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If Walmart Paid Its Employees a Living Wage

For CEO!5sos night with quiffedluke and featuringluke hope you enjoy!

CEO!Luke with his armani suit and tie and intimidating stare when it comes to greedy corporate bosses is actually a huge ass softie when it comes to you and your two year old daughter. When he comes home from work she often runs up to him and jumps in his arms. Regardless of whether or not he’s on a business call, he drops whatever he’s doing to give a proper hello to his giggly daughter and beautiful wife, which never fails to piss off his coworkers, even though he’s the boss. Luke never spoke about the two of you, as he liked to keep his family life private, but when you told him you were pregnant again over the phone, he cried with joy and immediately took off the rest of the day (not telling anyone why) to be with his growing family, and came back the next day to hear a flood of congratulations and man hugs, and good lucks bc Cal let it slip that the two of you were expecting again. He couldn’t be mad at his best mate that helped him build his business and get to where he is now and for introducing the two of you.

Something else about corporations really pisses me off as well. They have really fucked up policies that hurt their employees and customers, but argue that they would make no money if they were more ethical in their practices. They rake in trillions of dollars and pay their ceo’s billions. But they put on an act like “Oh, look at us poor little corporations. We are just trying to survive.” They are such greedy children.


Dasani PlantBottle: Designed to Fake a Difference
By Jim Razor (

I don’t want just any career. I want to help. I want to have purpose. Why are we all on this planet? We all have something to give and if I am not giving I feel unworthy. The smile of a stranger can be the most energizing thing for me. I want to make a difference I Dont want a job just because it pays well. I want to show others the greatness of our planet! I want to show other what we are doing to our planet not only the negative things but also the positive things! People need motivation to want to make a difference and all too often we see people showing videos of the negative things and not what WE can do to make a positive outcome!

afraid of getting sucked into the corporate world. Sometimes I do think that is the only way to make a change. From the inside of the greedy corporate world…


The European Honeybee is an invasive species that has competed against indigenous bee species and other pollinators for supremacy. They do not need to be saved, they are not supposed to be here. All this “save the bees!” Bull was created by corporations in an attempt to up the sale of their product; a product that is created through the suffering of said bees they are imploring you to “save.” You want to save a bee? Advocate for the North American Bumble Bee, then. They are not aggressive like honeybees and they pollinate better. You don’t need honey, it’s not good for you, it is literally bee vomit. It has been chewed, swallowed and regurgitated on average 50x before you consume it. Have fun with that.
Greenpeace Report: Big Oil Funding Climate-Denial Research

             Sad to see science comprised by the interests of greedy American companies. 

A recent Greenpeace report is exposing a funding operation that has funneled $146 million from oil companies to organizations that support an anti-climate change policies.

The two shadow organizations, Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, have been the source of funding for more than 100 of the “climate-denial” organizations for more than 10 years. The recipients of the funds have included the Heartland Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute and the James Partnership, to name a few.

A Guardian report published Feb. 15 indicated that Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund were behind a campaign against wind farm and solar projects. The sister organizations were linked to the campaign through the Franklin Center for government and Public Integrity, an organization that was created in 2009, presumably by Donors Trust, to push an anti-environmental, pro-industry agenda.

It’s a sad time for the internet when all the file-sharing sites are becoming obsolete. Fucking corporations. Downloading music online does not hurt the artists. If they’re any good people will pay to see them live and buy merch. The only people who get “hurt” by decreased record sales are not people at all they are the corporations that own the labels and production companies. And I’m sure these million-dollar corporations are doing absolutely fine either way. Gahh. Sons of bitches.

Monsanto's Billion Dollar Fuck-up

Monsanto lost billions of dollars after it abandoned a program that successfully created genetically enhanced honeybees that could replace the dying population of the European honeybees - which are dying due in large part by Monsanto’s genetically modified crops.  Monsanto’s “super bees” are immune to all diseases and resistant to mites, and are quite possibly the only hope of keeping Mother Earth from her impending doom when the European honeybees completely die out.  Unfortunately, since Monsanto scientists could not program the bees to pollinate only Monsanto crops the company uncaringly said, “fuck it!”

How Dissapointing

The new X-Box console is going to be a major failure. Please take off your hats for all the great exclusive IPs Microsoft had like Halo, because they’re going to crash and burn. Not only is this console moving away from legitimate gaming (I have never really wanted a fucking ESPN app on my XBOX which I use to play GAMES), the way the new console is stonewalling used games is going to put a fork in Gamestop’s profits too.

More greedy bullshit from a large company. Wish I could say I’m surprised. 

My new huge chunk of amethyst. Picked it up at a local market for $30. Such a good price. I’ve seen a lot of these elsewhere and most are $70-$120 so I’m so stocked with this find. Buy local people! Often so much cheaper than chain store shops and the money stays in your community rather than going to greedy corporations.