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Thoughts on Patroclus

Friendly reminder that Patroclus should not be remember simply as “Achilles’ bitch”.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was a little shit. He had the power, the looks and the skills, and he knew it. Not only he excelled at battle; he did it while taunting his enemies all the fucking time cause he was going to win and he knew it.

Friendly reminder that he was the one guy who got to call out on Achilles, something no one else dared to do. In fact, men went to ask him to call out on Achilles because everyone was scared of him. Except for Patroclus.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus had advanced medical knowledge, something extremly rare at the time. He healed many of his friends and comrades during battle. Hadn’t it been for him, many great warriors would have died.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was loyal to a fault. He was always by Achilles’ side in battle. He never disobeyed Achilles orders. The one time he did, was the time he died.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was kind and had a soft heart. He cried because while Achilles’ Rage lasted, he wouldn’t let any of his men enter battle, Patroclus included. And while Achilles’ troops were hiding in their ships, the rest of the Greek army got crushed. Patroclus felt so powerless and helpless because he couldn’t do nothing as he saw his comrades dying.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus had a character crisis. He had to decide whether obeying his Lord’s commands and abandoning his friends in battle, or going against his Lord’s wishes and engaging fight.

Friendly reminder that he refused to stay behind like a coward. He chose to enter battle, but since he was a honourable man he told Achilles about it. Friendly reminder that he managed to sway Achilles’ Rage. Friendly reminder that he managed to convince Achilles to let their troops rejoin the war, thus returning the victory to the Greeks.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was flawed. He committed hubris. He got so battle drunk and was so excited by the prospect of finally ending the war, that he disobeyed Achilles’ direct command not to fight near the walls of Troy, and chased the Troyans back to the limits of the city. To the place Achilles had specifically told him not to go because it would be too dangerous. Friendly reminder that this one flaw is his downfall.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus doesn’t go down without giving one hell of a fight. Friendly reminder that Patroclus was so strong that Apollo (the God that protected Troy and Hector [Troy’s heir to the throne]) had to face him and repel him four times. Four times. A god. If that ain’t badass, then I don’t know what could be. In the fourth time, Apollo got inside Patroclus’ head and made him dizzy. Patroclus fell and Apollo removed him from his armour- Achilles’ armour. Patroclus ended up unprotected, vulnerable and dizzy in the middle of the battle field; so a random dude saw the opportunity and stabbed his back with a spear. But was that enough to make him go down? Oh heck no. The pain snapped him out of the dizziness. Patroclus realized he was in a very troublesome situation so he decided to fall back… but at that moment Hector engaged him in battle. And Patroclus wouldn’t retire from a direct combat, oh heck he wouldn’t. Even though he knew this was probably the way he would die, he fought with his all.

Friendly reminder that lacking his armor, tired from battle, with a spear wound on his back and only Achilles’ sword left as weapon, Patroclus faced Hector, Troy’s greatest warrior and didn’t fear.

Friendly reminder that when Hector sheathed his spear in Patroclos’ stomach, Patroclus thought about the love of his life.

Friendly reminder that with his last breath Patroclus smiled at Hector and told him “You are a dead man. This will be your downfall”. Friendly reminder that until his last moment, he was a little shit.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus is a flawed, well-rounded, badass character and that he deserves so much more than his current position as “Achilles’s love interest”.

I’m really not okay with the fact that the ship name for Achilles + Patroclus is Patrochilles. I mean, I get it, it sounds really good in English and all, but it messes the Greek roots up so much. Like, it means “father” + “people” with a superfluous chi in the middle. I wish Achicleos didn’t sound so silly in English, because it means “grievous glory,” and that’s just so sad and horrible and appropriate.

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how effective is a war hound in combat against, say, an armored knight?

Dogs have a long history of being used in warfare, going back further than the Romans and the Greeks. The vast majority of armies prior to the modern era used dogs to some extent, and they still hold important a positions in our military and police force today. The only reason they no longer have a place on our frontlines is the advent of the gun and a primary focus on ranged warfare, in which the dog like the horse has no place. However, they are still used for guarding and in K-9 units. The German Shepherd has no issue bringing down a full size human.

