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❉ sisterhood get-to-know-you-better questions! ❉

A new semester means sweet new members, class retreats, sisterhood socials, parties, big/little matchmaking and other events where “getting to know your sisters better” is the #1 goal. Enjoy these conversation questions aimed at breaking the ice, getting the conversation going and becoming closer to your sorority sisters. Of course these questions are also terrific for recruitment! xoxo ;)

 50 Greek Girl Get-To-Know-You-Better-Questions: 

  1. What’s your favorite memory of someone in this room?
  2. Which decade had the best music?
  3. If you could design an app, what would it do?
  4. What’s your favorite quote?
  5. What do you wish you had a picture of from history?
  6. At the pearly gates, what question would you ask God first?
  7. What do you eat after a night of revelry?
  8. What skill or sport do you wish you’d learned as a kid?
  9. If you could invite only one person to your college graduation, who would you choose?
  10. What’s the oldest thing in your dorm room?
  11. What’s the funniest advice your mother gave you?
  12. What’s nicknames have you had?
  13. Which two adjectives would you use to describe your room or apartment?
  14. What color won’t you wear, no matter how fabulous the outfit?
  15. Which singer would you choose to sing a duet with?
  16. Which self help book did you fail to finish?
  17. If you could live in a house from any movie which would you choose?
  18. Who would you pick as the sexiest male celebrity of the year?
  19. What was the best TV show ever?
  20. What restaurant makes the best hamburger?
  21. What’s the perfect age?
  22. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done at college?
  23. How would you describe your dream picnic?
  24. Did you ever dislike a celebrity you once admired after learning more about them?
  25. Do you have a keepsake box from childhood? What’s in it?
  26. Have you ever had a household disaster?
  27. What’s the most dramatic thing to ever happen in your hometown?
  28. Which crazy idea of yours would most likely make a million dollars?
  29. What’s the best meal your mom cooks?
  30. If you owned a boat, what would you name it?
  31. What’s the best outdoor concert you’ve ever attended?
  32. What food fad do you think is silly?
  33. Would you rather take photos of friends or take selfies?
  34. Would you rather be lucky or hot?
  35. What funniest prank you’ve pulled?
  36. What’s your favorite beach in the world?
  37. What’s your least favorite exercise? 
  38. What do you eat when you’re alone?
  39. Which college has the best mascot?
  40. What TV shows are you ashamed to admit you watch regularly? 
  41. Would you rather spend time in the college library, gym, dining hall, or performing arts theatre?
  42. If you were on a volunteer vacation, who would you most like to help?
  43. What law would you make?
  44. What kind of music would cause you to leave a restaurant or shop?
  45. Can you do any impersonations? 
  46. What’s your most favorite pair of shoes?
  47. How much would you need to be paid to never use a cell phone again?
  48. Have you ever taken a bad vacation?
  49. Would you rather have more time or money?
  50. Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

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I had a dream i got fake engaged to Ben C at a weird gathering of some sort bc we’d bonded earlier over something silly and had fun and the woman making the announcements was just…continually hitting on him and it was awkward. So we got fake engaged and had to fill out info sheets about each other and i knew he was gonna be creeped out by me bc i knew his height without asking and also wrote down “babadook cucumberpatch” when there was a space that hinted at that. (A picture of a garden with a babadook in it, question mark over his face).

Anyway i was gonna post on Tumblr in the dream and realized i couldn’t! But then i went hunting for my dream phone so i could text @bandersnatchmycummerbund the news. Which apparently woke me up. Well.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.
—  Galatians 3:28-29

The First Irregular Moon Discovered on this Day!

On September 19, 1848, astronomers William Cranch Bond, George Phillips Bond and William Lassell discovered the first non-sperical, irregular moon orbiting the planet Saturn, which they named Hyperion (Ὑπερίων) after the Greek god/titan who was the brother of Cronus (the Greek equivalent of Saturn). Looking like a giant potato in the sky, Hyperion is the second largest non-sperical satellite discovered, measuring 360.2×266×205.4 km. Lassell and Bond both observed Hyperion independently of each other only days apart, and only a year after William Herschel had published Results of Astronomical Observations made at the Cape of Good Hope in which he suggested the name scheme for the first seven moons of Saturn, and which Lassell and Bond used when they proposed Hyperion.

Images of Hyperion courtesy NASA/Cassini

💕 sorority sugar big/little bonding questions! 💕

Members are always looking for more ways to get closer to their favorite sisters. A sisterhood social - or retreat - would be an ideal time to bond with these interesting big/little conversation questions. Excellent sharing topics for a senior send-off as well. Questions can be tailored towards bigs, littles, grand bigs, grand littles, or all family members. Adjust the wording to fit your needs! 

