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Giulio Carpioni -  The Death of Leander

Hero and Leander, two lovers celebrated in Greek legend. Hero, virgin priestess of Aphrodite at Sestos, was seen at a festival by Leander of Abydos; they fell in love, and he swam the Hellespont at night to visit her, guided by a light from her tower. One stormy night the light was extinguished, and Leander was drowned; Hero, seeing his body, drowned herself likewise.

Greek Week-Epilogue

A/N: Here you go! I  cannot thank you all enough for the love you’ve shown this series, and I hope this is a nice little ending for you all to enjoy!

Prologue, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Epilogue

word count: 730

Winter break was mere days away.

The whole campus was in high spirits; anticipation for the upcoming freedom lightening everyone’s moods. Various parties had already taken place, and tonight was Greek Row’s winter celebration, each fraternity or sorority hosting various activities for the evening, although everyone knew the majority of you would end up in the street. The rest of your sisters were almost as excited about Omega Chi’s part of the festivities as you were, all of you still basking in the glory that came from winning Greek Week for the fifth year in the row.

Apparently, Calum was joining O Chi instead of returning to Alpha Sigma Phi.

“Admiring the trophy again Hood?” You joke, walking into the lounge to find your boyfriend’s eyes on the mantel piece. “I know I said you could come and admire it occasionally but I’d have thought you had something else to make you want to visit.”

Calum snorted at your words, smirking as he reached out to pull you into his side, eyes not leaving the mantel piece. You follow his eye line, but instead of reaching the trophy, you find that he’s looking at a collage of photographs.

“This is you.” He states, reaching up to brush his fingers against the photo he was referring to. “In our, first year?”

“Yeah, right after I won the Maths Race.” The memory brings back a smile to your face, and you can’t help but feel pride over your since undefeated reign. “O Chi have a tradition of putting photos of their Presidents into a collage, but the picture has to be of them in their first year.”


“Nobody knows.” You shrug, eyes scanning the rest of the pictures you’d grown familiar with over the years. “You’ve not noticed this before?”

“The collage, yes. The picture of you, no.” He shrugs, turning his head to grin at you. “It’s cute though. Might change my phone screen to it.”

“I think I prefer the one you have.” You smile back, thinking of the picture of you in Calum’s Soccer jersey. Calum hums, leaning down to brush his lips against yours softly. “Don’t you have to get back to Alpha Sig?”

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

“I think they may need their president to get ready for tonight.” You sigh playfully, Calum’s grin widening. “Plus, I don’t want to get accused of kidnap.”

“I’ll tell them I came willingly.” He echoes the same words he said to you the first morning after he stayed the night, the memory causing both of you to beam at each other. “Suppose you’re right. I’ll see you later anyway.”

“You coming here or do you want me to come over to Alpha Sig?”

“What are Rox and Ash doing?”

“Planning on meeting in the street and going from there, I think.”

“Well in that case Angel, we shall rendezvous at eight in the street.”


“Don’t mock me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Calum smirks, capturing your lips again. Your fingers tangle in the curls at the nape of his neck as his hands pull your hips closer, your lips moving in a perfected rhythm until a cough causes the two of you to reluctantly break apart, your eyes moving to the doorway to find Roxana walking away trying to look innocent.

“That’s my cue.” Calum laughs, ducking his head to brush his lips to yours again momentarily. “Love you.”

“Love you too.” You mumble, capturing his lips one last time before stepping back. “See you later.”

You watch as he heads for the door, your mind already reeling off things you needed to do in order to prepare for the night. The list had you so preoccupied you missed the way Calum hesitated as he opened the front door, pausing in the door way to smirk back at you.

“Nice hat by the way Angel.”

You grinned as the door shut behind him, your hand subconsciously reaching up to adjust the placement of the snapback displaying AƩΦ. Since Greek Week, the item had barely been worn by Calum, more commonly being found on your head rather than the Alpha Sigma Phi’s leader. Not that he minded of course. Calum had always wanted you to wear his hat, to be his girlfriend, after all.