Historically we have the Molossus and the Alaunt which are both now extinct breeds used by the Romans. However, modern compatriots of these various breeds do exist such as the Mastiff, whose males weigh in between 150 to 250 pounds, and the Irish Wolfhound.

We have records of Irish Wolfhounds being used by the Irish to bring down Norman knights on horseback during their invasion and eventual conquest of Ireland. Their role was to catch the horse and drag the knight from the saddle to be killed.

However, it’s worth noting that dogs don’t go into battle alone. They are pack animals and they travel in teams. An armored knight wouldn’t be fighting a singular dog, he’d be fighting multiple armored dogs and possibly also their handler. These dogs when on their hind legs could almost certainly reach his throat and are more than capable of bowling him over or knocking him to the ground.

He’d be battling in melee, with the fight surging around him. So, there would be other humans whether other knights or various soldiers who could potentially finish whatever the dogs start. Or the dogs finish whatever they start.

While versus ideas are always fun to contemplate, it’s important to remember that warfare from melee to modern is not about dueling. It’s team. Like their dogs, soldiers fight together. It’s not about the individual, but the unit.

Those who fight together, survive together.

Much as we romanticize the lone knight, CIA agent, or soldier who sticks it to the man and makes their own decisions, that’s not how warfare works. Even if you choose to go this route in your storytelling, remember that there are many participating actors taking part.

The danger of the dog is the other dogs and the man or woman standing behind them.

The good news if you want to write about war dogs is that dogs haven’t changed much and their training generally revolves around their natural instincts. So, a better understanding of medieval warfare and studying the historical usage of dogs in combat will give you a good idea of what they were used for and how to write them.


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References and Resources

Dogs in Warfare - Wikipedia is a great place to go for a cursory look, but it is not the only stop you should make. The links at the bottom of the page are particularly helpful when it comes to establishing a wider scholarly base to work from in your research.

Dogs of War - Rome Across Europe’s article does a run down of the historical uses of various war dog types, with a focus on Rome and up to the present. If you want a focus on particular types of war dogs, you’ll need to do a scholarly dig in when it comes to historical periods.

War dogs among the Early Irish

Quartermaster War Dog Program: this page talks about the different types of dogs used in 1942, just a reminder that the usage of dogs in war extends far beyond their use on the battlefield itself. From detecting snipers, to delivering messages, and sniffing out scouts, the war dog has had many important roles throughout history that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A Guide To Greek Gods and Heroes:
  • Apollo: trash
  • Jason: trash
  • Medea: dubiously evil queen of my heart
  • Agamemnon: dead trash
  • Clytemnestra: takes out the trash
  • Zeus: walk of shame incarnate
  • Hermes: little shit
  • Hestia: literally no one talks about her
  • Artemis: #misandry
  • Hera: woman, scorned
  • Hades: goth wannabe shit baby
  • Persephone: Per-Step-On-Me
  • Ares: God Of War ™
  • Aphrodite: Walk Walk Fashion Baby
  • Cronus: hide yo kids, hide yo wife
  • Athena: i feel like she plays baseball probably
  • Achilles: I Love My Dead Gay Son
  • Patroclus: “Geez Achilles find your chill.” 
  • Orpheus: Gay
  • Hephaestus: allll byyyy myyyyseeEEEeelf
  • Heracles: why does no one talk about him mucking out those stables?
  • Odysseus: total piece of shit
  • Chiron: tired of everyone’s shit
  • Hecate: my wife

  • Patroclus (alt.): Oh look at that. I’ve been impaled.
  • Poseidon: I think you mean Broseidon, bro to the fishes and ponies
  • Dionysus: ambiguously queer and perpetually sloshed
  • Oedipus: the loser of every ‘yo momma’ battle
  • Ajax: Stronger than Grease ™ <-soap reference in case it’s too obscure
  • Circe: basically that scene in Monty Python where all the evil ladies wanna bang
  • Tiresias: Bet he didn’t see that one coming.
  • Cassandra: got the short end of every stick
  • Antigone: that play from high school english that everyone sparknoted
  • Cerberus: whozagoodboyden
  • Hyacinth: what kind of asshole gets killed by a discus?
  • Hippolytus: a fedora sporting MRA
  • Romulus: moon
  • Remus: moon
  • Narcissus: Treat Yo Self

We’re reading the Odyssey in my world lit class. I wrote a bit in the discussion board on the nature of the interactions between Athena and Odysseus (she’s championing his cause, amused with him/’this is my human and he will be my human’, as patron goddess of warcraft and strategy, he’s kind of uniquely hers, etc.). This post was well informed, based firmly in the text, in Greek mythology as a whole, and in the tropes of the epic genre.