💕   55 Big/Little Bonding Conversation Questions: 💕

  1. When you brag about your big/little, what do you say?
  2. Who did you tell first when you found out who your big/little was?
  3. What is the goofiest thing your big/little has ever done?
  4. What’s your favorite big/little memory? 
  5. What about your big/little reminds you of yourself?
  6. If you and your big/little traveled to another time period, what era would you choose?
  7. What is your favorite gift from your big/little?
  8. Who would you like to meet most in your big/little’s biological family?
  9. What fun thing would you like to do with your big/little if money were no object?
  10. Would your big/little relationship make an addictive reality show? What would it be called?
  11. if your big/little studied abroad, what country would be a perfect match for her?
  12. Would your big/little like to be more sassy or sweet?
  13. What is the most inspirational story your big/little has told you?
  14. How would you look in your big/little’s hairstyle? 
  15. Would your big/little know how to change a tire on her car?
  16. What color looks best on your big/little?
  17. What is your big/little most likely to be doing at 2am?
  18. What was your favorite day/night with your big/little?
  19. What does your big/little secretly want to be when she grows up?
  20. How would you like to be remembered by your big/little after graduation?
  21. Which famous actress is your big/little most like?
  22. What do you remember most about your big/little reveal?
  23. Who has better luck with guys & dating, you or your big/little?
  24. Would you or your big/little win the best-dressed award?
  25. What facial feature do you like most about your big/little? 
  26. What is your favorite childhood/hometown story about your big/little?
  27. Who has the worse college diet, you or your big/little?
  28. What one thing would you love to steal from your big/little?
  29. Who was a cuter kid, you or your big/little?
  30. Which one of you will be the first to get engaged?
  31. What has your big/little done to make you the proudest?
  32. Where would you love to go on a spring break together?
  33. What is the most important thing in your big/little’s life?
  34. What’s the best thing a big can do for her little and the best thing a little can do for her big?
  35. What one thing would you change about yourself to be more like your big/little?
  36. Do you laugh, or cry, more often with your big/little?
  37. What surprises you the most about your big/little?
  38. When it comes to your big/little, what do you worry about the most?
  39. If you were suddenly queen, what one thing would you decree that your big/little must do?
  40. When your big/little was in high school, was she a rebel or a good girl?
  41. In what ways are you exactly like your big/little? What ways are you totally different?
  42. What is your big/little’s secret for success?
  43. How can strangers tell that you are big/little?
  44. Who are your big/little’s favorite musicians?
  45. If you had to describe your big/little in one word, what would it be?
  46. If you had to eat only your big/little’s favorite food for one week, could you? 
  47. Who is most likely to become famous, you or your big/little?
  48. Who would your big/little like to visit in heaven? 
  49. If your big/little’s room was on fire, what three items would she save? What three items would you save?
  50. If cell phones were outlawed, who would break the law first to use hers?
  51. What perfume reminds you of your big/little?
  52. How does your big/little help you live your creed?
  53. Do you think you and your big/little will still be friends in ten years?
  54. Is there something about your big/little you’ve always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask? 
  55. If you went into business with your big/little, what kind would it be?
God doesn't hate Gays

Hello Guys, Gals, and Non-binary pals! This is a little explanation and analysis of what the bible really says about the LGBT community. If you are non-Christian please still consider reblogging this to help out some Christians who may be struggling with whether or not God still loves them.  I’ll try, and likely fail, to keep this short. I am fully prepared for your anon hate, but please think before you send.

I’ll start with sexual attraction. Firstly, yes the bible does definitively state that it is opposed to homosexual relations (Sorry Hope Remains .com but it does). BUT you have to look at the context. All of these references appear amid other laws, some of which include the famous example of mixed clothing, that are not followed today. Why? Because these laws were given for the Christians of the time period to help them adjust from the religious thinking of the time. The Pharisees imposed a lot of rules, the Jews of the time followed a lot of rules. The simple message of faith was so alien to them that rules were added just so it seemed credible!

 Many of these references also come before Christ. We, as Christians, were given rules before Christ to show us that there was no way to earn ourselves into heaven. These rules are no longer followed because we no longer have to earn heaven.

Secondly, Gender. Many people use a particular verse, Galatians 3:28 “…There is now no male nor Female,” but they misquote it. Please do not use this verse. The full verse is “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” This verse is not negating gender, it is saying that all above parties, including men and women, are equal. Feminists, please use this when talking to Christians. LGBT, don’t. Instead, maybe point out that while God did create two distinct sexes, those with a Y chromosome and those without, he never created genders. Those are a human construct. ANGELS ARE CANON NON BINARY! Heck, God doesn’t have a specific gender either!

Third, Jesus would have totally loved us all. He did not slut shame, fat shame, he was proud when women took a stand, he sat with tax collectors. He loves you. A lot.

Tl;dr: Canon Jesus better than Fanon Jesus, Context check your verses, God doesn’t hate Gays, God didn’t create gender.

Love you all, feel free to come to my inbox for any specific verses J

My Recommendations For Doors Open Toronto 2015

It`s that time of year again! This weekend Doors Open Toronto will open its doors to some Toronto`s historic, modern and most beautiful buildings for free! Aside from being free, most of these buildings are restricted for the  public and are only open to certain individuals. So if you’ve ever been curious about the inside and history of a building like the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, then this is your chance.

This year`s theme is dedicated to the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games and is appropriately dubbed Sports, Recreation & Leisure. There are plenty of great sport facilities open this year including BMO Field and the Regent Park Aquatic Centre. This year also sees 55+ new buildings joining the roaster - although most are sports related there are a few new historic buildings.

In this post I will provide you with my Top 10 recommendations. Following this post I will highlight my Doors Open Toronto plan.

Remember to use the hashtag #DOT15 and tag me @whyilovetoronto as well as @Doors_OpenTO in your photos!

**Please note most buildings are open from 10:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday with last admittance between 4:00pm and 4:30pm. I have noted below any venues that deviate from these times.

**Please also note that all titles are active links leading to my original post about the venue!

Cheers :)

1) Bridgepoint Active Healthcare (Don Jail)

Where: 14 St. Matthews Rd.

  • Step inside an old jail cell that could hold up to three prisoners
  • See the segregation room
  • Visit the gallows where capital punishment was enacted
  • Walk around the stunning rotunda whose balconies are supported by dragons, who were said to judge the inmates
  • Learn about some great escapes that happened here

2) Commerce Court North

Where: 25 King St.

  • Built by famed architects Darling and Pearson
  • Was once the tallest building in Toronto
  • Was the tallest building in the commonwealth until 1962
  • Modeled after the Baths of Caracalla in Rome.
  • High ceilings, amazing chandeliers and gold coffered ceilings
  • The exterior was featured in the film Total Recall 

3) Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

Where: 189 Yonge St.

When: Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 4:30pm

  • The Winter Garden Theatre provides a nature feeling with leaves hanging from the ceiling, tree trunk columns and murals depicting the outdoors throughout the venue
  • The theatre has welcomed Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire
  • The theatre was abandoned for 60 years starting in 1928. When they began the restoration process in 1985 a crew entered in hazmat suits. When you visit you will learn about its restoration project!
  • Fun fact my mother worked at the Elgin Theatre while they were restoring the Winter Garden Theatre!
  • One of the seats was the last seat John Dillinger ever sat in!
  • It has a haunted elevator, which supposedly is haunted by a woman who was stabbed

 4) CAMH

Where: 1001 Queen Street West

When: Saturday from 10:30am to 5:00pm

  • An interesting look at how doctors thought mental illness should be treated
  • The tour illustrates how the patient built walls had some flaws that led to escapes

 5) St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church

Where: 115 Bond St.

