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Palestinian Arabic Orthodox Christian Prayer - Psalm 136 صلوات مسيحية أرثوذكسية - احمدوا الرب
  • Palestinian Arabic Orthodox Christian Prayer - Psalm 136 صلوات مسيحية أرثوذكسية - احمدوا الرب

Greek woman in black, holding a candle, during the memorial and protest for Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Genocide in Aghia Sofia circa Thessaloniki, outside of the turkish parliament #May19

I wish a very merry Christmas to Orthodox & Eastern Catholic Christians :)
We went to Greece, and they took us where they worship their God, and we do not know whether we were in heaven or upon earth, for there is not upon earth such sight or beauty. We were perplexed, but this much we know: that there God lives among men, and their service is better than in any other country. We cannot forget that beauty, for every man that has partaken of sweetness will not afterwards accept bitterness, and thus we can no longer remain in our former condition.
—  Grand Prince Vladimir and the Conversion of Russia,
according to the Chronicle of Nestor

Palestinian Christians celebrate Palm Sunday at the Saint Porphyrius Church in Gaza

The Blue Mosque Seen from the Hagia Sophia - Hagia Sophia was a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica, later an imperial mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s construction dates back to 537 AD. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a historic mosque located in Istanbul’s historic centre. A popular tourist site, it continues as a mosque today. Construction of the Blue Mosque, as it is popularly known, was between 1609 and 1616 AD.


This is a prostration, we do this while saying the prayer of Saint Ephrem during Great Lent.

{Make a prostration}

O LORD, Master of my life, grant that I may not be infected with the
spirit of slothfulness and inquisitiveness, with the spirit of ambition and vain talking.

{Make a prostration}

Grant instead to me, your servant, the spirit of purity and of
humility, the spirit of patience and neighborly love.

{Make a prostration}

O Lord and King, grant me the grace of being aware of my sins and of not thinking evil of those of my brethren.
For you are blessed, now and ever, and forever.


{Make a prostration}

Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Sabbas - Alexandria, Egypt

The church was founded by Levantine Christian immigrants from Lebanon & Syria.

Saint John the Baptist Church - Jordan River, Jordan

The church is located on the site believed by some to be where Jesus was baptised by Saint John.

“Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptised by him” (Matthew 3:13)

Church of Saint Porphyrius - Gaza, Palestine

Named after the 5th century bishop of Gaza, Saint Porphyrius, it is the oldest active church in Gaza. The original church dated back to 425 CE however the current building dates back to 1150 CE.

Saint Porphyrius’s tomb is situated in the northeastern corner of the church. His feast day is celebrated on February 26 by both Christians & Muslims.