I recently saw a video of a young woman talking about all of the reasons our generation, the Millennials, sucks and that’s she’s sorry for what we’ve become. Here is my, a fellow Millennial, response:

You say we’re just ‘existing’ and not ‘contributing anything to society.’ The oldest Millennial is 34, the youngest is 12, we haven’t had time to contribute anything yet. We’re trying to survive in a world that no other generation has had to grow up in, with a tanked economy and most of our childhood hearing nothing but war in the Middle East on the news while also being profoundly connected. We didn’t do that.

You say we’re no longer polite, we don’t say ‘no, sir’ or ‘no ma’am’ anymore and we no longer hold the door open for our elders or women. We also don’t expect low-paid workers to break their backs for us, or at yell at them when they make a mistake, like my 60-year-old grandfather does. We say ‘no problem’ when there’s a mistake in order, and politely stand by while the 40-something-year-old soccer mom huffs and rolls her eyes as the new girl struggles to punch in the correct code.

You say our music objectifies women and glorifies drugs and criminals. There has been no significant change from the songs that were once sung or the singers who sang them. Many of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s performers were drug addicts, womanizers, and criminals in their own right. Elvis Presley was child abuser, John Lennon raped his many girlfriends and most of the music I grew up listening, which was 80’s rock, were performed by habitual drug abusers. Let’s not pretend like human nature took a drastic turn when 1983 rolled around.

You say we cuss to prove a point. We, as a generation, have learned it’s not the words we fucking use, it’s the passion in them that we care about. As a generation, we’ve become more interested in politics and the world around us, cursing is minor problem when we consider the political climate the older generation has plunged us into.

You say we use ‘bae’ to describe the ones we love. Bae, originally, means ‘before anyone else’ which is incredibly romantic in my opinion. Bae is also hardly ever taken seriously, it’s a jokey way to talk about someone you love. Language changes, I doubt people were happy when we changed ‘wherefore’ into ‘why.’ The greatest injustice we can do to our language and culture is not allow it to evolve and grow with us.

You say we idolize people like Kim Kardashian and shame people like Tim Tebow. Kim Kardashian is a business woman who had a private video she made with a lover illegally revealed. Instead of fading into obscurity, she stood tall and did not let the sexual shaming she endured stop her and now runs a multi-million dollar industry, is married to one of the richest men in the world, and had two beautiful children. Tim Tebow is a Christian who was criticized by a few people for praying in an open stadium while most people just wanted to see a game.

You say we’re lazy and entitled, we want to make a lot of money and get a free education but we’re not willing to put in the work. We are not lazy. I cannot tell you how many people I meet who have gone to school full time while working a part or even full-time job just to make ends meet. We’re not entitled, we’re bitter. In the 70’s, you could work a part time job over the summer and pay your way through four years of school because tuition was $400, now just to walk in the door of your local community college you need to drop $14,000. We have kids who aren’t even old enough to drink, yet are already $20,000 deep in debt. Debt that won’t go away because even filing for bankruptcy won’t erase it. And even with that education, there’s no guarantee you’ll find something in your field. I have a friend who has a degree in microbiology and she’s making $9 an hour selling $15 candles. I have another friend who has a masters in Sport Psychology and Counseling. She’s a bartender. My parents bought a three bedroom house in the suburbs in the late 90’s while my generation is imagining apartments with breezy windows and trying to get enough money to get food while we scrounge up less than $8 a week.

You say we spend more time online making friends and less time building relationships and our relationship’s appearance on Facebook is more important than building the foundation that relationship is based on. We are a generation that is profoundly connected and no other generation has seen this before. We have more opportunities to meet people from all over the world and better chances to understand other worldviews and lifestyles. Being able to stay home and talk to people over the internet is cheaper and more relaxing than having to force yourself to interact with people in public settings after a long day of minimum wage labor. The people I talk to more over the internet are people I have been friends with for years. It’s easier to talk about the day’s events over Skype or Facebook Messenger than arrange a day to meet in person when you have conflicting schedules. I truly don’t believe most people care what others think of their friendship or how their relationships ‘look’ on social media. Most often what you are calling ‘our relationship’s appearance on Facebook’ are documented and searchable memories.

