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I want to see Greek gods in the modern era.

I want to see Zeus in a tailored suit and shaggy beard, a walking disparity of the loud, brash, post-graduate frat boy variety who can’t pass a woman on the street without catcalls, who has more one-night stands than he could possibly keep in his head, for whom adultery comes as naturally as the weather he predicts on the Channel 4 News—with startlingly accuracy, and an endless wealth of charisma.

I want to see Hera walking tall, six-inch heels and not a wrinkle in her skirt, knowing her boyfriend is cheating, and knowing with equal certainty that she is better, stronger, fiercer than he will ever be, a wedding planner with an eye of steel, spotting vulnerability, slicing it open, teaching every woman who crosses her path to value themselves over any mistake made in the name of men and love.

I want to see Poseidon in Olympic prime, a gym rat who skives off class to shatter backstroke records, who spends his summers lifeguarding at the city pool, who keeps an ever-expanding aquarium in his bedroom and coaxes all the pretty girls up to visit his fish, his charm as impressive as the earth-rending temper he generally uses to fuel his competitive nature.

I want to see Hades, big, hulking, quieter than his brothers would ever think to be, who dresses in neat dark clothes, and polishes his boots, and spends more time reading than fighting, who debates eventuality and ethics, who stoically reminds everyone how enormous, how terrifying, how inescapable a thing like silent inevitability can be.

I want to see Hermes in a beanie, with watercolor splashes of tattoo crawling up his arms and holes in his Chucks, a bike messenger with no helmet, no regard for the rules of the road, all cataclysmic laughter, lock-pick tricks passed along to every kid who thinks to ask, thumbing through his iPhone without a care in the world.

I want to see Athena with reading glasses pushed high on her head, six books in her bag and a switchblade in her back pocket, her clothing as neatly ordered as her mind is feverish, brilliance and temper clashing and blending, doing her best to look dignified—even when her brain chemistry rockets ahead of her well-intentioned plans.

I want to see Apollo splattered with acrylics, board shorts and Monster headphones and a beautiful classic car, busking on street corners, not because he has no choice, but because the sunlight catching on a sticker-patterned acoustic is summer incarnate, because music is blood, because the act of creation is the ultimate in sublime.

I want to see Artemis in ripped jeans and haphazard topknot, star of the soccer team, the track team, the archery team, who rides a motorcycle, and keeps a tribe of girls around her at all times, and does not care for men, for expectation, for anything but volunteer hours down at the local animal shelter and falling asleep under the stars.

I want to see Aphrodite in sundress and scarf, homemade jewelry and lavish amounts of bright red lipstick, who is excellent at public speaking, at theater auditions, at soothing bruised egos and sparking epic fights, who kisses as easily as she breathes and scrawls poetry onto bathroom stalls.

I want to see Ares all but living in the boxing ring, cutoff shirts and sweats, red-faced under a crew cut as he punches, punches, punches until the noise in his head dims, a warrior with no war, all crude jokes and blind fury, totally incapable of understanding what it is to sit, think, plan before running screaming into the fray.

I want to see Demeter with the best garden you’ve seen in your life, with a lawn care business she runs out of her garage, a teenage prodigy grown into a joint-custody single mother, who teaches her carefree daughter all she knows while scaring off the hopeful neighborhood boys with the pet python draped across her shoulders.

I want to see Dionysus with a joint in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, baggy hoodies and three-week-old jeans, who brews his own beer in his basement and greets all visitors with a fresh pack of Oreos and half-stoned theories of the universe, of birth and death and partying mid-week, because why not, man?

I want to see Hephaestus with a workshop taking up the majority of his house, whose kitchen is overrun with blowtorches, whose bathrooms are home to all manner of hodge-podge invention, who walks with a cane and forgets his laundry for weeks at a time, and strings together the most beautiful steampunk costumes at any convention at the drop of a hat.

I want to see wood nymphs fighting against climate change, waving their signs and pushing for scientific progress. I want to see epic heroes sitting down to Magic: The Gathering tournaments, poker brawls, Call of Duty all-nighters with beer and snapbacks. I want to see Medusa working a women’s shelter, want to see Achilles training for deployment, want to see Prometheus serving endless community service stints for what he calls providing necessary welfare with stolen goods.

Give me modern mythology. I could play for hours in that sandbox.

