- GreedDemon (Egyptian demon invoked incidentally by Persephone) is finally back, feel free to RP with him !

( I would describe his current plot really soon by creating a RP section on my blog. He’s still related to Persephone but she practises another job and doesn’t visit him that much. )

- Persephone or MalePersephone “Hans St.Jean ” (her male version) is available for RPs and can adapt for any RP plot. Even those with GreedDemon. She/He is usally a police officer.

( I decided to add my male version because it’s a thing very requested by people )

For more questions about that, be free to ask me !


- He can can even turn into a black and big snake he feels weak, when he wants to hide himself of something or whenever he wants.

- He has a Divine Sanctuary and tomb in an Ancien Pyramid. The more curious are knew to have a awful destiny or painful death.

- Persephone released him in her young days after to have seen some research of Pariah’s grandfather. She’s too quiet towards her boss and scared as well, always wanting not to confess her fears, her feels and her past. Anyway, it’s sure she wants to kill him in a way to avoid some innocent’s deaths for the future.

- He was a really respected demon in the Ancient Egypt, but not anymore because most of demons are imprisonned in some tombs or exterminated by some paranormal hunters. But who knows ? Maybe his kingdom is not collapsed ?…

- That Demon dream to have an army of submissive humans. He hates humans and think they are just a pathetic and a weak race who need to be dominated by something worse than them.

- He has possessed Persephone during seven full years.


-“ I-I know that I’m not that important…I know…

The woman wrapped her thin arms around herself as if to protect herself from the demon wich she heard the cruel laughter echoing in her head. Panting, she was trembling with fear and anxiety. He was in front of her tall…So tall.

Tall of cruelty.

He was the devil incarnate…

"I will never forgive you for hurting Pariah … Never.”

A sadistic laughter came to answer her as the demonic being she had released was approaching her slowly and gently grabbed his chin between his strong gloved fingers.

How stupid you are woman… Being worried for a human who could leave afterwards. That"Pariah” just use … How many people have used you ? You’re just an excuse…“

Confused, Persephone glanced up at him, shaking a little of fear but, the fact he had hurt Pariah brought her some courage. The demon rubbed then her cheek in a soft manner, his eyes laying upon her.

” No…Pariah is not like the others…Just stop. You can hurt me but not her, please…I-I thought you appreciated her…“

” You’re so naive…So so naive…How could you trust ? Me who stayed by your side for so long and never leave you, or just a damn human who can leave you anytime ?

After all, they are all the same…“

Persephone looked away, alway so confused and unsure and clenched her gloved hands into fists. Then, the tall and strong demon kissed her forehead, tempted to connect his lips to hers, but it was not the moment…

She would reject him for sure…

” Just bring me Pariah in Egypt, in my sanctuary, and I could protect my sanctuary. Remember…All is only your fault…It’s you who have released me after all…“


Persephone blinked several times at the day light was crossing the windows. Panting a little, dizzy, the naked woman yawned, feeling something hard sensually through and scaly belly to make his way up her bare breasts.

Moving almost imperceptibly under the covers, a small movement here, a small movement there, Persephone wanted to turn sideways to plunge into a dreamless sleep once again but there was THAT thing between her breast and upon her belly. Something not normal.

Straightening then there she caught sight of the beast : an imposant black snake was on her  pure and fresh skin covered with bruises and cuts. The woman jumped a little but noticed it was only her boss. What the hell he was doing there ? On her bed, on her…whereas she was naked ?!

The woman blushed and shivered a little, always having a sharp fear of snakes and insects but took her boss against her, covering herselg with a sheet. Why he was teasing her like that ? Otherwise he needed some blood to keep his human or demon form.

The woman blinked weakly as the snake, more stronger than her was wrapping around her neck in a sensual way.

“ W-what…are you doing ?…”

The demon didn’t answer directly, he took the time to went down her spine.

“ Just make you scared of me, my sweet child~”


- C'est un cauchemar dont je ne peux plus me réveiller…Je suis bien là,  blessée, Greedler a été kidnappé…et je fais toute ces choses.

Toute ces choses…Je veux mourir…Mais je veux l'aider.

Persephone grelottait de froid, assise sur la boue sale alors que son regard empli de larmes se dirigeait vers le feu de camp qui illuminait alors la nuit d'Egypte.

* DOn’T TeLL Me You WANT To Die OnCe AgAIn. JuST lEaVE tHat PlAcE.*

Ordonna sèchement le démon en son âme, alors que la jeune femme avait sursauté, ne s'y attendant guère à une intervention télépathique. Alors, elle répondit, pleurant.

- Y-you don’t know why I want to die so…leave me alone now. I will save you very soon. I-I…Je ne veux pas laisser à Béa l'occasion de faire ce qu'elle mène.

 * WHaT ?*

- I said …that I will never leave Bea hurting you, alright ?…I’m here Greed, injuried, tired and blessed. But don’t worry, my nightmare will end soon, after your rescue.

*…SiLlY aNd PaThETIc wOman. YoU Want To MaKE ME VoMIT RIGHT NOW ! *

Avec un faible sourire, Persephone observa le feu danser sous ses yeux alors qu'elle y mettait précautionneusement ses mains au dessus pour se réchauffer.

- I know that I’m pathetic…I know.

A cake has been delivered, with a note attached.. - Happy Birthday, I hope you have a most pleasant day. I’d have dropped by myself, but considering I’ve heard you are trying to kill me, I’m not taking that chance. Enjoy the cake ~ Pariah xx~ - 

The Demon couldn’t help but smile in his usual sadistic way. What a cute and pathetic human…

“ Why keeping to send me gift whereas I just want to kill her since the beginning ?…Ehehehe…Humans~ ”

His smile widened even more at the sight of the cake reminding his own origins.

