greek hunk

At a party on Balmera
  • Lance, to Shay: I have to tell you, I don't think I've ever seen Hunk so happy before.
  • Shay: Aww, I'm gla--
  • Lance: If you hurt him, I will kill you and make it look like an accident.
  • Shay:
  • Lance:
  • Shay:
  • Lance: Pfff...Hahaha! I'm just messing with you! Don't look so freaked out!
  • Shay: ...Oh, a joke.*relieved* Ha...
  • Lance: *calls and waves* Hey, Pidge!
  • Pidge: Hey, Shay! *finger guns* We're gonna kill you!
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From what Keith had observed, every demigod had mommy and daddy issues.

anonymous asked:

So your name just inspired me! I thought what if Hunk's parents were really into Greek gods and called Hunk Hercules. Lance meets him and calls him Hunkulese after the Disney movie and then it becomes Hunk because Hunkulese is great but a bit long

And Hunk was like brought up knowing all the Greek legends and myths and he’ll just drop random expression relating to Greek myths like when the Paladins are all tired after fighting or something and just lying on the sofas

Hunk: I feel like medusa just stared into my soul

Keith: what?

Hunk: …Cause I can’t move