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Άμα είναι να το παρατήσεις στη μέση, μην το ξεκινάς καν!
—  TeensDoBetter

The most annoying part of binge watching a show on Netflix is “Previously on (insert whatever show you are currently binging)” Like seriously I’m only on season 7 I remember that they kissed in season 3 it was like 4 days ago.

..he found me and then love found us, in this club full of drunk people that you couldn’t even breath. But I was breathing! He was my oxygen.
—  Mine mounopana(:
🍾 greek girl new year’s resolutions! 🍾

Top 40 Sorority Sister Resolutions for 2106: I Resolve To………..

  • Text less talk more.
  • Get mushy and tell my sisters I love them.
  • Stop the gossip.
  • Laugh until I cry.
  • Live my sorority creed every day.
  • Think before I speak.
  • Throw a party on a Tuesday.
  • Dream big.
  • Be present.
  • Make a difference with my sorority philanthropy.
  • Stress less smile more.
  • Give support to my sisters.
  • Be a more lovable big/little.
  • Eat less junk food.
  • Prioritize my life. 
  • Encourage my sisters to pursue their dreams.
  • Reduce the negativity.
  • Start a sorority gratitude journal.
  • Love myself as I am.
  • Be the reason a PNM joins my sorority.
  • Step up to chapter leadership.
  • Make time for more crafting.
  • Live a simple, sincere life.  
  • Do more listening less interrupting. 
  • Get fit with my sisters.
  • Drink less coke more water. 
  • Forget past mistakes.
  • Sing and dance more often.
  • Give extra time and talent to my sorority.
  • Be a role model of what it means to be greek.
  • Make peace with a problem sister. 
  • Find a passion and dive in.
  • Set goals and make them happen.
  • Speak up.
  • Break my #1 bad habit.
  • Teach my sisters a new skill. 
  • Shop less save more.
  • Leave a legacy.
  • Stop using one social media, be more productive.
  • Treasure each moment with my sisters. 

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