“average ancient greek general founded 3 cities named after himself” factoid actualy just statistical error. the median greek general founded 0 cities named after himself. Alexander the Great, who conquered the Achaemenid Persian Empire and founded over 10,000 Alexandrias in his lifetime, was a statistical outlier adn should not have been counted

About Greek forms of love: Please take note

{About eros and agape mostly, and how they are misrepresented, so *please* don’t scroll past this, I keep seeing posts about things that have nothing to do with what they mean even so many months later!}

OK, Yuri On Ice has a permanent place in my heart and they have done really well in their effort to portray different cultures, countries and their citizens respectfully and accurately. Also the fandom is sweet and respectful and you all do your best to portray unfamiliar concepts well, but for the most part these concepts get misrepresented. So I ’m finally writing this post to explain them properly. So for all of you sweet people who have taken a liking to these concepts and/or like to write fics/meta/edits including them, please take note of the following. I will try to explain as much as I can.

Eros: it’s not physical attraction or sexual love. And it certainly isn’t sex appeal. It’s a passionate emotion that may or may not include sexual attraction, it’s first and foremost romantic love. You may be young and not sexually active or be in the asexual spectrum and still be in love. Basically anywhere you ‘d use “x is in love” that’s where you ‘ll use eros.  In love = feels eros. In short, eros is passionate romantic love. You can follow this up with adding the precise feelings and types of attraction x person feels (romantic, sensual, sexual, aesthetic attraction). The word erotic originates from eros and it often means something sexual, but that’s a part of eros not the definition. In modern Greek we say x is erotevmeni/os (f/m) which means x is in love, we don’t say x feels eros (sexual feelings/attraction).

That “show me your eros” line? Completely nonsensical and really irritating. It makes eros sound like it means sex appeal or sexuality when it means the feeling of being passionately and irrevocably in love!!

I ‘ll quote myself from another post: Someone who feels eros for another person doesn’t necessarily love them in an unconditional way, they just have strong feelings (see above) about them. How they act in a relationship largely depends on the nature of the person in question (if they are egoistical, possessive or thoughtful and respectful).

And this is where you can find one of the differences from agape. Because

Agape: In it’s first and foremost definition it’s unconditional love. Yes, in Greek it’s also used as simply love, like it does in English, (but not always, you wouldn’t say I love this post it’s meant for people/animals or things you feel really strongly about “I love my job”. You‘d use “really like”.) So while it can be used as simply love, it’s true meaning is unconditional love, and it comes in every form, between friends/lovers/parents & children/family menbers/anyone. The best example in the show is both Yuuri and Viktor being willing to give up their skating careers for the other to be happy. But the issue that bothers me the most is the godlike agape I keep seeing. There’s nothing about agape that relates to the christian god whatsoever. You can use it if your god means a lot to you to describe your love for him or the love you believe he feels for you as well. But that is one use out of many and it has nothing to to do with the true meaning of the word which by the way originated in the ancient times. And personally it irks me to no end to see a word that means unconditional love be used for a god whose whole legacy is allowing his believers (and everyone else) to get hurt, tortured, killed and what else, oftentimes in his name. But that’s a rant for another time. In short, agape means unconditional love or simply love, and can be used to describe any type of feelings (platonic, romantic, parental etc.)

Also, when a person feels eros combined with agape, it is true unconditional romantic love. It’s the type of love we see in great love stories, where the characters are so in love and care for the one they love so much that they are willing to sacrifice themselves or things important to them in order for their loved one to be happy.

Moving on to other forms of love I ‘ve seen explored.

Philia: love between friends, friendship.

Storgi: it’s not family love or parental love. It’s one way agape manifests, it is tenderness/fondness/affection. It comes in every form of love stated above. If I am feeling storgi about you I am feeling warm and fuzzy affection about you and if I am going to show you that, it will be with tender gestures, like a caress, a hug, a homemade meal, with my being a good listener when you need me to. I ‘ll show you by taking care of you. It is mostly used when talking about gestures rather than feelings.

Philautia: Narcissistic, egoistic, extreme self adoration, a word that is never ever used in Modern Greek and most Greeks will give you a puzzled look if you use it and will have to open a dictionary to remember it. The main reason it’s worth a mention is because everyone in the fandom upon hearing the definition instantly recognizes: JJ.

So, that’s all I can think of right now, I wasn’t planning to write a post like that, (and it’s unpolished and imperfect, having written it fairly quickly) but I have seen too many posts misrepresenting these concepts for me to stomach it any longer. On that subject, I ‘ll say once again that everyone who has tried to tackle these concepts has been respectful and done their best to portray them accurately even if sometimes they didn’t manage to do so. I am more sour about the show to be honest, they should have done better research. Even so, the end result was so great and YOI means so much to me personally that in the end, it’s fine :).

