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Beautiful Greek Island of Syros in Aegean sea.


Ancient Greek and Byzantine heritage of Crimea

1. Ruins of a fortified Ancient Greek farmhouse. (Heracleian Peninsula, Crimea)

2-3. Ruins of the Byzantine Church in Chersonesos (Sevastopol, Crimea)

4. Artificial caves under the Rock of Ay Todor are remnants of a small Greek monastery of the Byzantine times. (Çilter Qoba, Crimea)

5. Ruins of an Ancient Greek household. (Bel Avuz, Crimea)

6. Ruins of a tower built in the 2nd century B. C. by Mithridates VI Eupator, King of Pontus.(Qara Töbe, Crimea, Ukraine)

7. General View on Chersonesos (Sevastopol, Crimea)

8. Ruins of Cymmericum, an ancient fortress on the top of Mt Opuq, recall the times when the whole country was known to the Ancient Greeks as Cymmeria, the land of the mysterious barbarians at the very edge of then known world. (Mt Opuq, Crimea)

9. Ruins of the watchtower of an Ancient Greek household, one of the dozens scattered around the modern city of Sevastopol. Greek settlers fortified their coastal homesteads against the Scythians living on the neighboring plains. (Sevastopol, Crimea)

10. A rounded niche carved in solid rock was originally an ancient wine-press used by the locals some two thousand years ago. Subsequent climate changes have made it impossible to grow grapes in this barren landscape. (Cymmericum Ancient Settlement, Mt Opuq, Crimea)

by Oleksa Haiworonski

     “She adopted me. When I visited the island of Santorini, Greece, she was a stray dog and became attached to me, so I brought her back home with me. She didn’t understand English, so I had to learn Greek to talk to her. I named her Xenia because I wanted to keep her Greek heritage and because she was so friendly to me. Xenia is the Greek word for ‘hospitality to travelers.’”

Portland, OR


Greek Shepherds & their families from the region of Epirus Northwestern Greece.

Photos taken by the famous greek photographer Kostas Mpalafas (Pictured below, he was from Epirus himself and is one of the modern Epirotans who have fought through their work for Greek nation and has supported Independency of North Epirus) who died a few years ago. Mpalafas during WW2 was a partisan and he exchanged a gun he owned with a Canon camera from a dead german soldier. During WW2 he fought for Greece and the Greek Resistance and took photos of the atrocities and killings that took place in Epirus.Most of the photo sessions where very dangerous. After the end of war he travelled all around Greece in order to capture the majesty and diversity of the greek - hellenic people and their traditions. Even though his photos mostly from Epirus and also Karpathos island grew very famous he never got money from publishing the photos as he gave them to the publication company for free, because as he said he considered his photos part of the Greek history and culture and wants  Greek children and Greek people to know the truth about their  history,past and also about their legacy. He died at 92 after surviving a war, atrocities and hardships but also a beautiful lifetime with his big family. Kostas Mpalafas was known for his humbleness,creativity, courage and unending hope. 