You say our idea of what we believe in is going on Facebook and posting a status on Facebook. Not everyone can join in with the crowds of protesters. It’s easy to see what others have to say through the comments and argue back without the threat of violence. And when this generation does organize events to stand up for ourselves, it’s met with childish name-calling or being reduced to a ‘riot.’

You say we believe the number of follows we have reflects who we are as a person. It’s nice knowing there’s 20 or 50 or maybe even 100 people who care what you have to say or think. We live in an age where we can and will be heard.

You say we don’t respect our elders, that we don’t respect our country. Our elders grew up in one of the greatest economic booms in history and in turn made it the worst economic situation since the 1930’s all while blaming kids who were only five at the time for it. We stand on our flag because it means nothing, it’s a pretty banner for an ugly lie. We’re a country that says you can make it if you just work hard enough while, in the end, that will almost never happen. We’re a country that becomes irate at the idea of 20-something college kids standing on some canvas dyed red, white, and blue but seem to shrug off the millions of homeless, disabled veterans.

You say we’re more divided than ever before. Ever before what? When black folk couldn’t drink from the same fountain as white folk? When women couldn’t vote? When white southerners fought for the idea that they could keep black people as slaves? We’re a generation that is done with injustice and when you fight for social change, you will divide people.

You say everything that was frowned up is celebrated. What does that mean? We frowned up gay marriage. We frowned upon wives being able to say no to sex with their husbands. We frowned up interracial marriage. We frowned up black folk being allowed to go to school with white folk. We frowned upon women being allowed to vote. Are those things not worth celebrating?

You say nothing has value in our generation, that we take advantage of everything. We value friendship more, we value the fists of change, we value social justice and family and the right to marry those we love. We value the right to be yourself, wholly and fully. We value the right to choose and we value the idea of fighting what you believe in, even when everyone older than you is telling you you’re what’s wrong with the country.

You say we have more opportunities to succeed than those before but we don’t ‘appreciate’ them. We are a bitter generation. You can finance a boat for 3.9% but you have to pay back college tuition plus 8.9%. We may have more opportunities but those opportunities cost money we don’t have.

You say you can see why we’re called ‘Generation,’ but we’re not Generation Y, we’re Millennials and we do feel entitled. We were promised a strong economy and inexpensive education. We had the world in our hands and we were going to make it better. And it was ripped away from us because of incompetent rulers, illegal wars, and greedy corporations and we get blamed for it. Crime has gone down, abortion and unintended pregnancy has lowered, people are living longer, people are more educated, people are less likely to die from violent crime or diseases, yet my generation is touted as the worst generation and for what? Crimes that we’re accused of that happened before we could even wipe our own ass? We were raised better, and we were raised in a society that treated, and continues to treat, us like garbage. And we are done. We are not sorry, we did nothing wrong.

So I just watched Carrie Pilby.

And i’ve been left extremely offended, insulted and angered.




The sheer horror of it. I can’t believe- This is why he’s such a cold-hearted, bastard of a dude in the movie. His attitude and heart was frozen by the lack of protection on his chest.

I’m just.

I have no words.

How fucking DARE THEY.

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DISCLAIMER: Yes this post is a shit post and not to be taken seriously in any way, so please think twice before flooding my inbox with telling me how problematic I am. Thanking you kindly. 

I think that it’s because Bioware is with EA, and joining the list like Ubisoft that prefer to release rushed games and make choices that don’t benefit the player. They’ve got the image of a greedy corporation now. And they’ve made those mistakes with other titles too. (Repeating areas, taking out elements that players liked to appeal to a broader audience, etc. with Dragon Age 2. I was definitely not kind to them when that game came out hah.)

