the signs as greek gods/goddesses
  • aries: ares (determined, impulsive)
  • taurus: hephaestus (kind, peaceful, has a jealous side)
  • gemini: dionysus (fun, lighthearted, easily misunderstood)
  • cancer: artemis (friendly, protective, sensitive)
  • leo: zeus (regal, in control and strong)
  • virgo: poseidon (noble, critical, and moody)
  • libra: aphrodite (attractive without trying, has a seductive nature, vain)
  • scorpio: hera (majestic, vindictive)
  • sagittarius: athena (wise, strong, a mediator over a fighter)
  • capricorn: hades (dark, passionate)
  • aquarius: demeter (generous, understanding, respectful)
  • pisces: hestia (forgiving, centered, calm)
No, I didn’t kidnap her. I didn’t need to.
I stood from afar in the cool shade and watched how the sunlight bounced off her skin and life radiated from her pores, just as darkness radiated off of mine, and she danced in the meadow.
It was her gaze that caught mine as she picked flowers, and her hand beckoning to me after she tucked one behind her ear, and her pink lips grinning a devilish smile as I found myself moving closer without thought. She entrapped me with her seemingly innocent but deadly ways. Oh, how the wind picked up and swept up her dress and she knew exactly how much skin she flashed and what it did to me. “Let’s play a game,” she murmured against my neck, “if you dare.”
What I didn’t know was that she could feel the power inside of me, even from that distance, and she craved it. She took me for a fool and enslaved the god of the Underworld with love, of all things.
She knew. She knew what I would do, what she made me do, and she wanted me to do it.
Look at her now, cold and cruel and powerful at my side, ruling the Underworld with a daisy-clad, iron fist. No, I didn’t change her, I was simply a means to an end.
—  Confessions of Hades: Persephone knew: b.a.s
  • Apollo: *walks in*
  • Nico: *sees apollo*
  • Nico: *desperately turns the other way and tries to hide*
  • Apollo: *glances at nico*
  • Nico: oh gods not again

Aries: ATHENA – Goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts

Taurus: APRHODITE – Goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality

Gemini: HERMES – Messenger of the Gods, God of trade, travellers, and guide to the underworld

Cancer: ARTEMIS – Goddess of the moon, hunting, forests

Leo: APOLLO – God of the Sun, music, healing, and many others

Virgo: ASTRAEA – Goddess of innocence and purity

Libra: THEMIS – God of law and order amongst Divines and Nature

Scorpio: HADES – King of the Underworld, God of the dead and riches

Sagittarius: ZEUS – King of the Gods, God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law & justice

Capricorn: CRONUS – God of agriculture, father of the Titans

Aquarius: URANUS – (primordial) God of the Sky

Pisces: POSEIDON – God of the sea, earthquakes and storms