When: Saturday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm and Sunday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm

  • Beautiful iconography.
  • Has a rare depiction of St. George in civilian clothing in front of Jesus.

6) Artscape Youngplace

Where: 180 Shaw Street

  • Former Shaw Street School
  • Opened in 1914 during WWI and was immediately converted to help with the war efforts
  • Learn about the school rich athletic history
  • They shot Mean Girls here . I have watched the movie a ton of times and I am pretty sure they used the main foyer in the Girls Gone Wild scene – watch the clip and check it out on Saturday or Sunday to tell me if I’m right. Link here

7) Canada Life Building

Where: 330 University Ave.

  • The 17th floor has the most stunning view
  • Standing underneath the famous weather beacon
  • Check out the Beaux-Arts styling built by Sprott and Rolph

8) Amsterdam Brewery

Where: 45 Esandar Drive

  • End your day here and grab a pint on their beautiful patio overlooking Lake Ontario! It’s going to be sunny and between 19-24 degrees
  • Sample award-winning brews like the new Cruiser All Day Pale Ale
  • Learn about the brewing process and the history of the beer
  • Must be 19+

9) Bata Shoe Museum

Where: 327 Bloor Street West

When: Saturday regular time and Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

  • Turned 20 this year!
  • See Sonja Bata’s show collection from around the world
  • Over 10,000 shoes
  • Still a famous brand in Europe even though operations ceased in Canada in the 00′s

10) Osgoode Hall

Where: 130 Queen Street West

  • Check out the American Room – it is stunning!
  • The Great Library is dubbed “the most beautiful room in Canada!” It might be because of its fireplace, cork floors, intricate ceilings and/or etched glass
  • Learn about its history and its multiple architects
  • Check out the stained glass windows
  • Learn about its haunting

Other Notable Mentions

  1. Campbell House Museum
  2. Church of the Holy Trinity 
  3. Design Exchange
  4. Gladstone Hotel (12:00pm to 5:00pm)
  5. MacKenzie House
  6. Old City Hall

The Olympians: Artemis

Born from Leto and Zeus, the twin sister of the god Apollo, she was well known to be a virgin and as such, guarded it very carefully. Her love for the Hunt rivaled against no man yet she cared for the creatures of the forest.

“Artemis is freedom—wild, untrammelled, aloof from all entanglements. She is a huntress, a dancer, the goddess of nature and wildness, a virgin physically and, even more important, a virgin psychologically, inviolable, belonging to no one, defined by no relationship, confined by no bond.”

They will seize their chance.

I have written before about my upbringing within young-earth-creationist Christian fundamentalism – how deeply it hurt me and in what ways I have and have not healed. As the year 2015 draws to a dreary close, I remember what I was taught as a young “soldier of the Lord,” and I am afraid.

This has not been a good year, for me or for the world. I have been in ceaseless pain everywhere in my head and my neck for seven months and no doctor can rescue me. The world is drowning, the innocent washing up dead by the thousands attempting to escape. There is everywhere hate and fear and desperation. I cry often for myself, because I cannot escape the burning in my spine, nor the sense that I will never be well again. I cry often for the world, fast being sucked under the surface by racism and fascism and imperialism and oligarchy. I cry for my country, where politicians openly demand an inquisition of faith and are cheered on by gathered masses. I cry for my neighbors from another country, who have good cause to fear for their safety every time the word “terrorism” is heard on the news. There is always another reason to cry.

My dear one, my best friend, would remind me that not all is amiss in the world. Polio, the disease that crippled my grandmother, has been virtually eradicated from the face of the earth. The bravery of those who have stood up for queerness in all its forms continues to reshape laws and attitudes everywhere with tolerance and compassion. Black Lives Matter has not only survived the first moments of a would-be movement but flourished. I fell in love with someone new this year, someone radiant and wondrous, and that relationship prospers alongside my existing loves. My friends have always been there for me in my present era of suffering. Not everything is terrible.

My heart nonetheless wears thin when I hear of the ravages of ISIS and their subordinate Boko Haram, and of their desire to wage a holy war with the west. This is not only because I know they have already hurt and killed so many – mostly Muslims themselves, who beg reprieve of western nations and are spited – but because I know that there are within the west, within America especially, Christians who want the very same war. I know because I was educated to be one of them. I know how they think. I know what they want. I know that they sincerely believe that the end of times is at hand, and hence Satan is rallying for one final attempt to destroy Christianity. I know that they are utterly convinced that they cannot lose, for theirs is the cause of the Lord, and that – that is the most terrible thing that an embittered sect with a stockpile of weapons and a grudge against the very concept of secular government could ever believe. We are one very small step short of the endless arsons and broken windows and guns draped in the Confederate flag becoming the Christian ISIS.

From the earliest moments of my education, I knew that the Christians, that is to say, the True Christians, my culture within the American culture, final bastion against the deceits of Satan, were preparing for war. I was told in the first grade to be prepared to be tortured and martyred for my faith, because every True Christian might be called upon to fulfill this honor before the moment of Rapture. I learned many songs about marching in the army of the Lord.

I eventually escaped the grip of this isolated world, and have the psychiatric breakdowns to prove it, but fundamentalist far-right Christianity defined my childhood and hence is “my culture” in a way nothing else could ever be. I can slip in among them, this culture that I repudiate, and listen to them fume about the wickedness of the secular world filled with Muslims and Hindus and atheists and false Christians worshipping at the throne of Satan. They will spew sexism and racism and homophobia and assume that I agree with them – expecting me to consent to the sexism even as a woman, but completely unaware that I am bisexual or that one of my loving partners is anything but white. My mother once told me that Liberty University’s renowned hatred for gay people was no reason to refuse to apply for a job there. That was the night she found out I was not straight. It did not go well. She blamed the perverse influence of my new friends at a not-Christian-enough college, unaware that I had realized this about myself halfway through high school, and cowered tearfully before what I expected to be a wroth and vengeful god.