If anyone needs help with understanding and using these concepts, or for anything Greek related feel free to message me, I ‘ll do my best to help you out :)


Some just fun drawings of Apollo. He looks different in all of these lmao so just combine them all and you’ll get my nerd.

give me a modern-day Hephaestus

rejected by his parents and cast out of his home,
merely because he was disabled,
another casualty in the eternal war between Zeus and Hera.

give me the Hephaestus who builds his own wheelchair at the age of 7,
who starts building rough prosthetics by the time he’s 12.
give me a Hephaestus who assembles old laptops from scrap parts just as a calming mechanism,
then sells them so he can buy more scrap parts.
a Hephaestus who builds robots as assistants and companions, programming them with his own form of AI so they can think and learn
(and he spends hours every night oiling their joints and polishing them and talking to them because he knows what it’s like to be rejected by your creator).
a Hephaestus who owns a tiny store that is part junkyard/part auto garage/part computer assistance/part sculpture garden,
whose solace is found underneath the hood of Helios’ Corvette convertible (outfitted to be solar-powered, of course),
covered in oil and holding a crescent wrench between his teeth,
and every time Hera comes in to get her laptop repaired he installs a few new viruses
(half to upset her and half so she will have to come back again next month)
clenching his jaw the entire time because he cannot decide between forgiveness and righteous vengeance.
give me the Hephaestus sweating in his basement making a wire sculpture of his Aphrodite,
only to unravel it again once it’s done,
because he knows she doesn’t want him
and yet he loves her with his entire being.

My Hephaestus, with flaws in his code,
who covers every mirror in his apartment,
who burns equally for revenge and for acceptance,
who forgets to talk for days on end,
who screams in his car most nights,
whose twofold desire is to create and recreate,
who sometimes cannot remember the feeling of human contact and brushes his fingers over his own rough skin, pretending it is enough.

a Hephaestus with bones of iron and a volcano for a heart.

  • When you don't know anything about linguistics: The plural of "memorandum" is "memoranda", why can't people get it right
  • When you know a little about linguistics: The plural of "memorandum" should just be "memorandums" because that's how people naturally say it, "memoranda" is just prescriptivism
  • When you know a lot about linguistics: Oh my god? So certain English words borrowed from Latin and Greek have competing plural forms, with one form using the English plural -s and the other using a borrowed Latin or Greek form? Do you realize how crazy that is - a language borrowing *inflectional morphology* from another language? And here the two competing plural forms have become markers of education, expertise, and social class, isn't that incredible?

anonymous asked:

Ok though, who would win Percy or Jason? Or at least who do you think would win, like if they HAD to fight for some reason. Weapons are included, so is Big Three powers. Begin!

I went off topic because I as a good mother have to support both my sons, but boy oh boy, do I have a lot to say about the caliber of Big Three kids and how that effects Percy and Jason’s relationship.

So in PJO, there’s this vibe about how the Big Three kids are powerful, right? Thalia is fierce and mighty, we watch Percy’s powers develop into something that could devastate half the country, we see Nico summon energy so intense it stops the Titan Lord in his tracks, and we even get to see Bianca take down a skeleton warrior that’s supposed to be impossible to kill just because of who she is. There’s a huge emphasis placed on them because of the prophecy as well, and it’s handled so well in PJO (fun fact: all three of lead a different army during the titan war). There’s this raw power that hangs about each of them, and I really believe that their physical bodies and their reflexes, instincts, abilities, etc, are actually enhanced above an average demigod’s.

We know demigods are above the normal human level, and if you think about it Big Three kids are more closely related to the gods (they’re in the same generation as Athena, Ares, Hermes, etc., while as other demigods are a generation below), so it makes sense that they would be that much more enhanced. I’ve always felt like they looked alike, sharper, more godlike features. I think they all have similar body types and need to eat more frequently than average, because their bodies use up more energy more quickly. And there’s these random tidbits thrown in there about how Percy has heat sensitive vision (TLO, Poseidon’s palace), superhuman physical strength (BOTL, battle with Antaeus), and even a level of superhuman speed (MOA, Kansas fight). And, of course, that 100 yard jump that Percy somehow does, and the fact that he consistently is able to make nine/ten foot jumps. I really think that’s a Big Three trademark. If you think about it, it has to be: we know Percy is able to withstand superhuman levels of water pressure and low temperatures, so his physical body has to be designed differently. I’d assume Zeus’ children can withstand superhuman levels of altitude and air pressure and extreme temperatures, and Hades’ children can withstand the pressure of the earth and high temperatures. Their bodies are more durable, and their reflexes are probably enhanced, and their instincts need to be sharper in order to hone their powers.

