greek ring

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles William Eliot

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Graeco-Roman gold ring in the form of a snake, dated to c. 300-100 BCE. Found in Egypt, the ring is currently located in the British Museum.


I’ve updated my RedBubble!! I decided to do another TSoA sticker/transparent, which I am sooo buying once I save up xD. I also did a fun little print for cups and mugs for my fellow bookworms~ Lets see if we’ve read all the same books~ (mind you… some books on that pattern I haven’t finished yet… still working on my massive to-be-read pile).

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“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” -Ernest Hemingway

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Offering to Demeter I, The Eleusinian Mysteries, hand carved silver ring by Moon & Serpent

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth. She and her daughter Persephone were the central figures of the Eleusinian Mysteries that predated the Olympian pantheon.