I have heard of the need to forcefully avert the dwindling of the white race. I have heard of the “one bullet cure” for homosexuality. I have heard of the need to rescue the office of the presidency and restore America to a Christian state. I have heard of the righteousness of being prepared to protect Christendom  with armed resistance when the present secular government springs its fatal trap. I have heard of the eschatological obsession over Jerusalem and the ever-nearer apocalypse. I have heard, in short, of extremists preparing for war.

I am for many years now an atheist, but more importantly a secular humanist, of the sort my theology teacher specifically warned me were vile agents of Satan. My doctrine is peace and my dogma is the celebration of the human spirit. When I first left the faith I was of course angry and hurt, and it took a few years to burn through my rage at the system that had tried to hold me in subservience to patriarchy and white supremacy disguised as “wholesome values.” I am still angry, and very bitter, but now I can see clearly from the outside – and see what others, Christian or otherwise, truly believe. My personal belief as a non-theist is that Islam as a philosophy has problems, and I believe the very same about Christianity; in fact I believe they have largely the same problems, expressed in slightly different ways. My theology teachers in high school went to great lengths to “prove” that Christians and Muslims do not worship the same god and have nothing in common outside that fateful moment in the camp of Abraham. They loathed the idea of being considered anything like a Muslim in the utmost. They preached the compassion of conversion but were openly accepting of the notion that almost every single one of the billion Muslims upon the earth would end up burning in hell for ever and ever and ever because of their false god and their false prophet and their false book.

The books – the Bible and the Quran – are often mistaken by outsiders to the faiths as the cause of hatred, oppression, and extremism. They are not the cause: they are the excuse. Almost any opinion can be justified by emphasizing some part of these long, complex texts and ignoring others. I know all too well how Christian fundamentalists ignore that there is “neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female” or that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” I know how they revel in the fantasies of the blood of everyone but the True Christians running as deep as a horse is tall. They gleefully read entire shelves of end-times torture porn – I know because I did so, and so did most of my peers. Liberty University proudly names entire buildings after the authors of these gory fantasies.

The Bible is a historically priceless work of literature assembled over centuries by many authors and editors. The vast majority of people who have been exposed to it are not shooting up women’s health clinics or firebombing mosques. The same is true of the Quran; in fact I myself sat down and read a large portion of it when I was perhaps sixteen. I did not feel encouraged in the least to become a terrorist. These books do not make people violent. They are held up by those who are looking for a moral justification of their desire to control or eliminate others, literally held up before crowds being incited to acts of hatred. Few Christian fundamentalists have actually read the Bible in its entirety, and fewer still have studied the broader historical context of the Bible’s composition and distribution. I did both, and stopped being a fundamentalist. The books are not the cause of the problem. The religions are not intrinsically violent and doomed to conflict. Everything begins and ends with human hearts.

Languishing at home, feeling every nerve fraying and rotting and becoming pain, I have all the unhappy time upon the earth to watch and listen, for there is little else I can do. When I see that vile man, Trump, the least “Christian” person imaginable, go before a jubilant crowd and promise to ban Muslims from the borders, I see the true face of Satan. When Christians loudly proclaim that the time has come to kill them all, I hear the shards of Kristallnacht. When I read that ISIS wants a holy war to induce the apocalypse, I know beyond all doubt that there are people here who want the very same thing. If we, as a country, as a culture, do not embrace peace, embrace the refugees, embrace integration, the fascist politicians will come to power by offering the extremists war, offering them oppression, offering them religious-racial segregation – and they will seize their chance.

America, you have been fucking warned.

“Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.” Ellen DeGeneres

God loves all of his children unconditionally, the bible does not mention skin color of any type: it is not important to the message. It does not change Gods love for you. In fact, He tells us in John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” Again He does not mention race, only commanding us love for his children (all humankind) like He loves us: unconditionally. He goes on to tell us in John 13:35 that “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Not only is loving His children a heavenly commandment it is a proof of our devotion to the Lord, and an important part of being a Christian.

We must remember Martin Luther King Jr’s inspiring quote “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” We must be the change we wish to see in the world, and it is important to base each interaction we have on the individual and not on any external prejudice.

We are taught in Titus 1:15 that “To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.” This scripture has significance to many topics and in many contexts but doubly so in this one: if you approach race without prejudice then every person regardless of ethnicity is just a person, and a Child of God just like you are. We are ordered by God not to Judge in Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” And it is explained why we should not be judgmental in Matthew 7:3 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” We each sin, none of us are perfect, why should we hold something that a person has no control over like their birth against them. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

anonymous asked:

What are some talking points on why Greece is in the amount of debt it is in?

the structure of the eurozone is completely broken. it privileges germany over its neighbors. germany’s central bank, the bundesbank, has historically been one of the main incubators of neoliberalism (so-called ordoliberalism). this gives it a fundamental adherence to austerity, although not as much in the extreme sense it’s used in america. it values co-operation between workers and management as part of a general social order where everybody knows their place in social hiearchy, and will give concessions to placate unions and prevent upheaval in the form of strikes. however, when it has the power, its desire is also to bulldoze unions to prevent wage increases and thus inflation that might hurt the property holdings of the rich. it was generally agreed upon by the state planners who drew up the drafts for the european union that the main basis of the european central bank would be the bundesbank, as this way each government could both claim that its hands were tied when workers asked for higher wages and if a socialist government came to power, it would in turn find itself unable to set its own monetary policy and push through its objectives. with alan greenspan’s low interest rates in this past decade, there came a flood of american banks looking for easy investments, which in turn made it very easy to get loans. germany, however, also extended its easy credit to foreign banks as it knew most countries they were based in couldn’t afford to buy the exports it was inundating them with. so talking points are as follows:

