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GREECE. Athens. November 15, 2016. Riot police fired teargas at protesters demonstrating just a few miles from the presidential mansion where Greek leaders were hosting a state banquet for visiting U.S. President Barack Obama. The visit comes only two days before the anniversary of a bloody 1973 student revolt that helped topple the 1967-1974 military junta, which was backed by the U.S. government.

Obama, who will be succeeded in January by Donald Trump, arrived in Greece on Tuesday on his last foreign tour as president of the United States.

(1) Protesters hold anti-Trump banners during a demonstration against President Obama visit. Gerasimos Koilakos/NurPhoto via Getty Images

(2) (3) (6) Police and leftist demonstrators with anarchist and communist groups clash. Yorgos Karahalis/AP

(4) (5) Riot police walk along a street bearing “FREE ATHE[NS]” before clashing with protesters during a demonstration against the visit of President Barack Obama. Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

Greek woman in black, holding a candle, during the memorial and protest for Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Genocide in Aghia Sofia circa Thessaloniki, outside of the turkish parliament #May19

Greek match delayed as players stage sit-down protest over migrant deaths

AEL Larissa and  Acharnaikos players stage a sit-down protest before their Greek second-tier match. (source)

(January 30th 2016)

Nichalis Mpatziolas (AFP /Getty Images)


Greece: Anarchists invade the Ministry of Labour and Social Security

On Monday, 30 January 2017, anarchists from Rouvikonas collective invaded the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, raised a huge banner from the top of the building and threw hundreds of flyers, calling for people to organize and fight back against the neoliberal politics imposed on Greece, that force pensioners that have worked all their lives and paid their share to live like beggars, that force almost anyone working on precarity since bosses and owners hire people with no social security under the threat of being fired knowing that most probably only a handful will ever get a pension for all the years they have worked, whilst the abolition of public health insurance is imminent in order for private insurance and pension system to be eventually imposed.

Greece, Idomeni : People sit and lie on train tracks and in front of Greek policemen during a protest of migrants and refugees to call for the opening of the borders, blocking a train coming from Macedonia in a makeshift camp at the Greek-Macedonian border near the Greek village of Idomeni on March 3, 2016.

EU President Donald Tusk on March 3 issued a stark warning to economic migrants not to come to Europe, as he castigated countries for taking unilateral action to tackle the crisis. Macedonia on March 2 allowed around 250 migrants to cross its border with Greece, as 10,000 more were left waiting in miserable conditions, Greek officials said. / AFP / SAKIS MITROLIDIS                        

the signs as college experiences
  • aries: jogging at 2 in the morning, beer pong
  • taurus: posters even on your ceiling, meal cards, sneaking a pet into your dorm room
  • gemini: new place = new you, sometimes you love taylor swift, sometimes you hate her, challenging yourself
  • cancer: care packages from mom, setting an alarm for a 17 minute nap
  • leo: realizing you're not alone, kicking yourself in the ass (i mean that figuratively but you probably did it literally too, so)
  • virgo: greek life, protesting human rights, keeping your shit together when no one else can
  • libra: caffeine addiction, finding your happiness, letting your roommate style your hair
  • scorpio: going as far away as possible, poetry club, crushing on your professor
  • sagittarius: learning self love, indie bands you've never heard of, pajama parties
  • capricorn: knowing you're the best kisser in the room, psychology class
  • aquarius: fine arts, eventually finding the library a week before finals
  • pisces: changing your major, realizing long distance relationships are tough, vodka

Greece: Scores of riot policemen encircle occupied university building - Solidarity protest breaks the riot police embargo.

16 April 2015 - For the 3rd day, scores of riot policemen have encircled a university building that has been occupied by anarchists for 18 days in the centre of Athens, Greece in solidarity to the ongoing hunger strike of political prisoners, (some of them on hunger strike since March 2 in critical health condition).

Trying to use scare tactics, riot policemen and policemen in plain clothes are arresting anyone coming in or out of the building, even unsuspected tourists that visit the city center, in an attempt to wear out the squatters with no food and health essentials.

Despite their efforts, anarchist occupiers remain in the building until the end of the mass hunger strike. The video was recorded on April 15 during a solidarity protest that lasted for almost 6 hours outside the encircled building by people cheering for the squatters while throwing towards them bags of food and essential above the heads of the riot policemen.