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Delphic remnants.
The Oracle of Delphi was active for almost 2000 years, its Sanctuary was one of the richest of the ancient world, a small state of intricate structures and innumerable art treasures (coming from every corner of the ancient greek world) that were mostly looted during Roman and Christian times. Home of the worship of the Sun God Apollo and his mantic properties, Delphi was initially a place dedicated to Mother Earth Gaia and her holy female snake. Apollo claimed the Oracle by killing the sacred Pytho(n), a sacrilege…so he got exiled for seven years as punishment for his crime before he could come back as the ruler of Delphi, this was the only way he could become purified again after his terrible act. Even gods need purification and repentance from time to time as it seems. Herakles later on unsuccessfully demanded the Oracle for himself by trying to steal the Delphic tripod from Apollo, Herakles was a prevalent figure of ancient greek religion and not just the big muscular guy our modern times and popular culture believe. Time distorts so many things after all…

The order of the photos follows the actual path of the archaelogical site. Mount Parnassus, a symbol and an actuality, is breathtaking as well as the view from the Stadium.
Photos: Vera Bousiou

Beings of the Ancient World; Oracle, from the Latin verb ōrāre, meaning ‘to speak’. 

“Servant of the Delphian Apollo
Go to the Castallian Spring
Wash in its silvery eddies,
And return cleansed to the temple.
Guard your lips from offence
To those who ask for oracles.
Let the God’s answer come
Pure from all private fault”

I thought I should mention these Night Sky cards I got as a Christmas gift. It’s simply a deck of 54 constellations (the 52 suit cards + 2 jokers) organized by season. ♡ = spring, ◇ = winter, ♧ = fall, ♤ = summer. I don’t read with it, but I feel like it could make a nifty oracle for any witches or diviners who include stars, space, or the night sky in their practice. Anyone who works with the zodiac or Greek mythology might also be interested. 

Ladies of the Rick Riordan Universe: ⌛ Rachel Elizabeth Dare ⌛

I stared at her. Maybe I wasn’t the brightest guy in the world when it came to girls, but I was pretty sure Rachel had just dumped me, which was lame considering we’d never even been together.


did you know apollo shared delphi with dionysus? i didn’t but apparently apollo was worshiped in summer and dionysus in winter, kinda
a friend of mine is in delphi right now and her tourist guide is telling her a lot of cool stuff and stories about these two!!!

F A N T A S Y . Z O D I A C
 virgo; the oracle // 23 aug - 22 sep

“The word oracle comes from the Latin verb ōrāre “to speak.” In classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to provide wise counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future.“

“Virgo’s are inquisitive and are very skilled at drawing information from people. This trait also makes them naturally intuitive. Combine this with their remarkable memories, and we see an advanced, analytical personality.”

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