  • germany created its own crisis by undertaking austerity during an expansion. the only way this can work is if other people buy your own goods, so germany took advantage of its trade surplus with eurozone periphery nations like greece to lend the profits right back to them (private banks and the bundesbank are closely tied, as in any nation) so they could buy more. it’s understandable that this ponzi scheme would some day come back to bite them. this also removes inflation from germany in the sense that it pushes its excess money supply out of the country, meaning workers don’t have to be given any portion of it.
  • most of the money lent went to purchases for the rich. the greek government, for instance, made exorbitant purchases on weaponry to keep the german arms industry afloat. 10% of german weapons sales are to greece, and some of those weapons, like submarines, turned out to be faulty. they also blew tons of money on the olympics, a spectacle for the rich, mostly updating infrastructure that would later be sold to private corporations like soccer teams for pennies on the dollar.
  • banks, both german and greek, were suckered into the same arcane financial instruments that defined the american crisis. credit default swaps on property weren’t as big, but they still played a prime role, as rich europeans looked for second vacation homes and as credit was transferred to greek workers to buy german goods. the biggest issue was the sovereign debt credit swaps on greek government bonds. all this took place instead of investment into fixed capital costs, which would have made greek workers more competitive with german ones, because the fraudulent property bubble was said to provide better returns. the speed of the collapse of the financial system meant that banks didn’t know who owed what, and in turn made them tighten their own fiscal policies, resulting in numerous foreclosures on the greek people’s only assets. as a result, workers were forced to suffer for bank mismanagement.
  • to some degree these fears are motivated by racism. there’s a general association of profligacy with brown skin, and in european terms greeks, spaniards, italians and portuguese are browner than germans, anglos and scandinavians.
  • there are a couple of ways this crisis could be overcome. the best way within capitalism would be the fdr-keynesian solution. use fiscal policy (government expenditures) to invest in make-work programs. workers have money and can buy basic necessities, pushing along the gears of the economy. fixed capital grows, making workers more productive and competitive. the economy grows, meaning debt is less of a burden because everybody can afford to pay it off. this is completely out in the modern era. property owners refuse to be taxed to pay for it and have numerous ways to prevent it (cayman islands bank accounts, etc). bond markets view it as imprudent, irresponsible, a waste of cash because state development leads nowhere in their ideological view (the reality is that they oppose it because of the inflationary cost and the benefits to workers). syriza hopes to short-circuit this by having the european union guarantee greek debt, meaning the bond markets will hopefully invest in such a program simply because the profits will be too good to pass up.
  • the second way would be the argentina route. in 2001 argentina defaulted on its debt, and the bond markets punished it by quarantining the country financially and cutting its exchange rates to minimal levels, horrible for an import-oriented economy. the government embarked on a keynesian import-substition system, well-planned and enacted with the adherence of the majority of local capital hoping to avoid any pain. they also used the weakness of their money to stimulate exports as a new route to gain hard currency. smelling profits, international capital began to flood in, and the bond markets relented. this is likely syriza’s route  if negotiations fail with the german government.
  • now we get to the ways considered normal in modern times. to ensure banks keep lending, countries with control over their currency can use their central bank to print money to give directly to banks through low-interest loans. this was mostly america’s strategy, although they did what they could in the fiscal sphere to give banks money too, within reason considering popular opposition. germany has the ability to do this, but they won’t, as they’re ideologically opposed to it. greece can’t do this, as it can’t print its own money, being part of the eurozone. instead, germany came up with a new solution that would bail out its own banks and greece’s without requiring its central bank to lift a finger.
  • an outside loan, in this case through the ECB and IMF adhering to the usual way of the latter’s activities, would be extended. greek banks would be paid off, in turn allowing german banks to be paid off. subsequently, the greek government would have to pay back the loan, with exorbitant interest, and adhere to a series of measures believed to make it more competitive, typically the reduction of workers to starvation wages, the sale of government assets to investors in order to gain one-time windfall profits, and making taxes more regressive in order to burden workers and not businesses that are the supposed engine of growth. even though there are three better solutions, this one, which will cripple the greek economy for years to come despite what a few cooked books say, was forced upon them by germany. if this is a bailout, it’s not the greek people who are being bailed out.
  • a fifth solution would be to restructure the eurozone in order to increase national sovereignty or decrease german power, but taht’s off the table. as yannis varoufakis stated, (replace french with any eu state)

Their thinking was simple: If the French state forfeited the right to print money (either by reverting to the Gold standard or by adopting the Deutsch mark [i.e. the euro today]), prices would stop rising and the trades unions would lose all bargaining power over employers: with the government unable to boost overall demand, especially during a slump, the trades unions would have a choice between accepting high unemployment (that would destroy their power base) and accepting low wages. In short, by forfeiting the printing presses the French state would ensure that organized labor becomes less militant, more “German”. And if this also meant a greater propensity to recession, it was considered a small price to pay. Today, with France in permanent stagnation under the euro, France’s elites are simultaneously unapologetic, regarding that choice of theirs, and concerned about the rising tide of discontent and anti-European, racist, ultra-nationalism.

people don’t know how to save themselves under the euro now that it’s bulldozed labour power, and they’re turning to the most horrific fascists because of their national chauvinism and their anti-eu credentials. state planners could save themselves from this, but they don’t want to because it might cede power back to the left.

  • germany has shown the most extreme hypocrisy on this. german banks actually own 80% of the debt created by the bailout, meaning that greece had to take out loans ultimately from german banks in order to pay back german banks. another ponzi scheme, this time supported by the now-scant assets of the greek people. in turn, germany eventually did decide there was a good time for the ecb to print money, in 2014, when its own economy was at risk from deflation that was in turn spurred by its own austerity policies. german banks can now take out loans from the ecb at virtually no interest and can buy greek bonds at whatever interest rate they are now (certainly higher than 6% with the impending election). germany’s naked opportunism shows the value of all its previous denunciations of greek spending and its claim to ethical superiority truly means. inflation is starkly needed in the short term, and it would even benefit german workers, but the ideological blinders at the ecb and bundesbank means it’s off the table.
My thoughs on IchiHime and IchiRuki.