With GTA V, the multiplayer didn’t work for shit on release, but people forgive Rockstar more easily because they know they took time, effort and passion into creating the game and appear 100% genuine. And nobody sees obvious exploitative marketing choices or steps made during development that don’t benefit the players. Something that EA in combination with Bioware doesn’t have going for them. New Vegas had goodwill and a great story to compensate for the bugs and ugliness. They really listened and gave the fans what they wanted in their game. Same idea.

Grumpy Cat used to be a fun internet curiosity until she became an inescapable marketing juggernaut that answered the ancient question: Can a cat be a corporate sellout?

The word “bae” had a bread stick stabbed through his heart when the Olive Garden’s Twitter page used it so often that the account seemed like it was run by an AI that went bonkers after a lab assistant spilled marinara on an iPhone playing Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Nothing kills internet trends faster than the greedy inauthentic touch of corporate America. And that greed may be the only thing that can keep America safe from the spread of the fake news that threatens to erode trust in our journalistic institutions.

The One Thing That MIGHT Be Able To Kill Fake News

buzzfeed is a trashy n greedy corporation trying too damn hard but like… buzzfeed unsolved could literally fuck me up any day of the week

Read to the end

Due to outrageous fee hikes, the oppressed poor people decide to rise up against their greedy corporate overlords, demanding fair treatment with respect and dignity. They are helped by a privileged girl that the leader of the rebellion falls in love with. They spread the word to all the other workers across the city to bolster their numbers and stand in defiance of their greedy oppressors.

When the leader of the rebellion meets with the CEO of the evil corporation, he’s offered a bribe to call off the rebellion, and finds out the girl he’s fallen in love with is the CEO’s daughter. He is conflicted in his situation, but eventually forgives his love and turns down the bribe, ready to lead the rebellion to victory.

At this point the Newsies storyline breaks apart from Urinetown and decides to have a happy ending instead.

Favorite lok antagonist as voted by people.

Zaheer is here and he is ready to take anyone’s breath away. This scary airbender rule the top. Lets not talk about one special guru or he wouldn’t shut up speaking about it all time. To make sure anarchy don’t rule over the world, and to clean up after one special airbender, comes Kuvira, the chosen one destined to bring order to the world… by conquering everything that stands in her way. Its the eternal fight between chaos and order. Only when the dust settles we can finally start to equalize everyone or to put it simply take everyone’s bending away! Amon is quite competent in this department and holds third place. After that is over we got greedy eccentric corporation owner, Varrick, who will ask everyone to do the thing. Residing in the fifth place Ming-Hua may not have arms, but you can be sure her water tentacles are ready to do all the things to make you piss your trousers. The fact that she also sound like some special princess also do the thing.

All five places and the votes they received.

1. Zaheer 146 votes 33,6%

2. Kuvira 109 votes 25,1%

3. Amon 86 votes 19,8%

4. Varrick 26 votes 6%

5. Ming-Hua 15 votes 3,5%

Stay tuned for more!

The News

“The News”

Whenever I turn on the news,
To see what’s occurring in the world,
I see another victim dying.
I see another battered girl.

Whenever I read the paper,
To get my fix of daily news,
I see another landmark bombed.
And the government without a clue.

The news is full of sorrow,
Full of murder; full of death.
Everything is negative.
The truth can not be kept.

The news contains corruption,
Abuse from page to page,
Full of innocent victims,
By the hands of those enraged.

Children being abused,
And the poor wandering streets,
While greedy corporations,
Fill their mouths with meat.

And it saddens me to know,
Just how evil we can be.
Most of us would love,
To go on killing sprees.
We are all capable of sin,
Because humanity is flawed,
And not all of us refrain,
Despite the greater laws.

Brooklyn anti-gentrification protester in downtown Brooklyn. Too many working class people are being pushed out of their homes and are being replaced by luxury buildings and venues. Brooklyn has undergone radical changes and many people of color, immigrants, and the poor can no longer afford to live in their homes. 


Four strangers arrive on a broken planet, ruined by greedy corporations that used the planet for its resources while mistreating the residents for nearly half a century. After finding signs that the alien ruins on the planet may actually be more than just rocks with fancy glowing markings, the corporations fought for the planet, devastating the residents and driving them to an almost post-apocalyptic world. Then a man with three testicles and nine toes stole a toilet to create a seat in his arena, where he died at the hands of the four strangers.

