greek fashion

INTP on bras.
  • *ISFJ sister hugs INTP*
  • ISFJ sister: Are you not wearing a bra??
  • INTP: Nope.
  • ISFJ sister: *is mortified*
  • INTP: I don't wear them around the house anymore.
  • ISFJ Mom: Do you wear them ever?
  • INTP: Only when I go out. And because of that my back pain has greatly decreased. Some women with really big boobs do need them for support. But it hasn't actually been proven that they help with sagging, some say that they may actually cause it because the tissue isn't used to supporting it's own weight. And it hurts when I wear them, so clearly that's not helping anything, and it doesn't when I don't wear one. Bras are a recent thing, people haven't been wearing underwear for thousands of years. The Greeks women used to walk around topless.
  • ISFJ Mom: History/Biology lesson from INTP.
  • ISFJ sister: Please don't stop wearing a shirt.