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“Why didn’t she just…”

She could have dipped him twice.
Or let go for a second, making sure
that the Styx covered the baby’s swift
foot, or ladled a little of the water
over his heel. But she didn’t. Thetis,
in her divine wisdom, knew that there must
be something to fight for; if the battle
is won before it starts, why have it?
And so she sent Achilles out into the world
that could harm him, perhaps by accident.
A snake, coming up behind him, biting that heel,
saving the Greeks the grief of plague. Tetanus,
maybe. A thousand chances for poison to enter
him by chance. So she knew. She didn’t see
Apollo’s hand guiding the Trojan prince’s
to aim unerring at the spot where she’d held
her child’s heel. But she saw that immortality
must, if it is worth anything, be won daily.

death is designed to be messy,
but not his.
blood pours sweet as honey,
from its painful wound,
skin once full of life,
dusted in kisses from sunlight,
has been bleached with death,
like wood from the sea,
wrinkles carved into his skin by smiles,
now make him look older, exhausted,
he would make you smile by breathing,
by giving you glances of awe,
out of eyes now emotionless,
like a sculpture - hollow, souless.
yet one who was so precious, so beautiful,
so honoured in life,
remains ethereal in death.
all that is messy,
is your ugly grief.
—  hurry, he is waiting for you.
First day of Spring

Hades: Well, thanks for nothing, jerk. 

Zeus: What? Are you still angry about the whole Persephone thing? Hey, you’ve got six whole months without your wife! I would KILL to be in that situation! 

Hades: We’re not all MAN SLUTS, brother. 

Zeus: Pfft, whatever, like I said, I gave you guys a cutemeet. 


Zeus: Gesundheit

To the girl with flowers in her hair, from her husband

I don’t know how to say this

You always were better with words

It’s mid December though and these are the most lonely of days and I have never hated my brother and your mother more than I do now

Husbands and wives never should be kept apart

I suppose I ought to just come out with it than shouldn’t I?

You see, my sweet girl, I think sometimes that I have ruined something deep down, buried in the core of your being

I think sometimes that you were too young, too hungry, too eager to be eaten alive

I think sometimes that I’ve taken something that can never be replaced

I think sometimes that you’ve grown up before my eyes and my dear, my darling, my sweet queen, I think sometimes that you are magnificent

See, some nights I whisper “holy, holy, holy” into your shoulder blades 

 And you, you bite my wrists in return and say “teach me about sin, husband" 

But you, my love, my stolen bride, my runaway girl, you are mercy in this cold place.

 You think that you have evil at the core of you and your mother thinks that you have good and Persephone, sweet girl, I think that you have both

But I am cold like this place and you bring warmth and light and the dead look as if they have blood in their veins when you pass by.

 I think sometimes that I’ve ruined you 

 Sometimes when you smile you look empty, sometimes you terrify me, sometimes you laugh and snap your fingers and plot revenge against anyone who would dare cross us

 Sometimes I have to remind myself that you may look like a girl but you are of the same blood as me 

Sometimes I have to remember who your father is 

 Sometimes I think that we’ve ruined each other and that we will only ever leave destruction behind us 

 Sometimes you kiss me and smile and tell me "come away husband, come away and steal me again" 

 Sometimes I think I’ve ruined you 

 Always I take your hand and follow

Always you place your head on my knee and tell me that all I’ve done was allow you to grow 

 Always I believe you


1. Do not love like an apology.
Love with a passion that opens fissures under your feet. If it does not make your skin thrum and your blood sing, then shove Cupid’s quiver through your heart. Love wholly, or not at all.

2. Do not live in possibilities.
Leave the ‘maybe’s, the 'perhaps’, the 'what-if’s to themselves. Glory does not come to those who mope around about their fate. It was to happen, it has happened. Look ahead, not behind.

3. Live like a goddess.
Make your presence felt. Make your absence sting. Drink in the love you get and let it course through your veins. Make a home wherever you go, a famine whenever you leave. Be grand, be epic.

4. Rule the title you wear.
You are a queen, be a queen. Those around you should be reassured by your presence; be a mother, a matron, a friend, a guide; use your staff to comfort and to punish. Above all, be worthy of your pedestal.