More post-WWII pearlrose human AU domesticity for the soul

  • Rose doesn’t keep a watch on her but Pearl has a wristwatch (it’s a very nice but very basic black leather strap and silver casing and it may or may not be from the little boys’ wing at Macys and it may or may not still be kind of loose on her wrist) that she wears all the time, even to bed, and when Rose needs to know the time she just grabs Pearl’s arm and takes a look
  • Rose is working on a reputation as the neighborhood witch; her distribution of herbal remedies to the neighbors and her effortless way with plants and animals and, probably, her Vaguely Non-WASP (actually Greek) heritage and open-for-her-time polyamorous bisexuality already have people talking and when kids start ringing the doorbell and running (which is you know…genuinely a huge pain for Pearl since she’s the one home all day and can’t get up very quickly due to her Old War Injury) and she catches them once, she just narrows her eyes and points and mutters at them with the combined forces of actual bilingualism and total gibberish like she’s cursing all their descendents and they don’t have that problem again. Pearl is like “Nobody really believes you’re a witch, you’re way too beautiful–although I guess in the The Wizard of Oz only bad witches are ugly” and Rose winks at her and does that little grin she does and says “Powerful witches can look any way they want”
  • When they first moved in together the bathroom mirror was so small/Pearl is so tiny/Rose is so tall that there was no way they could both see their faces at the same time, the first time they tried to use it they just stood there surveying the reflection of Rose’s chin and shoulders and Pearl’s eyes peeking over the bottom of the frame in silence and Pearl just flatly went “Well. That’s a problem” and they both burst into giggles
  • Rose’s extended family is really big and close and they’re all tall sturdy people with piles of curls and loud laughs like her…they take a bit to warm up to Pearl (mostly because they don’t understand why she seems so flustered by their constant attempts to feed her) but by the end of the first year they’ve adopted this tiny nervous wisp into the clan and she’s also fixed all of their cars. They call her Rose’s housemate but they all know, it’s just, the fifties. They’re being as cool about it as they’re socially permitted to be basically
  • Pearl has the whole apartment meticulously organized and Rose really does try to stick with the system but. She is a scatterbrained darling. And as much as Pearl insists that her places for everything are completely intuitive and easy to remember, what’s easy for Pearl’s brain is not necessarily easy for Rose’s. Pearl never truly gets mad about it but you can sometimes find her despairing about things being in the Wrong Place again…the trouble seems to be that Rose’s intuitive putting away mostly centers on practicality (put kitchen towels closer to the kitchen) whereas Pearl likes everything to be separated into categories (put all the towels, bath and kitchen, together on the towel shelf in the linen closet it’s very clearly labeled, Rose)
  • Rose is a positive gossip. As in, she loves to talk about people behind their backs (even people she probably shouldn’t, like her co-workers and patients) but she just says good things because that’s what she notices; she’ll go on and on to Pearl about how she saw so-and-so from around town getting a little kid a new ice cream when they dropped theirs or following a bird around just to see where it went and she says it all conspiratorially as if it’s some kind of juicy scandal like Pearl get a load of this and Pearl can’t stop laughing it’s the purest thing she’s ever seen
  • Pearl doesn’t sleep well most nights (traumatic background + brain that won’t quit) and even though Rose comes home exhausted from her job at the hospital and is usually out like a light once she’s out, she’s also very attuned to the feel of Pearl beside her and her breathing and the sounds she makes and after a certain point she’s there almost every time she has a nightmare or a sleep-paralysis type episode or even just wakes up suddenly, to cuddle her and stroke her hair until she calms down. Sometimes Rose is so tired that she falls asleep mid-fuss while Pearl is still wide awake and it’s c u t e
  • Speaking of Rose fussing I’m envisioning that there’s one year it’s bitter cold for the holidays and Pearl gets home at like eight at night, in a snowstorm, already coming down with a cold, because she was at the garden shop waiting in line to get Rose one of those fancy rare orchids that the orchid societies sell in super limited numbers, and now she has to keep this plant alive til Christmas or whatever without ruining the surprise while her nurse girlfriend hovers over her because she’s sick…it’s a project that takes every ounce of Pearl’s determination and strategic brilliance and also at one point finds her panicking on the bathroom floor clutching a browning potted plant that’s been hidden in a cupboard with a gro-light and a space heater, begging “Just hang on for a few more days, just a few more days and then Rose will take over and we will both finally know peace of mind”
  • Rose sleeps with her hair in braids and her bangs in curlers and then gets up and spends like forty minutes putting in perfect sausage curls and doing a full face of makeup…Pearl of course swoons over both looks, and sometimes if they’re going somewhere together and Rose is getting ready she just lays on the bed with her chin in her hands and watches with stars in her eyes while Rose primps and arranges her floof and strikes poses in the mirror
  • Of course now and then (especially if they’re going out to the barn to work on her plane) she’s like “You’re already pretty! Hurry!” while Rose’s voice floats out of the back room twittering something about how she hasn’t got her face on yet
  • They kind of moved in together and -then- started thinking of themselves as a couple so like…I’m imagining early on they had like. A Roommate Logistics Discussion that somehow turned into a steamy makeout session that they got totally lost in for like ten minutes and at some point they let go of each other and Pearl slid off Rose’s lap all flushed and tousled and they just looked at each other and she had no idea what to do so she just reached up and pulled a dime out of Rose’s ear
  • In the ensuing near-half-century together, Rose never once lets her live this down, and sometimes whispers “Shazam!” after a particularly disarming kiss

Tarpon Springs, Florida.    Founded by Greek Sponge Divers in the early 1900′s, still a Greek Village of divers, fishermen, and boat builders.  Once the top producing area for natural sponges in the US.   They only place in Florida where the language on the streets by the residents is Greek.  The absolute best place to eat Greek food, many restaurants.


Athanasios, a mischievous, 21 year old Greek American, lives and works with his grandfather, a Greek immigrant, in the family shoe repair store. Athanasios takes his Greek heritage for granted, and more importantly, the significance of his name and what it means. It is through the telling of his grandfather’s survival of the Kalavryta Massacre of 1943 that Athanasios finally realizes and appreciates his heritage.

Tó Sendoni or ‘The Sheet’

By Melissa-Kelly Franklin (2005)

The bed,




flickers in the candle-light –

untouched, in a chaste

          convent cell

of esoteric desire as

rustling silks and lilting whispers

approach the door




Gold bands locked between



with effulgent eyes

they reach the door.

In a sigh of



         ribbons and


he sweeps her

over their motel thresh-hold

and into the Olive-tree bed

of one Ulysses and his Bride.

As dawn


its way through

the cracks of the blinds,

Penelope and Odysseus


To Homer’s pages,




and sighing lovers

in their wake.

…sheets… sheets…

         “Christos ke Panayia!”

         The Sheets!

Flesh teeters on a nail-scissor edge,





A tiny smear

         of blood

is the only requirement

to stop a Mother-In-Law’s

clacking tongue.  The consummation of the vows,


         and precious,


by a gossiping network

of local-call charge ignominy

         and 20 cent indignity.

Her cousins explained,


that the


doesn’t happen

for everyone.



         and sly grins

whisper secret schemes to

         fake, then dupe

His Mother.

But nothing will stop


         indecorous tradition’s

matriarchal right to


the Virgin Sheet.

Quaint Tradition?

Such acts would hardly stand with


         almonds and

         and ta krevatia

as a memory of our cultural pride.

More than a blush

would flush the cheeks of that


Who must share his

         Wedding Bed

with an encumbering


Three’s a Crowd.

Published in the Random House anthology, ‘Poems by Young Australians’

rami malek’s tinder profile:

hi! my name is rami, i’m 34. i’m an aspiring actor of egyptian and greek heritage and i love to play a variety of roles, which may even include being your boyfriend ;) you may have noticed from my pictures that i have a twin brother. you are not allowed to date us both, he and i adhere to a strict honor system after the first few times that backfired on us. sorry.

i’m looking for someone i find sexy from sun up to sun down. be it showering, cooking, laughing or sleeping. someone who is passionate and enjoys a stiff drink. let’s meet up at a jazz bar and debate politics, and i’ll tell you all about how i would be one of those musicians if i could play an instrument. then we can go back to my apartment for some netflix and chill. or ‘chill’ as the case may be ;) that is the cool lingo these days, right? (but really maybe not netflix and chill. nothing i act in is on netflix haha)