.

The Anemoi are wind gods from Greek myth. has the line on these ol’ boys:

THE ANEMOI were the gods of the four directional winds–Boreas the North-Wind, Zephryos the West-Wind, Notos the South-Wind, and Euros the East-Wind. They were closely connected with the seasons : Boreas was the cold breath of winter, Zephyros the god of spring breezes, and Notos the god of summer rain-storms.

The Wind-Gods were represented as either winged, man-shaped gods, or horse-like divinities, which grazed the shores of the river Okeanos or were stabled in the caverns of Aiolos Hippotades, “the Horse-Reiner,” king of the winds.

I threw these guys on the Bestiary 5 hit list not as an attempt to recreate exactly these deities, but to make a new “race” of high CR elemental menaces. They’re neutral, as many elementals are—being equally likely to use their powers to fill your sails as to blow you into the stratosphere.

One of the coolest parts of these guys, though, is that anemos can be related to distinct cardinal directions and gain distinct powers based on each—boreal anemos can unleash magical cold, while eural anemos can cause misfortune. But we never ordered that ability—that power wasn’t planned at all.

It was actually in the copyfitting of the book—the stage after layout where we make sure the pages are entirely covered with words—that Paizo Project Manager @jessicalprice discovered that the anemos was about a column under (the existing text ended far too early). Pretty much immediately, though, she hit on the great idea of doing different powers for each of the different cardinal directions, wrote those up, tinkered in some new rules, and—pow—these guys got a dozen times more interesting!

Although I can’t show off Rogier van de Beck’s cool anemoi art (that’s NOT it above), when you check it out in Bestiary 5 you’ll notice that its one of several intentional folkloric gender-swaps—an intentional theme worked in throughout Bestiary 5′s art order. Anemoi are classicly described as dude deities, so I figured it was about time we saw a woman anemos. I’ll get into my thinking behind this later, though.

For more notes on Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 5, hit the Bestiary Notes tag below.

(Illustration above NOT from Bestiary 5)


Dale Montgomery - 35 - Professor - Daedalus - Ruby Rose - OPEN

“Searching for knowledge is an unending journey…”

To Forget The Past

Daedalus was a skilled craftsman, artisan, and inventor. His knowledge and intelligence made him famous, enough to be imprisoned under the power of King Minos. During  his time with the king he was instructed to create many things, such as a hollowed cow for the Queen Pasiphae that created the Minotaur and the Labyrinth to contain the beast.

He was also the one to teach Ariadne how to navigate the maze. For this, King Minos imprisoned the inventor and his son Icarus in a tower. It was here he had fashioned wings from feathers and wax so that he and his son could escape. He had warned Icarus to not fly too close to the sun or the wax would melt the feathers apart, yet the boy had not listened and tragically fell to his death before they could reach land.

In Sicily he had come under the protection of King Cocalus. When King Minos went searching for the Daedalus, he found the inventor through a puzzle involving a shell and thread. Not wanting to be imprisoned once more, he convinced Cocalus to stall King Minos. It was during a bath Cocalus’ daughters killed Minos. In other legends, Daedalus killed the King himself by pouring boiling water on Minos’ head.

You Have To Build A Future

He had always appreciated the pursuit of knowledge. Since he was a young boy, he loved to learn and create, never leaving a book unread. He passed through school with flying colors, much to the joy of his family.

It wasn’t a surprise when Dale dedicated his life to the academics, studying hard enough to earn his PhD in Architecture at a young age and landed himself a professorship in NYU. He’s become a favorite among the students and staff, and up until now Dale has lived a very simple life.

Yet the man feels a strong sense of disappointment within himself. Even though he loves teaching, he has the need to create grand buildings and memorials, the best New York has ever seen. Yet try as he might, he’s failed to find inspiration for ideas to create anything. His efforts have caused him to fall into a depressed funk. Though he still keeps up appearances, he wants to find that one burst of inspiration that will turn around his life.

5 facts about Dale Montgomery

1. He had lived out of the country.

2. He enjoys brain teasers.

3. He tries to visits an art exhibit at least twice a month.

4. He’s afraid of flying.

5. He loves Chinese food.


                         𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔾𝕠𝕕𝕤 ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖 ℝ𝕖𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕟𝕖𝕕

                    An accord has been struck and the world has begun anew.

To protect against history repeating, primordial deities from the world’s most powerful                            pantheons have sent their children down to walk among the humans.

                                                Peace reigns on earth.

             But chaos looms above and deities are being drawn to each other.
                                       The first sign of the end of days.

                      ᴡʜᴏ ᴡɪʟʟ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀᴄᴄᴏʀᴅ?

                                    Find Laurence’s Bio Here

Apollo - Immortal - Specializes in archery and prophecy - Alex Pettyfer - Open

Apollo is the god of light, prophecy, and music. As a baby he killed the python that attempted to kill him and his sister. He’s a big flirt, much like his father Zeus. However when he has to take things seriously, Apollo isn’t someone that others would like to mess with. He’s fiercely protective of his sister, even though he knows she can fend for herself. Apollo rarely falls in love, which is why he enjoys his time on Earth, spending time with whoever he pleases. 

Apollo’s very interested in the other deities even though he pretends that he isn’t among the other gods. He’s willing to see change, which is why Zeus is watching him closely.



Second to none and always the need to be the center attention, she has made a reputation of being overdramatic and demanding. She wants what she wants when she wants it, no questions asked. Her flair for the dramatic makes her very presence grating even on the most patient of people. Despite her somewhat obnoxious antics, she has secured a top spot in the social hierarchy.