Figured I’d make one of those guides to whether or not you’ll like a Precure season if you watch it, if only because I’ve seen them all. Since there are so many, though, this’ll just be brief, with small overviews and then reasons why you may or may not want to watch it. If nothing stands out for you, start with an All-Stars movie or other part of the crossover compilation, but beware of spoilers for the series if you do.

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Shoplifting: A Short Guide

I’ve been in a mood all day after I saw the anon post from somanybadcustomers regarding shoplifting.

Here’s some points to consider next time you consider shoplifting:

  • At no time does shoplifting “stick it to the greedy corporation”
    Here’s why: THEY JUST FIND ANOTHER WAY TO GET THE MONEY THEY WOULD HAVE FOR THEIR PRODUCTS, DUMB FUCK. Lost items could be tax-deductible, and they take money out of pay and benefits for the low-level grunts that do the work that makes your valueless life possible.

  • The rich CEO won’t lose any money, and won’t be taking a pay cut because your stupid lazy ass couldn’t get a job to afford your own damn stuff like the rest of us. The CEO’s pay is based off profit and share value (among other things) and using a large corporation as an example - the items you steal won’t make enough of a dent to change their pay. Whoever thought this up was likely suffering from a severe brain injury. Like a lobotomy.

  • People suffer because of shoplifting. Think nobody is hurt by shoplifting? Wrong, dumbass! Where do you think the business will take the money they lost from? Shareholders? Nope. The CEO? No, you brain dead moron. Raise prices? Nope! Retail is incredibly competitive. A few cents extra on tube socks could cost them a sale to a competitor. Cheat on their taxes? That could work, but could also cost more in the long run. The only thing left to do is take it out of the employee pay & benefit & bonus box. So when you steal, you nasty shitbiscuit, you potentially cost somebody a raise, their bonus, or their job depending on how many of you asshats decide stealing stuff is acceptable. So every time one of you butt puppets screams out “Hurrrr to the Durrrrr RAISE MINIMUM WAGE BECAUSE GREEDY CORPORATIONS SHOULD PAY A LIVING WAGE DEEEERRRRRRRP” you’ve already stolen money from those people, and are part of the problem. Businesses exist to make money, not give it away to people who think they’re too good to pay for stuff because they’re lazy idiots.

  • Most shoplifters aren’t stealing food for their families. Don’t believe me? Check out the shoplifter tag on Tumblr. You’ll see makeup, electronics, clothes, and enough stupid shit that isn’t necessary for anything than you may have expected.

  • You aren’t taking a stand against capitalism or anything else by shoplifting. You’re just a petty thief. You aren’t noble, you aren’t making a statement, you aren’t making a positive difference, and you sure as fuck aren’t doing anybody any favors. Quit pretending you’re anything other than a thieving piece of shit. Because at your core, you’re just a useless, selfish, delusional, insipid, thieving prick.

I hate most retailers. I hated working for them and I hate shopping at them. There are a few I want to see fail horribly because of the way they treat customers and workers both.

But I don’t delude myself into thinking stealing is the way to accomplish anything of meaning. 

For crying out loud people, this isn’t quantum physics.


✨The Real Skinheads✨

Skinhead culture is such a taboo, because it was corrupted by white people and we got fucked with white supremacists. However…..
The original skinheads were Jamaican youth who migrated to England as working class citizens. Their style was heavily influenced by Jamaican musical genres such as reggae, ska, and rocksteady.

Since these young Jamaican immigrants were often working labor jobs, skinhead streetwear evolved out of work uniforms.

The politics associated with skinheads was always resistant of colonial authority - cops, governments, and greedy corporations etc.

So what does this mean?


So basically any racist, kkk, nazi motherfucker fronting skinhead culture (music, dances, clothing, boots, slang etc.) is actually a fuckin poser.

Please enjoy these glorious photos of black skinheads and ska dancers💖