And Greek Week had only been a small price to pay for that.


1925 Head of Medusa door knocker, Baltimore Museum of Art.

The story of Perseus slaying the snake-haired Gorgon. Medusa is one of many Greek monster-slayer myths celebrating the victory of good over evil.
Ancient Greeks decorated buildings with images of Medusa to ward off evil. This 19th-century Medusa was also made to decorate a building.
While the facial features of this door knocker recall archaic Greek sculpture, the curvilinear snakes reflect the decorative Art Nouveau.

Κεφάλι της Μέδουσας ρόπτρο θύρας, 1925. Μουσείο Τέχνης της Βαλτιμόρης.

Η ιστορία του Περσέα που σκοτώνει τη Μέδουσα Γοργό με τα μαλλιά-φίδια. Η Μέδουσα είναι ένα από τα πολλούς ελληνικούς μύθους τεράτων-φονιάδων γιά να γιορτάσουν τη νίκη του καλού εναντίον του κακού.
Οι αρχαίοι Έλληνες διακοσμούσαν κτίρια με εικόνες της Μέδουσας για να αποκρούσει το κακό. Αυτή η Μέδουσα του 19ου αιώνα έγινε επίσης για να διακοσμήσει ένα κτίριο.
Ενώ τα χαρακτηριστικά του προσώπου αυτού του ρόπτρου πόρτας θυμίζει αρχαϊκή ελληνική γλυπτική, τα καμπυλόγραμμα φίδια αντανακλά την Αρτ Νουβό.

DDN SPORTS Breaking News: GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO GETS OFF TEAM BUS to Celebrate Game-Winner with Greek Fans!

A video posted by Niko Karambatsakis (@n1ko609) on Jan 5, 2017 at 10:27am PST

How cool is this?

“Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo hit the game-winning shot against the Knicks in NYC Wednesday night … and then GOT OFF THE TEAM BUS to celebrate with Greek fans who were chanting his name.

Giannis was born and raised in Greece – and played pro ball there before being drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2013. His career has been on the rise ever since.

Fast forward to last night … there were a TON of Greek fans in the crowd, some holding Greek flags, and they all went INSANE went Giannis hit the buzzer beater that won the game in the 4th.

After the game, he got on the team bus to leave when he noticed a group of fans holding a Greek flag and cheering for him … so he got off the bus to sign autos and take pics.

How do you say “awesome” in Greek?

In the need of luxury?

Everyone has the need to experience the feeling of a luxury trip with high-class amenities. Luxury is not determined just by the cost, but by one’s disposition to bask in the care and attention of people who know the art of hospitality.

Greece is privileged to be one of the nations that offer luxurious, glittering holidays. Greek islands are synonymous with cosmopolitanism, while large cities, like Athens and Thessaloniki, attract people with high expectations from all over the globe. The prestige that grew from the 1960s onwards, with famous names in Greek society among world celebrities, like Aristotle Onassis, Stavros Niarchos, Maria Callas, Melina Merkouri, and many others, catapulted Greece into one of the top destinations for luxury tourism.

The facilities guarantee demanding travellers an unforgettable stay. Five-star hotels located throughout the country, private villas offering privacy and comfort, the opportunity to enjoy getting away from daily routine on a yacht sailing the Greek seas, combined with culinary traditions with an exceptionally high standard of execution, the chance to purchase brand-name and high quality products, and the incomparable Greek landscape create the best setting for one to enjoy absolute luxury.

But that is not all: Beauty treatments, rejuvenating body therapies and beautifully prepared delicate food are just some of the attractions that Greece holds is store for its exclusive visitors.

When I had black hair hahaha I kinda like it 😝😝 What’s everyone doing for Easter ? I’m Greek and we celebrate Easter at a different time this year. I think ours is on May 1st? Don’t quote me on that one haha ☀️ #bbg #sweatwithkayla

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