I discovered Bleach 10 years ago. I think its high point was the Soul Society Arc. At the time, IchiRuki was the more popular ship by far and IchiHime was in the minority. But the evidence for IchiRuki seemed to be based partly on the misinterpretation of Ichigo’s classmates of his and Rukia’s behavior. They assumed Rukia was romantically involved with Ichigo because they kept running off together, when in reality it was strictly business: hunting the hollow of the week. Ichigo owed Rukia a great debt for granting him the power to protect his family. So when she was brought to Soul Society and sentenced to death for her actions, he felt personally responsible for her fate and felt he owed it to her to fight on her behalf against a system that was punishing her unjustly. This is not a romantic bond. Ichigo even explained to Renji that the reason he fought for her freedom was because he owed her for giving him his shinigami powers; the power to protect. After the Soul Society Arc, Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship appeared to be one of esprit de corps. They were fellow shinigami who implicitly trusted each other in the way that battle hardened soldiers of the same platoon share a common bond. The Greeks call it “philia.” They were both happy to see each other after long absences, but so would any two close friends in such a situation. And after the Soul Society Arc, IchiRuki consisted in pep talks, grave interactions, and joyful reunions. Nothing romantic here. Just friendship and esprit de corps.

As for IchiHime, Ichigo was shown giving Orihime special attention from the earliest chapters. Out of all the introductory arcs prior to the Soul Society Arc, only Orihime is depicted in a position of vulnerability. Chad is capable of defending himself prior to gaining special powers, Tatsuki, Ishida, and Kon are all also capable of defending themselves in their own way. Orihime is the one character Ichigo worries about from the get go. He is also more sensitive to her emotions than any other character. The night the ryoka gather at Urahara’s, Ichigo is surprised to see Orihime there and shows special concern for her, compared to anyone else. Other characters are quick to pick up on a certain subtext to Ichigo and Orihime’s relationship, including residents of Rukongai, Zaraki, Grimmjow, Nel, Ulquiorra, Ginjo, Chad, Urahara, and Yoruichi. I suspect others were aware too, such as Ishida, Matsumoto, Shinji, and Tatsuki. There were a few giveaways that IchiHime would be endgame. One was the almost farewell kiss. That’s a big deal in a shonen. Another was the hand hold after Ichigo defeated Grimmjow. A third was Ichigo’s hollowfied resurrection from the dead when Orihime cried out to him after Ulquiorra nearly killed him. Another moment was Ichigo’s beet red blush at Orihime’s outfit with the breast window in the Quincy War Arc, combined with the ship teasing from Urahara, Chad, and Yoruichi. Finally, the fact that Ichigo and Orihime faced Yhwatch as a team was very telling. By this time it was established that Orihime loves Ichigo and that Ichigo cares deeply about Orihime and treats her differently, more gently and with more sensitivity, than how he treats anyone else. Read between the lines; it’s mutual.

IchiHime had the most development out of any pairing in the series. And that’s saying something. So I’m satisfied with the ending. Long live IchiHime and its sister ship RenRuki!

💜 Sisterhood bonding ice breakers! 💜

Chapters frequently look for ways to get closer to their sisters, create unity and ease the divisions in their sisterhood. Retreats, sisterhood socials, parties and other events are fabulous ways to have fun together and break down barriers. Check out these sorority sugar ice breakers and team building games to bring your chapter closer together! 

💜   5 FUN Sorority Ice Breaker Bonding Games: 💜 

  • Name & Symbol Ice Breaker: This game is great for new members getting to know one another. Form a circle with everyone standing up. If the group is really large, break into several circles. The first girl says her Name and a Symbol to represent herself. For example, Becky - Daisy. The next girl repeats the name and symbol of the girl before her, then adds her name and symbol. The next girl repeats the name and symbol of every member before and adds her own. Repeat until everyone in the circle has gone. The game gets more difficult and more humorous as is grows. 
  • Super Speedy Groups: This game is all about forming and reforming groups as quickly as possible. Gather all the members into one room and assign an announcer. The announcer quickly calls out a group category and everyone must scramble to find their matches. Another type of group should be called out soon after, to keep the room moving. The idea is to mingle and meet as many sisters as possible as fast as possible! Suggested Group Call Outs: {add more to fit your chapter}
  1. A group of 5 with everyone having the same color eyes.
  2. A group of 3 with everyone having the same last digit in their cell phone numbers. 
  3. A group of 8 with everyone wearing the same size shoes.
  4. A group of 4 with the letter “H” in their names.
  5. A group of 6 with everyone born in the same month.
  • Get To Know Your Sister’s Interests: Lay extra large sheets of blank poster/craft paper around the room. On each piece of paper write one Interest Statement & Follow Up Question in bold ink to be answered by the sisters. Pens should be provided by each paper. The members then rotate around the room, writing their answers to questions that spark their interest. Everyone should answer at least one, and not more than three. After all the sisters have answered the questions, break into small groups to discuss the answers, or review them as a chapter. This will reveal what the sisterhood is interested in and provide insights as to future projects. Consider what gets the most interest, what has the least. Sample Interest Statements & Follow Up Questions: {add more to fit your chapter}
  1. I love to perform in public! What is your talent and where have you performed?
  2. I love to work on computers! What programs do you know?
  3. I have helped to organize a fundraiser or special event before! What type of activity did you participate in?
  4. Friendships are so important to me! What types of things could improve chapter friendships?
  5. I have traveled abroad! Where have you been?
  • One Sentence - One Group: Divide the sisterhood into two teams and tell them they are competing to see which team is the first to complete a group sentence. (If one group has an uneven number, one sister may compete twice.) Hang extra large paper on the wall for each team. Line the teams up 10 feet from their board. Give the first girl in each team a marker and explain the rules. Each member needs to add ONE WORD to the sentence. Players take turns; after they go to the board and write one word, they run back to give the next player the marker, and then go to the end of the line. The sentence must contain the same number of words as there are members on the team. A player may not add a word between words that have already been written. After the game, discuss the value of anticipatory thinking and the importance of cooperating as a group. Launch the game with a question that each group must answer in their sentence. Sample Starter Questions: 
  1. What does XYZ sorority mean to you?
  2. What would you say to the founders if you could meet them?
  3. What is your favorite part of XYZ chapter life?
  4. What makes an ideal XYZ sorority sister?
  5. Where do you see our chapter 100 years from now?
  • Think Outside the Box: Divide the chapter into small groups of about 4 sisters each. Show the groups an object like a sorority koozie, lanyard, candle, or other item in your chapter room. Ask each group to work together and come up with 10 different ways the object could be used. They have only five minutes make their list! The possibilities are endless. Discuss all the creative ideas after the five minutes are over. Award small candy prizes for most ‘outside the box’ thinking. You can repeat this game several times with other small objects. 

