greek iv


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i love death. i love the way it buzzes in my ear; the way it sends love letters to my ribs. i love the beckon, the chase. the destruction of frailty, a splice of honey-bone. death teases me with divine morbidity. and do i answer?
—  hades courts with nightshade; collected memoirs of persephone, i.g. 

Endless List of Favorite Characters (and Mythological Figures):

Greek Myths ~ Persephone // goddess of spring, queen of the underworld

“Do you really think I ate the fruit unwillingly?” 

Hellish Queen Persephone;

blooming flowers intertwined

with lush golden hair.

                                              Heavenly King Hades;

                                              sharp thorns sat atop

                                              a raven black head.

anonymous asked:

An ordinary human seducing the devil. Though, your newest image, reminds me of Hades and Persephone. Hades was lonely within his dark kingdom and wished to capture a piece of the world above. The one that stole his heart was a woman he found within a beautiful garden. Levi, is Erwin's Persephone. The man lives within a world of death and darkness. Levi is that only piece of light that he will ever touch, who willingly gave him his soul.

well damn this underworld au isn’t gonna write itself

they say
she damned herself
when she ate that fruit
they say
hades trapped her
in his dark kingdom
they say
she wanted desperately
to escape, to be free
they say
her mother demeter
pleaded for her to be released
they say
she wept for months,
wept and wept and wept
they don’t say
she bit into it with relish
juice dripping down her chin
they don’t say
she ruled the underworld
a dark goddess, a cruel queen
they don’t say
she hated to return to the surface
when her six months were up
they don’t say
she confronted her mother
and refused to leave
they don’t say
she was happier
in the underworld
—  tell me persephone’s version || sba

Antonia Thomas as Kore/Persephone and Richard Armitage as Aidon/Hades

The shoots hardened to the air. Their new skin would protect them -strengthen them. Hard branches drooped under the weight of larger leaves, testing and hurting them as they rose free of the cold earth. Rising at last over the gray flowers, they could now see each other for what they were.

Reciever of Many - Rachel Alexander