5. Take your destiny by its throat.
Rip into it and never regret being fierce. Don’t run from what comes your way; charge towards it. Wrestle with it, break it, bend it. And remember, when life gives you pomegranates, you eat them.

—  Five Things Persephone Taught Me || A. B.

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okay but just imaginE.. college halloween au where they both go to lydias sororitys halloween party but jackson, rich frat boy thats only here bc hes supposed to be here, is brooding in the corner and stiles, lame computer kid who technically wasnt invited, drags him to play beer pong and stiles is completely horrible but jackson is actually having a little bit too much fun and they steal a bottle of vodka and go back to stiles' dorm where they watch scary movies and eat candy and kiss a little

writing this one a little bit early since today’s halloween and i don’t wanna be late to the party lmfao ALSO this made me think of greek immediately so this is a semi-greek au in which jackson’s cappie and stiles is rusty BYE

The parties were fun freshman year, but after two years of nothing but, Jackson’s gotten pretty sick of it. He could never admit it aloud, being a member of the party fraternity on campus, a choice he finds himself regretting more often than not these days.

But he still loyally shows up at every party, because that’s what Kappa Taus do. Tonight it’s ZBZ’s halloween party (Lydia had made the rounds to all the houses and threatened their physical wellbeing if they chose the Gamma Psi party instead), but Jackson refused to dress up. The way he sees it, he’s here, and that’s more than enough.

He’s standing in a corner, scrolling through Twitter in silent protest, when someone calls his name.

He looks up and sees one of the KT pledges, wearing a Batman T-shirt but otherwise costume-less. 

“Hey, Stiles, right?” Jackson asks, and when he nods, adds “Pledges aren’t supposed to be here, you know.”

Stiles waves a hand. “Ah, details. Besides, I’m having more fun than you are. Why come if you’re just gonna sit here playing Candy Crush?”

“I wasn’t…whatever,” Jackson says with a huff. “I’m just keeping up appearances.”

“Well, if you want to keep them up well, it’d probably help if you looked like you were having at least a little fun,” Stiles says matter-of-factly. “Come on, let’s play beer pong.”

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Chinese Zodiac
  • Rat: Born clever, luck be a part of your name. Firstborn, without stature to lend grandeur to your accomplishments, you found ways to capture the attention of those you admired.
  • Ox: Some things always came easy to you, but that never meat you didn’t toil for the things that didn’t. You walked soon after being born, after all.
  • Tiger: Fire in your stomach and claws from your tongue, your zeal for life scorch those around you. Two tigers in a room is lethal.
  • Rabbit: Nostalgia might be strong, but the future is stronger.
  • Dragon: Change comes quickly like the water and washes away old friends. Don’t let go of them, even if you think you’ve outgrown them, a slight from a friend can hurt for a long time.
  • Snake: Don’t let your sarcasm and your own cleverness get in the way of your feelings. You do miss the people you love, after all, and they feel the same.
  • Horse: They told you you wouldn’t get along with Rats and Oxen, you have proven them wrong with your charisma and desire to connect with everyone.
  • Ram: You do your best to live in the present, but still remember the new year’s cookies from twelve years ago.
  • Monkey: That time when your diary was full of drama separate from your life but for some reason you were still a nice person and didn’t let it contaminate your personality.
  • Rooster: Refusing to make those paper hats and hand turkeys isn’t exactly a legitimate cause to rebel against, but you did it anyway. You know what you like, after all, but don’t belittle those who enjoy different things than you.
  • Dog: The beginning of a passion started here, not romantic but something that has stayed with you and will stay with you for the rest of your life. Sometimes you’ll forget it, but it will always be there.
  • Pig: You have probably forgotten something that was probably really important. You might be afraid, but be open to learning something new...

Characters + Greek Mythology: Give me a character, and I’ll relate a greek mythological figure to them
Riza Hawkeye→Metis : the Titaness of good counsel, advice, planning, cunning, craftiness, and wisdom. The first wife of Zeus, who helped him overthrow his father, the Titan Cronus. Mother of Athena, goddess of Wisdom
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