• Link here for MORE sorority ice breaker/game ideas: 

Sisterhood Shares

Sorority Ice Breakers

The signs as Halloween costumes
  • Aries: Gladiator/Fire Dancer
  • Taurus: Survivalist/Caveman
  • Gemini: Fairy/Magician
  • Cancer: Sailor/Witch
  • Leo: Count Dracula
  • Virgo: Farmer/Greek God
  • Libra: James Bond Or Other Famous Book Character
  • Scorpio: Detective/Grim Reaper/Vampire
  • Sagittarius: Pirate/Robin Hood
  • Capricorn: Wizard/Santa Claus/Sheriff
  • Aquarius: Mad Scientist/Alien
  • Pisces: Nymph/Ghost

anonymous asked:

Could you please tell me of the woman's role in the bible, is she lesser than man? I thought God made us equal and loved us equally.

God love’s men and women equally. We are equal but createddifferently and God gave us different roles. In Hebrew the root meaning for Adam is humanity and the meaning of Eve is life. Every soul is equal in the eyes of God but our flesh play different roles in society. Never think that God view’s women as second-class citizens because Jesus was the very first feminist. While there are some restrictions for women in the Bible, don’t get too caught up thinking about fleshly restrictions. Remember that we are only here for a short time. We aren’t going to spend eternity in our current state of ‘being.’ Focus on the divine nature God will grant you (2 Peter 1:4).

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus” – Galatians 3:28.

Just like men, the job God gave women is to evangelize to people. Go around spreading the gospel, telling people to pray, read their Bible and to ask God to reveal Himself to them. Then you just leave the rest up to God. The Bible say’s that older women are to teach younger women to love their husband and children and to raise them in the way of the Lord so they don’t stray from the faith. There is no scriptural precedent that forbids women from also serving as worship leaders, youth ministers, or children’s directors. The only restriction is that they do not assume a role of spiritual authority over adult men (1 Timothy 2:12).
Europe is blowing itself apart over Greece - and nobody seems able to stop it
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras never expected to win Sunday's referendum. He is now trapped and hurtling towards Grexit

Holy jesus motherfucker AEP just dropped the mother of all bombshells (and I think his source is Varoufakis, more explained below).

Greek premier Alexis Tsipras never expected to win Sunday’s referendum on EMU bail-out terms, let alone to preside over a blazing national revolt against foreign control.

He called the snap vote with the expectation - and intention - of losing it. The plan was to put up a good fight, accept honourable defeat, and hand over the keys of the Maximos Mansion, leaving it to others to implement the June 25 “ultimatum” and suffer the opprobrium.

This ultimatum came as a shock to the Greek cabinet. They thought they were on the cusp of a deal, bad though it was. Mr Tsipras had already made the decision to acquiesce to austerity demands, recognizing that Syriza had failed to bring about a debtors’ cartel of southern EMU states and had seriously misjudged the mood across the eurozone.

Instead they were confronted with a text from the creditors that upped the ante, demanding a rise in VAT on tourist hotels from 7pc (de facto) to 23pc at a single stroke.

Creditors insisted on further pension cuts of 1pc of GDP by next year and a phase out of welfare assistance (EKAS) for poorer pensioners, even though pensions have already been cut by 44pc.

They insisted on fiscal tightening equal to 2pc of GDP in an economy reeling from six years of depression and devastating hysteresis. They offered no debt relief. The Europeans intervened behind the scenes to suppress a report by the International Monetary Fund validating Greece’s claim that its debt is “unsustainable”. The IMF concluded that the country not only needs a 30pc haircut to restore viability, but also €52bn of fresh money to claw its way out of crisis.

They rejected Greek plans to work with the OECD on market reforms, and with the International Labour Organisation on collective bargaining laws. They stuck rigidly to their script, refusing to recognise in any way that their own Dickensian prescriptions have been discredited by economists from across the world.

“They just didn’t want us to sign. They had already decided to push us out,” said the now-departed finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

So Syriza called the referendum. To their consternation, they won, igniting the great Greek revolt of 2015, the moment when the people finally issued a primal scream, daubed their war paint, and formed the hoplite phalanx.

Mr Tsipras is now trapped by his success. “The referendum has its own dynamic. People will revolt if he comes back from Brussels with a shoddy compromise,” said Costas Lapavitsas, a Syriza MP.

“Tsipras doesn’t want to take the path of Grexit, but I think he realizes that this is now what lies straight ahead of him,” he said.

What should have been a celebration on Sunday night turned into a wake. Mr Tsipras was depressed, dissecting all the errors that Syriza has made since taking power in January, talking into the early hours.

The prime minister was reportedly told that the time had come to choose, either he should seize on the momentum of the 61pc landslide vote, and take the fight to the Eurogroup, or yield to the creditor demands - and give up the volatile Mr Varoufakis in the process as a token of good faith.

Everybody knew what a fight would mean. The inner cabinet had discussed the details a week earlier at a tense meeting after the European Central Bank refused to increase liquidity (ELA) to the Greek banking system, forcing Syriza to impose capital controls.

It was a triple plan. They would “requisition” the Bank of Greece and sack the governor under emergency national laws. The estimated €17bn of reserves still stashed away in various branches of the central bank would be seized.

They would issue parallel liquidity and California-style IOUs denominated in euros to keep the banking system afloat, backed by an appeal to the European Court of Justice to throw the other side off balance, all the while asserting Greece’s full legal rights as a member of the eurozone. If the creditors forced Grexit, they - not Greece - would be acting illegally, with implications for tort contracts in London, New York and even Frankfurt.

They would impose a haircut on €27bn of Greek bonds held by the ECB, and deemed “odious debt” by some since the original purchases were undertaken by the ECB to save French and German banks, forestalling a market debt restructuring that would otherwise have happened.

“They were trying to strangle us into submission, and this is how we would retaliate,” said one cabinet minister. Mr Tsipras rejected the plan. It was too dangerous. But a week later, that is exactly what he may have to do, unless he prefers to accept a forced return to the drachma.

