greedy fish

100+ followers ficlet!

As promised, the ficlet for hitting the 100+ followers mark! This isn’t actually a ficlet as it holds several strings with the main plot. This is set in part 3 and I’ll probably include it in the fic waaay later so this is like, a giant preview of what is to come when I finally sit down to fill in all the parts linearly. Hope it isn’t too much to take in now, but don’t worry, it’s not as serious as it looks like. TW for mpreg, a/b/o and such. (This probably won’t make sense at all if you’re not familiar with the series)


The reporter’s smile is sickeningly sweet and she shakes Yuri’s hand before he more or less slumps on the sofa across her. There’s also a nondescript man lingering around the room. He asks if Yuri would like a glass of water and Yuri shakes his head.  

“Yuri,” she says, and then pauses before giggling, “can I call you Yuri?”

Yuri stares her dead in the eye. “It’s my name.”

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You’re not my lusus. (Closed)

=> You were on a quest. A quest to see why a very short very hairy lowblood was quadrants with some greedy egotistical fish. No one in their right mind would. Or at the least you though that no one in their right mind would. You approached the Hive of said low blood slowly at first, trying to judge is that fish was in there with him. Unfortunately your hearing was not that good. Ah well, if he was you’d punch him and run.

=> You went up to the door and knocked, dusting off some ashes from your sleeveless hoodie. You didn’t exactly come to talk him out of anything, just to say that you weren’t any threat just because you stole .1% of a fishes money every few months.


Here’s the bloody face of fishing bycatch :-(

This is a large female great white, that was caught off California by a squid fishing vessel.  They fish for squid, but clearly their methods mean that they are not selective.

Bycatch has many faces - sharks, dolphins, turtles… the common denominator is that they are all wasted life.   

We need to stop overfishing.  We need to stop thoughtless fishing, Greedy fishing…. 

Think about the source of your seafood.   Don’t buy fish covered in other animals blood.