Four Temperaments Chart

I’ve been looking at ways of writing character groups that work; one of the classics is the Freudian Trio, (like Kirk, Spock, and Bones in Star Trek TOS) but since I’m working in an ancient world setting, the Four Temperament Ensemble, being based on ancient Greek concepts, seems to make more sense. I found some charts on the internet, but none had all the info, so I added some color coding and additional notes to one that was pretty good.

These go back at least as far as Hippocrates, c. 460 – c. 370 BC.

call them demons, prayers from the deep
there has always been beauty
in their hollow-eyed stares that whisper
of candles long burnt out
and ashes scattered on the winds.

empty shells, they,
nothing but reservoirs,
holding the thrum of music deep with their heartbeats
wine-glass-stem bodies, they
wanderers, searchers, they.

they will tell you that the dead
sing the most beautiful arias
ethereal, haunting. like nothing
the world has ever head before.
their smiles are shark’s teeth necklaces -

- their voices sighing
all of the remembered ecstasy;
the promise of a hunger fulfilled.
there is a reason that none who see them
are ever seen alive.

(the music of dying
has always tasted the sweetest)

—  foam breeze maidens, singing to you of song / Rishika Aggarwal © 2015

Which is the process that you follow and what time do you go out to create a piece?

I start by drawing several sketches until I end up with something I like, then I adjust it to the wall that I want. I don’t have a specific time, it depends on the circumstances.  

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