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COMING SOON: A collaboration of one shots based off the fictional world of Bangtan U. A series by @eradikeats-writes and @kpopfanfictrash 


Kim Seokjin, Dean of Bangtan University. Reserved, refined - except when he’s relating to the youths by cracking the world’s best puns

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Kim Namjoon, Art Professor. Has published five books in four years on Bernini and sculpture. Loves to discuss how Roman technique copies the Greeks - a constant theme throughout their culture

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Jung Hoseok, Film Professor.  Writes in his free time on global cinema and sexuality. Leads the campus student film society, frequently holds get-togethers at his own apartment to watch Mullholland Drive and eat cake.

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Min Yoongi, Librarian. You talk in the library, you die.

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Park Jimin, Chemistry TA. Studying organic chemistry because he wants to change the world. Can’t understand why his study sessions are always packed with females. 

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Kim Taehyung, Theatre and Performance Arts. Better dressed than his students. Favors cutting edge techniques and methodologies. Most likely found by the lakes, followed by his bevy of aspiring actresses. 

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Jeon Jungkook, Poetry Professor. Both the youngest professor and the closest to tenure. Brilliant, often waxes poetic beneath the shade of various trees. Maintains Auden is the standard for all longing.

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Ξέρετε, ενα απο τα πιο όμορφα συναισθήματα ειναι να εχεις τον ανθρωπο σου ξαπλωμένο στην αγκαλιά σου και να τον κοιτάς για ωρες , να χάνεσαι στο πρόσωπο και τα ματια του.Να γεμίζεις τοσο μεσα σου που να λες ,δεν μου λείπει κατι αυτη τη στιγμη.Ολοι έχουμε ανάγκη απο αυτο το συναίσθημα ,όλοι στο τελος της μέρας θελουμε να νιώσουμε την αγαπη που κρύβει μια αγκαλια.
Girl Interested in Greek Mythology (Writing Prompts)

28-mai said to alloftheprompts: Got it - I mean I’ve got the main character, which is a teenager girl who loves the Greek Mythology and always dreams about being wise like Athena, courageous like Artemis, beautiful like Aphrodite, etc. but she has a miserable life. The end has to be tragic - I hate the happy endings, but it needs to have up to 30 chapters, so, can you help me now with some prompts, pleaase? :o3

  • The gods pity the girl and offer her the option of undergoing several tests, but she fails the final one.
  • The girl succeeds, but the success means having to leave everything she ever knew.
  • The girl succeeds but the means her death.
  • One of the tasks she is given is something she simply cannot do for personal reasons.
  • The gods pity her, but in the end only turn her into something after her death to mourn/commemorate her.
  • The goddesses are offended by her even thinking that she could be equal to the in anything and punish her.
  • She reaches a point where she believes she could be equal to one or more of the goddesses and challenges her, and is punished.

Also, I’d suggest that for an interesting story that could take 30 chapters, the character shouldn’t just dream but actively try to achieve those dreams, even if her efforts end up being futile.

Also: The worship of Greek gods still exists today, so you may want to research Hellenism and Neopaganism. 

I hope this helps :)

Disney AUs: Come Into the Light by emjee (MerryHeart)

After Eros is shot with one of his own arrows, he falls deeply in love with a young woman who wants more than the life her small village can give her. Cursed by his mother (who is Not Amused with his lovesickness), Eros can never let his bride see his face, but curiosity and blossoming love make it harder and harder to hide in the darkness.

Read here: AO3

Having been bitten by the picspam bug I’ve decided to create a BatB Eros & Psyche!AU graphic for @je-suis-em-jee ‘s fanfic Come Into The Light. For those of you who haven’t read it (or any of emjee’s works, which are fantastic), I’d highly recommend it. 

MG, thank you for everything you’ve contributed to this fandom. I hope you like it!



CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to Bangtan University! Look forward to a whirlwind adventure of sin and learning as our renowned faculty takes you through the best years of your life. You’ll have a demanding schedule at Bangtan U, but with the right prep and a little flexibility, we’re sure you’ll come out on top!


A collection of one-shots by @kpopfanfictrash and @eradikeats-writes 

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Oreste et Les Furies - Jacques François Ferdinand Lairesse. Français. 1850-1929.

The Erinyes - in English, the Furies - were some seriously fearsome creatures. They were conceived when Uranus’ spilled blood hit

Gaia’s body, and were, therefore, older than any of the Olympian Gods. “These Erinnyes are crones with snakes for hair, dogs’ heads, coal-black bodies, bats’ wings, and bloodshot eyes. In their hands, they carry brass-studded scourges and their victims die in torment.” It isn’t a great idea to mention their names in conversation, so instead you should call them the Eumenides, or the Kindly Ones.

. There are three:

  • Tisiphone, the Avenger
  • Megara, the Jealous
  • Alecto, the Unresting

Their purpose was to torment sinners, which they did on Earth as well is in Tartarus. The sight of one could cause insanity, and they often drove offenders to suicide. Originally they punished only offenders of patricide, matricide, or breakers of oaths, but after a while, they punished any sins. They lived in Erebus (Darkness) but traveled the Earth constantly in search of transgressors. 


The Theme of the Titan Kronus (Romanized: Saturn)

In ancient Greek mythology, the Titan Kronus, fearing that he would be overthrown by his children, ate each one upon birth.

The archetypal theme has been used by artists since, most famously by Goya (top left) in 1823 — who was likely influenced by the earlier Rubens painting (top right) of 1636. As you can see from this sampling, western artists have been employing this theme since at least medieval times.

Nonetheless, of all the works using the “Saturn Devouring his Children” theme, Goya’s 1823 painting is the most famous — and the most frequently copied & imitated.

Goya painted “Saturno devorando a su hijo” on the walls of his home as a plaster mural. This painting was above his dining room table. Some fifty years after Goya left the house, the mural was removed from the walls and transferred to canvas. It is now kept in El Prado museum in Madrid.

The theme continues to be used in western art.

   ❝  you’ve changed the world, you’ve shown me – you’ve shown all of us that so much of what we believe is wrong. if your patrons are real, if the gods of greek myth are real, then how many others? i can’t ignore that, no more than you would accept living a lie. i have to know.  i have to find them