The Primadonna is a twenty-one year old junior and vice president of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Her face claim is Lucy Hale and she is available.

James Chance | 19 | Ashton Irwin | Son of Tyche


James had always had some sort of luck on his side. Bad or good. He somehow knew that his life was based on luck. He’s had his fair share of finding hundred dollar bills on the street to getting a couple of people’s numbers. But James never questioned it. He just wished sometimes his luck could just go to his father. James’ father, for as long as he can remember, has always been ill. James spent a lot of time visiting his father in the hospital. He’d often take trips to visit his father after school, instead of hanging out with friends.

With all the time his father was spending in the hospital, James lived with his grandparents in town. As much as he tried, it was hard to keep the young boy calm. James was like any other kid his age, but James had a hard time keeping still and listening to adults. It became an issue at school that his teachers made it into a concern. His grand parents finally took young James to the doctor and he was diagnosed with ADHD.

At first, it was hard for the boy to understand that he was different from the other kids. But that was just fine. As he grew up, the doctors thought he could somehow outgrow a bit of his ADHD with the help of a few medicines but as James got into high school, he was still the hyper, non-stop kind of guy. As he got older, James didn’t spend as much as he did with his father at the hospital. Not because he didn’t want to but due to his father’s critical state. His disease had gotten worse and had put his father in a coma. James started off with weekly visits then monthly. James doesn’t talk about his father to a lot of people. But he still keeps a dimpled smile on his face.

.Facts about James:

1. James has a secret addiction to gambling he got from spending time with his grandfather.
2. He can’t sit down for more than five minutes. He has to be constantly doing something.
3. James is a huge fan of superheroes. He has watched every single movie about them. He wishes that he could be one.
4. James has meet a quite a lot of celebrities in his life. Most of them by just running into them and on a few occasions, he assisted them earning their liking.
5. He has acquired the skill of playing the drums and bit of guitar.


Peter Donovan: James got to know Peter in high school. They shared the same interest in superheroes. They often argue on which super is better than the others.

Erik Dietrich: How James and Erik became gambling buddies, it is unsure. It might have been at some game the younger boy snuck into but somehow they always see each other as a challenge. It’s always easy for James to win at these games but when Erik is playing against him, well James likes a good old fashion game.

Michael Dixon: James has known Michael since they were kids. They were neighbors back when James used to still live with his dad. Then once James had to move in with his grand parents across town, the two didn’t really keep in touch. James still recognizes Michael around town.


James is a nice guy. He means well, most of the time. James is always up and moving, there is never a dull moment when he is around. But there are times when James can get a bit too much. With his ADHD, it’s hard for him to be calm for a long time. And with that also, his ADHD is also keep him unfocused. He might look like he is listening but there is chance he might not be. He does try his hardest.


✔ Friendly                      ✗ Hyper
✔ Good Hearted            ✗ Annoying
✔ Loyal                          ✗ No sense of personal space

One day, Zeus looked down from Olympus and saw the humans creating large castles, naming themselves Kings, and attacking each other for food and money. He was outraged at the fact that humans were no longer in their primitive state. They had begun to rely on themselves instead of the gods, the very same thing he feared. Zeus called Prometheus to his hall, and the Titan confessed what he had done. The King of the Gods sentenced him to spend the rest of eternity in Tartarus, and have his insides devoured by an eagle every single day at the same time. Because he was a god, Prometheus would heal, and his body would return to normal. Only to have it happen again when the eagle came.

     Zeus turned to the mortals, deciding what punishment to give them for disobeying his wishes. He realized that he could not hurt them, because the gods needed their faith. 

     ”Let them destroy themselves, then. Their very own creations will turn on them, the very way they have turned on me.” Zeus ordered the gods to refuse any wish the humans asked of them. The humans would have to fend for themselves until they learned their lesson.

     Now in the present day, human life is still very much going strong. Man has moved on from the Greek gods, and has seeked protection from other deities. The gods have been weakened because very few are believing in them. 

Zeus has realized that it is time to act.

     Other deities, especially the Eqyptian  one, have been attacking the gods. They seek to take their power and control what they hold power over. Many believe the time of the gods has come to an end, but that does not mean they will not fight back.

     The King of the Gods has decided to cast all the Olympian gods and goddesses to Earth, to preserve the powers they now hold. He has ordered the gods to use their time on Earth to try and reinstate faith in their religion. The catch? The humans cannot find out they are gods or they will be punished. 

     The gods have decided to follow Zeus’s orders, however some are reluctant and some refuse to be under his rule any longer. Some gods actually like Earth, and do not want to return to Olympus. There are many that have decided that truly the time of the gods has come to an end. Many have even thought about supporting the Egyptian deity. 

     What will happen to these beings? Do they vanish? Or do they stay and fight to keep existing? Only you know the answer.


Persephone - Immortal - Specializes in growth and nurturing - Amanda Seyfried - Open

Persephone was full of life. She’s very excitable and has an appreciation for everything. She tends to find the beauty in everything she sees, and can be counted on by the other Olympians to be optimistic. On Earth her curiosity has piked and she’s interested in learning more about the humans, and what they’ve believed for several centuries.

Persephone has had a very rocky past with Hades ever since she was abducted, and she is torn between caring for him and loathing him. She can find comfort in her mother and council in Zeus, who she goes to very often.