greek parade


Trojan War Themed Omphalos Phiale with the Armor of Achilles and Thetis, Late 5th-Early 4th Century BC

The figural scene here shows a very famous subject known as the thiasos (sea parade), widespread in Greek iconography from the 4th century BC. The main figure here is Thetis, bringing to her son Achilles his new armor forged by the most gifted of all craftsmen, the god Hephaestus. According to the mythological narration, Achilles (who, with Heracles, is the archetypal Greek hero) had lent the weapons that he took to the Trojan War to his friend Patroclus, for him to fight beneath the city walls of Troy. But after the death of Patroclus by the hand of Hector, Achilles decided to resume the battle and to defy Priam’s son. Thetis comes at that moment and, since she cannot convince her son to refrain from avenging the death of his best friend, she gives him fine new armor. A sea deity (she is one of the Nereids, the daughters of the sea god Nereus), Thetis can be identified by her crown and especially by her mount, a seahorse (her sisters ride dolphins). She holds a spear and carries a shield decorated with an impressive gorgoneion (protective representation of a Gorgon’s head). Two other Nereids carry the helmet and the rest of the armor, while a third Nereid simply holds a ribbon. The figures are dressed in loose chitons (tunics) that flutter in the breeze, emphasizing the speed of the marine creatures that swim by leaping on the waves of the sea. As usual, Achilles himself is not represented in the thiasos.

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Holiday Jealousy (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

Anonymous whispered: Hey! I know you have a lot of requests but could you a Joe imagine where you too go on holiday (anywhere) with the coachella squad but you’re the only girl and the boys make fun of you too but it’s like really cute and you make the boys jealous? Thanksss 

As soon as you got out of the airport the heat hit you and you instantly felt relaxed. You’d been looking forward to this holiday for weeks and now you were finally in Greece with your best friends Joe, Oli and Caspar.

‘Let’s go dump our bags in the hotel and then we can go and find a bar’ you suggested.

‘Yes’ Joe agreed placing his arm around you. ‘We haven’t all been away together since Coachella’

‘Just don’t get dehydrated this time’ You told Joe.

‘I think he learnt his lesson when we all went to that party without him’ Oli said as if to rub salt into the wound.

When you got to your hotel you fixed your hair and chucked on some shorts and a nice top ready to head out for the night.

‘Ooh look who’s put in an effort’ Joe teased noting that you’d changed out of your aeroplane trackies’

‘I wonder who you’re trying to impress’ Caspar joined in with Joe’s teasing.

‘Well it’s certainly not any of you’ you bit back before descending into town.

It didn’t take you long to find a bar and Oli bought the first round of drinks.

‘Who chose this bar? There’s hardly any girls here!’ Caspar observed, you hadn’t noticed but now he mentioned it there were only a few females dotted around the place.

‘I bet Y/N’s in heaven right now, all these Greek guys parading around shirtless’ Oli nudged you and the others laughed.

‘What’s your point? You guys would feel exactly the same if we were in a bar full of girls’ you pointed out and Caspar agreed with you.

Joe placed his arm over your shoulders. ‘You know we’re only teasing babe, we all know you’d be too shy to make a move on any of these guys’

‘Oh really?’ you stood up releasing yourself from Joe’s grip. ‘Challenge accepted’ you winked at Joe before walking over to a group of tanned lads who were gathered over by the bar. They all sported six packs and you could tell that they were all completely out of your league, but that didn’t stop you, you wanted to prove a point to Joe and the rest of the lads.

After talking to the group of Greek men for about fifteen minutes you returned back to your three friends with a smug smile on your face. You placed a napkin with several digits written on it in front of the lads and began to give them a rundown of what had happened.

‘So Demitris gave me his number, Georgio wants to meet me here for drinks tomorrow night and that tray of drinks’ you pointed at a tray that a waiter was carrying over to your table ‘are for me and my friends courtesy of Andre’

‘How did you manage that?’ Oli asked looking at you in amazement.

‘I just worked my charm’ you shrugged basking in your ability to prove the boys wrong.

‘Wait how do you know that guy’s not spiked these drinks, you know you’re young and beautiful, these Greek guys may be taking advantage, let me test them first’ Caspar said taking a sip at one of the cocktails sitting on the tray. ‘They seem alright to me’ he confirmed after taking a sip.

‘So a date with Georgio huh?’ Joe asked looking at you like a lost puppy.

‘I’m not actually going to go on it’ you admitted taking Joe’s hand in yours. ‘I was just proving a point’

‘Good’ Joe said picking up his own drink.

‘Joe Sugg were you jealous?’ you asked feeling even more pleased with yourself.

‘Of course I was, you know I love you’