MY POINT: Big Three kids are badass, and when they’re really fighting, the only, the only, demigods who stand a chance against them are other Big Three kids.

This is sort of stripped away in HOO. There’s no emphasis at all placed on Big Three kids. It’s not even discussed how like “Wow Zeus broke the oath twice and there’s absolutely no reason the Great Prophecy couldn’t have been about Jason.” Jason can fly and Hazel can do underground stuff, which is cool, but I felt like it was dummed down. To some extent, I headcanon that this is because Percy, Thalia, Nico and Bianca were born from their father’s original and therefore most concentrated forms (even in boo when the gods finally get over the split the greek form is the one that wins out, because it’s the original and therefore more powerful.)

But I’m also of the opinion that Hazel and Jason have less raw power than Greek Big Three demigods because Rick was worried about overshadowing everyone else. (which they would have, imagine if jason and hazel were on par with nico and thalia…. they definitely would have stolen the show. but it’s also bad to just make them lamer so other demigods can shine. here’s a wild idea: don’t make them big three. problem solved. but alas.)

Funnily enough, Percy is getting more powerful. and by funny i mean why, since he really didn’t need any more. UNLESS we run with the concept that Big Three kids get much more powerful as they get older, which is super fucking cool. Consider the way Dionysus, a son of Zeus, became a god just by sheer force of will? Like, not that I think all Big Three kids will do this, but if they really wanted to, they could. I think that’s why Zeus is so willing to offer godhood to Percy—easier to monitor someone with that kind of power if they’re bound to the same laws/regulations as gods are. In many ways, mortals have a lot more freedom than gods. Hazel compares Percy’s aura to a god (he hasn’t showered, slept, or eaten in days at this point and he’s wearing dirty torn clothes too so i can only imagine what he looks like when he’s prepped for battle).

And there’s all these references to how the grass starts shriveling at Nico’s feet when he doesn’t want to do something, Thalia shocking people when she’s pissed, Jason throwing sparks when he gets emotional, Hazel’s curse, Percy destroying the plumbing. So. When the Big Three kids fight? The forces of nature respond.

We joke a lot about how Annabeth can beat Percy up and whatever it’s cute and funny, but honestly? Think of the level of power that Percy is holding back. Think of those few references where he says he doesn’t want to stop (ahklys, the stables in botl). Imagine the level of self control it takes to reign in power like that.

I can basically guarantee you that every Big Three kid feels that way. It must be really hard to fight without using your powers, which feel like such second nature to you that they happen without your conscious direction, like an extension of your body, in tune with your emotions. Think of trying to spar with a non-Big-Three demigod, and having to regulate your powers.


You don’t have to hold back, because they can take it. Their body is designed the same way yours is. Their reflexes, strength, speed, durability is all on par with yours. You can let loose.

Think of how good that must feel.

Percy and Thalia start to do this in ttc, but are interrupted by the Oracle. But man, Percy never would’ve threatened anyone but Thalia with the whole lake. But Thalia? Thalia can take it. It’s why their relationship was so good., because it operates this way on an emotional level, as well. They see the worst of each other, because they can take the worst of each other. I feel the same way about Percy and Nico– they gravitate towards each other, because Percy gets what it feels like to have that much power contained in your body.

All of this to say, that I’m sure Percy and Jason’s relationship functions the same way. They use each other as mutual punching bags, because they can. Because they’re equal in virtually every arena, because they can let loose without having to worry about going to far and pushing too hard. When they fight, the forces of nature respond. And it’s probably a sight to see.


AN - Narration in Bold Italics

“Aella, there’s two more!” Alala hissed, pointing to the two ordinary looking men. As soon as you stepped close they shifted, beastlike teeth and eyes matched the slowly changing grotesque faces.

“On it!” You yelled, flipping between the two of the men, spinning and knocking them to the same place as Alala screamed, sending them flying backwards.

Before they could get up someone dropped down on the snarling, two sharp snaps making you both flinch away from the movement.

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