Not one, but two people commented back, fucking told me I was wrong, and tried to strong-arm the text into proving their pet points……….that Athena’s real motivation, from page one, is to try and get in Odysseus’s pants, and that Odysseus is friendzoning her.

Can I say that again? They literally argued with me and tried to prove that Athena (Athena! - you know, vow-of-virginity, spurns the attentions of any man who comes near her, Athena) wants to fuck Odysseus and that’s the central plot of the epic.

Can I crawl under a rock and stay there forever?

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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good day.

Today I have been finishing my Classics notes for the Classics Midterm this Friday. I feel like I am preparing well for this Midterm and I hope I do well. :)

On the other hand, I have a piano test on Friday…I have no idea how that is going to go. I am not very good at piano and probably should have started practicing earlier.  

There is going to be no school tomorrow as there is a severe snowstorm warning going around. 35 cm of snow!!!


Apollo (Attic, Ionic, and Homeric Greek: Ἀπόλλων, Apollōn)

He is the God of Light, in whom is no darkness at all, and so he is the God of Truth. No false word ever falls from his lips.

“band of brothers” + greek mythology


Holby City AU: Greek Mythology

Hades & Persephone

“I had tasted freedom and yet I went back to you, as the world changed shape and slipped into something unfamiliar. I had found, in the days when we were apart, that I missed the darkness - that I had missed the beauty only you could give”.

Vagina Care post

I’ve gotten a lot of messages on vaginal care, do’s and don’ts etc. so I’m just going to make a general post of how to take care of your vajayjay (feel free to add on). 

 1. Do not shove anything that isn’t supposed to be in your vagina in your vagina. Your vagina practically does all the work for you, all you have to do is wash it with warm water. Stay away from douches, vagina soap, vaginal deodorants, regular soap, (I’ve heard of girls shoving yogurt and fruits directly in their vagina to keep it fresh?) major no no. Save the vagina food storage for when it’s needed during the zombie apocalypse. 

 2. Eating fruits, vegetables, cranberry juice AND GREEK YOGURT are major keys to balancing your ph which is great for vaginal odor and taste. But if your vagina doesn’t smell or taste like a edible arrangement that’s okay! Nothing is wrong with your vagina. Some girls say that their vaginas taste like freshly cut pineapples after eating pineapples and some girls say their vagina tastes and smell just like a vagina even after stuffing up on pineapples. To each is their own vag.

 a. There is no scientific evidence that your vagina taste sweeter because of fruits and veggies (side note: a “sweet” vagina can sometimes mean diabetes) 

b. A vagina with a balanced ph is naturally tasteless. 

 3. If you don’t want to shave your vagina hair you definitely don’t have to by any means. However, a trimmed vagina decreases vaginal odor, it’s easier to clean during your menstruation, decrease in the amount of dirt and bacteria trapped in hairs. But if you think you smell fine and or have found a balance to maintaining the smell and taking care of your hairs, cornrow your vag hair if you like, shit it’s your body. 

 4. Wear cotton underwear, the thinness allows your vagina to breath. For a happier vagina don’t even wear underwear. My gyno recommended going commando after your day is over and you’re relaxing at home so your vagina is free to live and explore the world. 

 5. Kegals. You gotta keep ya thing tight for bladder control and so ya partner can chase ya waterfalls during intercourse if you know what I mean *wink *wink 💦💦💦 

 6. For all my freak a leaks out there do not switch to vaginal inter course after anal (and if you do switch condoms). This increases your chance of a UTI due to the bacteria from your feces (yes bitch your feces) easily traveling to your vagina. Pee after sex and get all those toxins out of your life girl. 