Syriza has been in utter disarray for 36 hours. On Tuesday, the Greek side turned up for a make-or-break summit in Brussels with no plans at all, even though Germany and its allies warned them at the outset that this is their last chance to avert ejection.

The new finance minister, Euclid Tsakalotos, vaguely offered to come up with something by Wednesday, almost certainly a rejigged version of plans that the creditors have already rejected.

Events are now spinning out of control. The banks remain shut. The ECB has maintained its liquidity freeze, and through its inaction is asphyxiating the banking system.

Factories are shutting down across the country as stocks of raw materials run out and containers full of vitally-needed imports clog up Greek ports. Companies cannot pay their suppliers because external transfers are blocked. Private scrip currencies are starting to appear as firms retreat to semi-barter outside the banking system.

Yet if Greece is in turmoil, so is Europe. The entire leadership of the eurozone warned before the referendum that a “No” vote would lead to ejection from the euro, never supposing that they might have to face exactly this.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission’s chief, had the wit to make light of his retreat. “We have to put our little egos, in my case a very large ego, away, and deal with situation we face,” he said.

France’s prime minister, Manuel Valls said Grexit and the rupture of monetary union must be prevented as the highest strategic imperative. “We cannot let Greece leave the eurozone. Nobody can say today what the political consequences would be, what would be the reaction of the Greek people,” he said.

French leaders are working in concert with the White House. Washington is bringing its immense diplomatic power to bear, calling openly on the EU to put “Greece on a path toward debt sustainability” and sort out the festering problem once and for all.

The Franco-American push is backed by Italy’s Matteo Renzi, who said the eurozone has to go back to the drawing board and rethink its whole austerity doctrine after the democratic revolt in Greece. He too now backs debt relief.

Yet 15 of the 18 governments now sitting in judgment on Greece either back Germany’s uncompromising stand, or are leaning towards Grexit in one form or another. The Germans are already thinking beyond Grexit, discussing plans for humanitarian aide and balance of payments support for the drachma.

Mark Rutte, the Dutch premier, spoke for many in insisting that the eurozone must uphold discipline, whatever the financial consequences. “I am at the table here today to ensure that the integrity, the cohesion, the underlying principles of the single currency are protected. It is up to the Greek government to come up with far-reaching proposals. If they don’t do that, then I think it will be over quickly,” he said.

The two sides are talking past each other, clinging to long-entrenched narratives, no longer willing to question their own assumptions. The result could be costly. RBS puts the direct financial losses for the eurozone from a Greek default at €227bn, compared with €140bn if they bite the bullet on an IMF-style debt restructuring.

But that is a detail compared with the damage to the European political project and the Nato alliance if Greece is thrown to wolves against the strenuous objections of France, Italy and the US.

It is hard to imagine what would remain of Franco-German condominium. Washington might start to turn its back on Nato in disgust, leaving Germany and the Baltic states to fend for themselves against Vladimir Putin’s Russia, a condign punishment for such loss of strategic vision in Greece.

Mr Lapavitsas said Europe’s own survival as civilisational force in the world is what is really at stake. “Europe has not show much wisdom over the last century. It launched two world wars and had to be saved by the Americans,” he said

“Now with the creation of monetary union it has acted with such foolishness, and created such a disaster, that it is putting the very union in doubt, and this time there will be no saviour. It is the last throw of the dice for Europe,” he said.

Today, the new Greek Finance Minister walked into a Eurogroup meeting with absolutely no new proposals, shocking everybody. He was photographed on the way out with a piece of paper on which he had written English notes, including “no triumphalism”.

Now maybe this is all one big scheme to smooth the path to SYRIZA forfeiting, just making sure that everybody believes they had no choice, but I trust that chaos is the law of the land far more than order. Tsakalatos’ face doesn’t look like a “>TFW”, it’s a “Oh god, we fucked up, what do we do”.

Now, this is not nearly the time to start planning a Grexit, which should have begun in January. It’s also not good that the battle plan was leaked, which means the ECB can take precautions (not that they probably haven’t already thought of it. They need to make sure Greece is dependent on humanitarian aid and has as few Euros in the country as possible to make it as pliant to Germany when the exit comes). But holy shit, it makes for exciting reading. 

Now, why do I think Varoufakis is the source? AEP has implied over and over that he has intimate dealings with high level Syriza figures who were privy to the negotiation process, yet in this case, nothing about Tsakalatos’ dealings leaked. Instead, we heard about things that happened before Varoufakis resigned. In AEP’s last article, he mentions outright that he had spoken to Varoufakis, and his tone seemed to have been similar to the sort of things AEP’s articles have been saying:

But then he was starting to harbour ‘dangerous’ thoughts. When I asked him before the vote whether he was prepared to contemplate seizing direct control of the Greek banking system, a restoration of sovereign monetary instruments, Grexit, and a return to the drachma – if the ECB maintains its liquidity blockade, forcing the country to its knees - he thought for a while and finally answered yes.

“I am sick of these bigots,” he said.

His fear was that Greece did not have the technical competence to carry out an orderly exit from EMU, and truth be told, Syriza has already raided every possible source of funds within the reach of the Greek state - bar a secret stash still at the central bank, controlled by Syriza’s political foes - and therefore has no emergency reserves to prevent the crisis spinning out of control in the first traumatic weeks.

He was putting out feelers for technical experts in London, targeting veterans of Britain’s ERM exit in 1992, though he was under no illusions that Grexit could ever be anything other than gruesome.

AEP’s been awfully kind to Syriza for somebody who calls himself a “Burkean conservative”, implying maybe there was a personal friendship. I think Varoufakis stayed around to give his last interview to AEP so he could drop this bombshell scoop.

Hopefully, Greece can fly in those experts very quickly. There seems to be almost no chance that an exit can be averted. Eurocrats have outright stated that if they don’t get a detailed proposal on a third bailout on Thursday to hash out through the weekend, then Sunday’s Eurogroup meeting will be all about the exit

“We have a Grexit scenario prepared in detail,” said Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European commission.

In no way is this legal, but neither were the first two bailouts, and that never stopped them. This is gonna be a wild week. Will our heroes ride off into the sunset?