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Palais de la Danse. 1900. Manuel Orazi.

23 x 62 7/8 in./58.4 x 159.6 cm

All of Orazi’s designs are a kaleidoscope of Art Nouveau expression, featuring swirling lines and an ethereal color palette. Here, he advertises the Palais de la Danse, a dance hall popular in Paris during the 1900 World’s Fair. Shown is Terpsichore, the Greek muse of dance, in an effortless arabesque as she pours a golden bubbly liquid into her chalice.

Availaible at auction October 30.


M Y T H S: Pheme

Pheme was the goddess of fame in Greek mythology; the people she favoured were notable and renowned, while those who defied her were scorned and plagued by rumours. She was the daughter of Gaea or Elpis. It was said that Pheme would learn the affairs of mortals and immortals; then, she would start by whispering them to a few people, but her voice became gradually louder, until everyone knew. She was usually depicted winged and holding a trumpet. [x]

The true Big Bads are... (Once Upon a Time Theory)

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I have a theory about who the true Big Bads of the series are, but I like to do clickbait, so I am making an unclear title and a very long intro so that you must read my post to find out what I think :D

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thedaysaltsavedmylife  asked:

On my altar I have a space for all the major deities I honor - the Olympians, Gaia, Selene, and Helios. I've acquired items for all of them, EXCEPT Demeter. I feel like I shouldn't leave her out but I'm totally unsure what to dedicate for her.


Okay so Demeter is goddess of agriculture, of grain and the harvest (among more obviously) but the point is, I bought a crap ton of barley to use for ritual cleansings and stuff. So, I bought this neat ass container, painted that thing and decorated it, and wrote a little hymn to Demeter on it. It was awesome

Obviously you could make something similar and much smaller lol, It could even just be a little tiny bowl you put some grains in and change it out once a week or so!