greek hall

After being inspired by Greek mythology Fred and George once placed a golden apple with the note “for the fairest” on a pedestal in the middle of the great hall. The apple almost caused an all out war among the female population of the school until it mysteriously disappeared one night.

“It is well nigh incomprehensible how the modern world can recognize the inherent genius of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and Euclid and yet reject in toto the religious and philosophical systems of which they were the product. We are admonished to judge a tree by its fruits, but what has the modern world produced in the way of thinkers worthy of comparison with these graduates of the Athenian school. These men believed in metaphysics , they believed in the gods, or at least in the reality of invisible beings, they believed in magic and they discoursed upon the constitution and condition of the human soul. Their philosophical and ethical codes were derived from those of the Egyptians, and they have done honor to their teachers through the long ages of earth’s experience. Strange as it may seem, with every so-called new discovery of modern science, our horizon is narrowing. The universe of spirit and the sphere of mind-these have disappeared, and with them also have vanished the orders of the heavenly Hierarchies. To us nothing remains assured that the physical world which, scarab-like, the modern scientist is trying to roll backwards through space with his hind legs, after having deposited the eggs of his faith therein.”

-Manly P. Hall

Modern Gods:


The eldest of the six children of Cronus and Rhea, Hades drew the smallest reed out of his brothers leaving him the reigning Lord of the Underworld. Hades due to western concept of the devil is viewed as vindictive, spiteful, and evil. When as a matter of fact he was very just, and even had the best interest of the dead in his mind. His roman name is Pluto and in his roman form he took on the role of god of wealth as well as Lord of the dead. It is also to be noted he is not the god of death only the ruler of the Underworld where the dead reside.

(FC - Ricki Hall)


The Greek Hall of Fame: Apollo’s kids. Of course after the mortal Apollo, I had to draw his boys. I’ve been waiting too long to draw my beloved Will, but after reading Trials of Apollo, Austin was just so lovely? :((( Can we discuss the fact that Apollo conceived a child with a guy? HAHAHHA And that he loves his kids so much he kisses them and calls them beautiful (because they are)? Apollo kids should be protected at all cost. They are so precious. <3

I’m so excited to do this since I am doing The Greek Hall of Fame so most of the characters would be having a revamped look! It’s not like I am obsessed with these four demigods or anything but three times the charm, eh? (Nico and Leo are the best just letting that out) I personally am very contended with the 2016 ones as I think I have found a style I am comfortable with. :D