greek goddess dress


Most Memorable Dresses: Lauren Hutton’s rainbow plunging Greek-goddess style Halston dress, worn at the 47th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California 1975.

My parents are Christians, so I made this discreet mini-altar to Aphrodite on my dressing table and they don’t even notice it! I got the rose candle and rose quartz today 💕🌹🐚✨ The jar in the right side is going to be an Aphrodite jar, I just need to get some stuff first, but I’ve decorated the lid already!

Doutzen Kroes with culpture in “Modern Goddess” for Vogue Turkey, March 2014. Photograph by Cuneyt Akeroglu.

Like an authentic Greek goddess, the Dutch model dresses in diaphanous dresses with a great simplicity in the cut and sandals. The Hellenic look concludes with an upsweep inspired in the classical Greece period, although wearing a braid around the head became fashionable during the 30s and the 40s.