 7. I can’t stress this enough go to your annual check ups and don’t lie to your doctors! They’re not there to judge, they’re there to make sure your ass is being a healthy hoe. That’s all I can think of for now babes. Feel free to add on. Bless up

(Some) College Majors and the Gods of Olympus

This is the product of me stressing out about college.

Biochemistry- Apollo
Archaeology- Muse Clio / Athena
Information Technology- Hermes
Computer Science- Athena
Political Science- Athena / Zeus
Chemistry- Athena / Apollo
Aerospace Engineering- Hephaestus
Structural Engineering- Hephaestus
Philosophy- Athena
Communications- Hermes
Criminal Justice- Dike
Statistics- Athena
Anthropology- Athena
Psychology- Dionysus
Premed- Apollo
History- Athena / Muse Clio
English- Apollo
Film- Dionysus
Creative Writing- Apollo / Athena
Astrophysics- Muse Urania / Athena
Physics- Athena / Hephaestus
Nursing- Apollo / Aphrodite
Marine Biology- Poseidon
Accounting- Hermes
Finance- Hermes
Art History- Athena / Muses
Music Performance- Apollo / Muses
Graphic Design- Apollo
Civil Engineering- Athena
Mechanical Engineering- Hephaestus
Economics- Hermes
Architecture- Hestia / Athena
Aviation- Zeus / Athena
Education- Athena
Horticulture- Demeter
Social Work- Aphrodite
Electrical Engineering- Zeus / Hephaestus
Actuarial Science- Hermes
Child Development- Hera
Family studies- Hera
Agriculture- Demeter
Fashion design- Aphrodite
Performing Arts- Apollo / Muses

Feel free to continue the list or correct me if I’m inaccurate

The Signs as Major Greek City-States
  • Sparta: Aries, Scorpio, Cancer
  • (Spartans are known for their great bravery and physical endurance. They are famous all over Greece for being mighty warriors. They have clear and well-defined goals, including a desire to fight and rule for what they believe in. They enjoy a rigorous lifestyle and are very cunning.)
  • Athens: Aquarius, Virgo
  • (Athenians enjoy "matters of the mind." They love the learning side of things, and believed in a good education. They contributed many scientific discoveries, and supported the concept of a democracy. Philosophers and scientists are abundant here, as knowledge flourishes in Athens.)
  • Troy: Capricorn, Sagittarius
  • (Trojans are adventurers, independent thinkers and pioneers. They created their empire at the meeting point of Europe, Africa, and Asia, and therefore are open to new ideas and different cultures. They don't always follow the crowd and are adventurous.)
  • Argos: Pisces, Libra
  • (Argos is known for its artists, musicians, and performers. People living in Argos enjoy being in the spotlight, in front of an audience. They are very creative and enjoy artistic challenges, such as painting, drawing, composing, or sculpting. Dramas and plays were also very popular, and was regularly performed in open-air theaters.)
  • Corinth: Leo, Gemini, Taurus
  • (The people of Corinth are trendsetters. The land of Corinth is right on the coast, which makes them number one as a trade and cultural center. Therefore, they recognize the latest cultural trends and styles. Corinthians are full of vivacity and like to have a good time. They're a fun bunch!)

“Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divine.”

themanfromnantucket  asked:

I just discovered that the logo for the Australian Veterinary Association is a centaur holding a caduceus. Considering the similar sentiments we had about centaur design, I thought this might be something you would want to know.


However, because you all may have thought (incorrectly) that I only know piles of useless animal facts, let me also impress you with my mountains of irrelevant Greek myth knowledge!

That stick with one snake is not actually a caduceus - the caduceus was a staff entwined with two snakes, and wings, and carried by Hermes, god of pretty much everything commerce, divine messages, thieves, general amorality, flocks of sheep, gymnasiums, etc. This monoserpented staff is actually the rod of Asclepius, the god of medicine. The two are pretty much always confused, and apparently medical historians get their jimmies all kinds of rustled over it.

As for the snake business (which is what you’re all really here for, let’s be honest) there’s actually a species of nonvenomous snake named after this cool dude - the Aesculapian snake. Not only was Asclepius’ staff bedecked with a single magical colubrid, his temples were also always full of free-roaming serpents introduced whenever a new one opened. Honestly, what’s not to like about it amirite