We don’t even know much about Ushio’s character aside from the fact that he’s a brute, a jackass and someone who deserved to be put in his place. He came after Yuugi for fake protection money. Guy thinks he’s in the mafia or something. Real tough guy (see: asshole). And then beats Yuugi up when he doesn’t get his imaginary money and then beats up Honda and Jonouchi when they protect Yuugi.

I don’t think this guy is in it for the sex. Having sex, forced or otherwise, with Yuugi was never part of his plan. He’s not that kind of brutish bully. He just isn’t. And after getting fucked in the head by Atem, whether or not he comes back to reality I suppose is up for debate since I hear he shows up somewhere else (which is ridiculous to me because those series are forever in the future or something), he’s not going to come within a mile of Yuugi ever again. He certainly isn’t going to come crawling to him looking for friendship.

Aside that, though I do think if he came to Yuugi for forgiveness, Yuugi would give it, but a relationship? That’s really not happening. I’m pretty sure Yuugi doesn’t like the guy. I’m also pretty sure he doesn’t want to have sex with him, either. So this is a no-go ship in all forms ships can take.

If anyone has any questions regarding my opinions on ships, characters or events you know what to do.