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Mediterranean Mermaid Lovers 🌊 ❤ 🌊
عاش من شافك (”Meeting you revived me” - used to express longing and affection to loved ones after a long time of not seeing them)

*deep intake of breath*

This took me a month to complete. (┛`д´)┛ For some reason I decided I would base the design of each mermaid off of real Mediterranean species as much as possible…. even though I did bend that rule quite a few times. (`∇´)

Greek Mermaid

Body: Exocoetus volitans (Blue Flying Fish)
Headband: Black pearls

Moroccan Mermaid

Body: Sparisoma cretense (Mediterranean Parrotfish)
Hijab: Caulerpa taxifolia (a type of seaweed–which I made red instead of green)
Hair ornaments: Echinaster sepositus (Red Sea Star/Starfish) and white pearls
Bodice: Paramuricea clavata (Violescent Sea-Whip, a type of coral)
Bra: Paracentrotus lividus (Purple Sea Urchin (but dead))
Sleeve: Sabella spallanzanii (Mediterranean Fanworm)


all your gods are teenage girls: ARES, Greek god of war

There is something raw in her soul, something blunted, something that was torn off by teeth and never grew back. When she smiles at you, all her teeth are red. (Some are missing.) She is on the bottom of the schoolyard dog piles, the first to take a punch to the face. Her nose is broken in three places, but she can’t feel it. Her nerves went numb years ago; all that’s left to her now is anger. She slips under the seductive rush of rage and prays she’ll return having find her purpose. Surely, all things must have a meaning. If fire can both destroy and create, can’t she? When will something grow from the ashes of her? But every time the red fog clears, she finds her footing, cracks her jaw, wipes her nose and prepares for battle.



Twin sons of Ares and Aphrodite, Deimos and Phobos were two gods associated strongly with the battlefield. Deimos was the god and personification of terror, while Phobos was the god and personification of fear. They were both known to accompany their father Ares (the god of war), Eris (the goddess of discord), and Enyo (the goddess of war and destruction) into the battlefield and presented the fearful and brutal nature of war and its effects on a persons mind.

Headcanon where every time Percy studies for tests he ragequits in less than five minutes. He just walks away while flipping all of his textbooks off and goes, ‘fuck it my dyslexia can’t handle this shit i’m going out to talk to some motherfucking dolphins see you later bitches’. Anyone who is in the room at the time just facepalms while Annabeth sighs, “It’s your turn to get him back this time Pipes…” 


“We’ll learn together.“

a piece I made for one of my all time favorite fics, Yours Truly by the incredible kagieyama! This scene was too heartwarmingly precious that I’d be a fool to pass it up, hope you enjoy!! (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*


the big three olympian gods of my mythology mixes: three brothers torn at the seams in a struggle for endless power | zeus, god of the sky; poseidon, god of the sea; + hades, god of the underworld

UPDATE: all tracks were updated 12/31!! most of the original tracks are still here but i added a few new ones along with new cover art b/c i’ve decided to continue this series :-)

you take the head

and the body
crumbles / you
could take the heart
if any heart remained-

it would lay bare
against the stone floor,
just rust coloured dust-

but there is no heart.

any heart, any heat,
that this body had known
is lost / a single wave
in an ocean / a single star
in a sunlit sky / invisible.

you saw the body as
stone / saw it in life,
saw it as a monster,

didn’t see the girl,
didn’t see the crying.
you saw the snakes but
not the sorrow.

l.s. | REDUCING MEDUSA © 2016

okay to reblog;;

OKAY SO !!! during my trip to Greece I learned a lot through the series of lectures ( we focused on oracles && oracular sites ) but one of the most interesting was a lecture given in Lebadeia ( which held an oracular site and healing center to Trophonius ) on ancient Greek necromancy. Upon further thinking and talking with a friend I realized this would be information the Greek indies and possibly the Nico / Bianca blogs might be interested in as it applies to them and gives an interesting outlook considering the modern shift in thinking on the topic.

I’m going to preface this by saying a lot of the information I’m giving is directly translated from ancient literary sources and short at best. I did not do more research into the topic outside poking around at the myths and asking questions during the lecture. Anyone is free to message me if they have questions since what I included below is just a summary…

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