One of the many things Hades loved about his wife was that she was always her honest, unbridled self when he was with her. So many, if not all, of the gods on Olympus seemed to constantly be putting on a facade for someone; pretending to care more than they did to make alliances, pretending to care less for someone than they did to hold their attention.

     Persephone was not like that: every word, every move, every sound she made was her vulnerable, unfiltered reaction. He loved knowing what pleased her and giving it to her again and again.

The old gods are not dead

I hear Athenas war cry in the shouts of protests,

fighting a war now closer to home,

I see her in the young women with picket signs

clenched tightly in their fists

Hera curses the names of the abusers

The ones who break families and marriages

Her voice heard in the wedding bells of young lovers

Poseidon now resides in a beach home

Going out every night to pick of trash left by the day

Shooting daggers at the drunk men letting their bottles be swept away

Demeter can be heard cursing the politicians refusing to believe in global warming

Names of scientists and studies on the tip of her tongue

She is found teaching young children how to grow their food at the community garden

Ares is found on the front lines of a different war, not fighting but protecting the innocent

Guiding classrooms of children away from gunfire,

His shield protecting the terrified

Apollo can be found at opens mics

Reciting his latest works

Or walking down the street in docs on his feet and a guitar on his back

He knows he’s the coolest

Artemis is seen on the streets

Her bow and arrow have long left her

Carrying nothing more than a knife and mace

She hunts a different kind of monster now

Hephaestus resides in a workshop at all hours of the night

Creating custom pieces for the right price and a warm smile

The hammer making him feel invincible

Aphrodite’s song is heard in the breathy kisses of teenagers

Shes found walking down the street, lips a blood red

Punching the men who dare disrespect her  

Hermes is seen with a smirk as he walks long well-traveled roads

Delivering the messages of those needing to be heard

Traveling, telling stories, and wearing out another pair of shoes

Dionysus’s voice heard only over the pounding bass in the bar

Keeping watch over young girls drinks

Dancing, partying and living as he throws another one back

Hades is seen weeping over the graves of those taken much to soon

Looking to his wife for comfort

He’s long lost his faith in humanity

Persephone found in the gardens beside her mother in the spring

Brushing off girl’s dirty knees and putting flower crowns on their heads

She can be seen holding onto hades as he mourns the loss of life

Hecate will be found running metaphysical shops

Bringing hope to powerful women wanting more

Selling potions, nobody thinks will work

And collecting graveyard dirt for a new spell

Zeus is watching over everyone

Watches Athena cry

Hera curse the men, he being one of them

Poseidon’s glares

Demeter’s harsh words

Ares raising his shield

Apollos singing

Artemis as she tracks a new beast

Watches Hephaestus work

Sees Aphrodite punch

Hears Hermes words

Sees hades weep

And Persephone plant and comfort her partner

And grins as Hecate keeps magic alive

The old gods are not dead

They are alive

And they are watching

- Sayali C.

Greek Myth Asks

by @wonderbreadwoman and @spidcrsman

GODS: Life

Zeus: What’s your name or nickname?

Hera: Where are you from?

Athena: How old are you?

Hephaestus: When is your birthday?

Aphrodite: What’s your relationship status?

Poseidon: What are your pronouns?

Dionysus: Are you and extrovert or an introvert?

Demeter: Do you have any pets?

Apollo: What kind of music are you into?

Artemis: What do you first notice about new people?

Hades: What’s a big fear of yours?

Ares: What’s a big pet peeve of yours?

Hestia: Where do you consider home?


Pegasus: Last movie you watched?

Mermaid: Last tv show you finished?

Centaur: Last book you read?

Siren: Last song you listened to?

Gorgon: Last thing you ate?

Cyclops: Last time you cried?

Minotaur: Last time you were truly happy?

Sphynx: Last text you sent?

Chimera: Last call you made?

Griffin: Last thing you did before going to sleep last night?

Nymph: Last dream you remember?

Satyr: Last time you couldn’t stop laughing?

HEROES: Experiences

Heracles: Have you ever had a dream come true?

Theseus: What is your worst regret?

Perseus: Have you ever been arrested?

Cadmus: Have you ever had your heart broken?

Achilles: Have you ever had to be hospitalized?

Actaeon: Tell about a memory you wish to forget.

Bellerophon: Have you ever passed out?

Agamemnon: What is an achievement you’re proud of?

Oedipus: Have you ever been in love?

Jason: Have you ever travelled abroad? Where?

Atlanta: Have you ever stood up for someone else?

Hippolytus: Tell an experience you will never forget.

MAGICAL ITEMS: Favorites  

Trident: Who are your favorite people?

Lightning Bolt: What are your top three favorite movies?

Sun Chariot: What is your favorite mythological creature?

Lyre: What are your top three favorite songs?

Caduceus: What is your favorite color?

Aegis: What is your favorite book or series?

Scythe: What is your favorite tv show?

Bident: What is your favorite way to spend free time?

Harpe: What are your top 3 favorite places?

Cornucopia: What is your favorite place to eat?

Winged Sandals: What is your favorite thing to do when you hangout with your friends?

Golden Fleece: What is your favorite animal?

PLACES: Goals and Wishes

Olympus: Describe your dream job.

Tartarus: What’s a short term goal you hope to achieve?

Underworld: Describe your dream vacation.

Styx: How would you like your life to look like in 10 years?

Athuna: If you could live anywhere in the world for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Sparta: Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?

Elysium: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Ogygia: Describe your dream husband/wife/life partner?

Troja: What is the craziest thing you wanna do before you die?

The Labyrinth: Have you ever died and came back to life as a vampire?

Delphi: Are you currently doing anything to pursue your dreams?