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Small devotional acts.

  • Walk barefoot
  • Drive on the backroads – take the scenic route
  • Eat wild berries (be smart about it)
  • Wear browns, greens, oranges and purples
  • Listen to music that reminds you of him
  • Get a cozy wool sweater or cloak
  • Buy some pottery mugs or bowls
  • Go into a wild space and sit for a while
  • Collect things from nature (feathers, rocks, mosses, etc.)
  • Donate to or volunteer with an organization that saves wild animals
  • Learn to play a new instrument
  • Go wandering through a meadow
  • Keep your window open
  • Buy/read a field guide
  • Drink fresh juice
  • Get a new houseplant
  • Make a nature scene your screensaver
  • Drink your morning coffee/tea outside
  • Listen to nature/forest background sounds
  • Find a new animal you’ve never heard of and learn about it
  • Watch a nature documentary
  • Wear leafy jewelry/patterns
  • Get a candle that’s scented like the forest
  • Try a new outdoor activity or explore a new area
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

Make me choose edits: @kissedbymorpheus Thanatos | Hades

Hades ruled the dead, assisted by others over whom he had complete authority. The House of Hades was described as full of “guests,” though he rarely left the Underworld. He cared little about what happened in the Upperworld, as his primary attention was ensuring none of his subjects ever left.

Children of the Gods: Zeus, Greek god of the sky, thunder, lightning, and justice

Those born to the King of the Gods are not to be trifled with, for they radiate strength and command. Electricity flares at the tips of their fingers, lightning running through their veins and setting their blood alight. They are the approaching storm, the bolt racing towards battle with a grin on their face and power in their hands.


Aries: ATHENA – Goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts

Taurus: APRHODITE – Goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality

Gemini: HERMES – Messenger of the Gods, God of trade, travellers, and guide to the underworld

Cancer: ARTEMIS – Goddess of the moon, hunting, forests

Leo: APOLLO – God of the Sun, music, healing, and many others

Virgo: ASTRAEA – Goddess of innocence and purity

Libra: THEMIS – God of law and order amongst Divines and Nature

Scorpio: HADES – King of the Underworld, God of the dead and riches

Sagittarius: ZEUS – King of the Gods, God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law & justice

Capricorn: CRONUS – God of agriculture, father of the Titans

Aquarius: URANUS – (primordial) God of the Sky

Pisces: POSEIDON – God of the sea, earthquakes and storms

greek pantheon
↳ persephone

Go now, Persephone, to your dark-robed mother, go, and feel kindly in your heart towards me: be not so exceedingly cast down; for I shall be no unfitting husband for you among the deathless gods, that am own brother to father Zeus. And while you are here, you shall rule all that lives and moves and shall have the greatest rights among the deathless gods: those who defraud you and do not appease your power with offerings, reverently performing rites and paying fit gifts, shall be punished for evermore.