greek directioner


Just an amazing cover:o

Can you lot calm down??Jesus a baby was born not even 24 hours ago and half of the fandom wants hin dead!!Louis tweeted but no it’s a fucking management stunt!!Reality fucking check:LOUIS FUCKING TOMLINSON WOULDN’T ACCEPT TO BE A FATHER OF A CHILD THAT IT’S NOT HIS!!Jesus tilt your head from left to right and see if you have any brains left!!i swear you are all so fucking desperate to prove a fucking ship that is fucking dead for over 3 years-not that it was ever real but you know-that you can’t accept anything other than what fits best to your opinion!!Well guess what you believe in something that has never been confirmed,drifted the boys apart and causes trouble all the fucking time!!Congratulations!!Accept for once in your fucking life that you were wrong!!Every larry stunt says “if one of the boys come out and admit that larry isn’t real then i will believe it” one of the boys says it “no fucking modest put him up to it”!!No,not everything is a stunt!!Accept it and move on!!Jesus!!

And something else!!I’m fucking pissed at the greek directioners,because they are the most immature fandom of all!!They think that just because they will reciprocate things they see on here or that if they say something mean and disrespectful will prove something!!Guess what??You seem just as immature as before you state your opinion!!Fucking hell!!Not only you put Tommo and the baby and Brianna through this mess but you put Harry and the other boys through it!!Harry didn’t get the tequila to get drunk because of louis!!It was a gift!!Most of this comments are supposed to be funny but it stops being humorous when it starts being disrespectful!!

And something else!!We live in the fucking 21st century!Louis doesn’t have to marry Brianna,he doesn’t have to leave the fucking band!!These things are supposed to be in the past!!If you believe either of those please don’t ever reproduce!!