“Mhh…Looks delicious. Well, Damn. Youuuuu’re so lucky Pariah because I won’t kill you now…Maybe later~ You should thank me for that."Anyway thaaaaaank you ! Hehehee…”


The Egyptian demon watched his muse with an ernicious and devious expression, while Persephone was trying to hide her fear in front of him, hugging herself as browsing chills was running down her spine.

“Oh, and how allo you stop me my beautiful little virgin? ~ You want to protect that Pariah, but remember that these people are just little shits. … You know? All humans. You know that. But I’m worse than them … They did not even get to my ankle…”

With his cocky and assured grin, the demon moved forward, laughing in a spiteful way. Persephone was obviously intimidated. He was so tall and so…strong.

Then, he stroked her cheek and admiring the many hickeys adorning her delicate soft throat which he was the author.

“ You’re too weak to stop me … You’re like those other poor humans. All humans are the same. Pariah will let you …You have to choose : me or Pariah ? Too bad you have nobody else ~

As you are mine and your body and soul belong to me, you have made the choice few years ago. It’s you who released me … It was you who made ​​the choice that all things happens. It’s your fault so, don’t blame me. I have an idea, how about to leave in Egypt soon and convinces Pariag to follow you ? Of course, you will make trust her it will simply a trip. Hehehe~ ”

The woman looked away, shaking even more. Facing her boss HAD  always been scary. Facing evil had always been scary.

“N-No … I can not do something like that. She has nothing to do with that. E-Even if she’s a descendant of that James Vass…You have me so, you can sacrifice me instead…?”


The Egyptian demon scratched his eyebrows together, crushing his cigar between his strong fingers. What the…? He pinned the poor Persephone against the nearest wall with violence.


Well…The next events would be just worst…



A mischievous smile grew on Bea’s thin lips who was admirating the delicious demon  in front of her, trapped of the many rough ropes. And now she had caught one! A pretty, beautiful, and strong demon… Bea found him really cute and absolutely stunning. That beautiful albaster face, these strong muscles, that well-built body. As if he was somewhat of a statue Greek god. Except that this demon was not of Greek origin but rather ancient Egyptian origins.

- “ Ahha…What if "Persephone” forget you ?…You would not handle it, isn’t ?…You life would be a nightmare ? Oooh strong demon, tell me, do you love that weak human. “

A teasing smile grew upon Bea’s lips as was holding her rifle. The golden-eyed demon growled, glaring in her eyes, panting as the thought she had injected him some strong drugs to weakenhim so that he not escape and massacre all her troops.

- ” Shut the fuck up…She’s the strongest woman I have ever seen… “

Bea shrugged, dropping the gun on an old worn table, holding his gaze.

- ” Oooooh, now you thing a human is strong ? Don’t make me laugh…-See, you’re feelings make you weak. As if you’re an human…Weak weak poor little bloody demon. But…Just don’t forget she’s mine… “

Greedler looked away, trying to not explode, but he was to weak to get angered against her.

- ” Tsssss…“

Facing his reaction, Bea, sat on a chair, looked pretty amused.

- ” Anyway…Nobody cares about her, except me. I saw in your memories she had made a friend, “Pariah” I think ?…Well, I have an idea…Your sanctuary is not so far away from there…and…to protect it from everything for eternity, you have to kill the one who discovered you or one of his descendant. Think of what I think…I bet you came here to kill one of that descendant and protect your sanctuary in order no one could destroy that once again… “

- …

- ” Pariah…It’s that Pariah who is that descendant…? I read that in your thoughts. You’re stupid because you know that Persephone is stubborn and will never let you kill her.

Pariah…What a beautiful name.

But Persephone is always alone…Always…

Let’s make a pact : I know you would have a tremendous power by killing her. Join me and I’ll help to kill Pariah … We will reign in the Promised Land and that world of pathetic scums ? Aaaaand…Persephone will be your adorable little queen, the woman who will be at your sides for eternity~ “

A disturbing smile grew upon the demon lips. What an attractive offer.


- Run beautiful girl, run !

Jetant un coup d'oeuil vers un des sbires de Béa, puis, au fusil à pompe qui trainait près de son boss, Persephone, sentant la panique monter à cran, se précipita vers l'arme et la saisit alors que Greeder, sous sa forme humaine, lui intima mentalement.


En entendant soudainement ces paroles peu affectueuses s'introduire dans son fort et torturé intérieur, Perséphone s'arrêta en cours de route et manquant d'attention, se prit une des balles d'arme à feu de la part d'un des hommes de Béa. Alors comme ça ce monstre de Béa engageaient des hommes de toutes les origines, y compris des Américains ?


La jeune femme poussa un cri de douleur strident alors qu'une pluie de sang alla gicler sur le visage de son patron, prisonnier par des cordes bien solides, ainsi que sur le sol dallé du temple. Tenant instinctivement son bras blessé, les larmes aux yeux sous l'effet de la douleur indescriptible, Persephone se jeta sur le côté et se saisit du fusil à pompe, haletante et confuse. 

Le visage couvert de poussière et de terre, les cris cruels des gardes résonnaient de toute part dans sa tête : combien étaient-ils bon sang ? Alors, rampant sur le côté, se cachant derrière quelque caisses pour éviter la première fusillade de balle dont elle était cible, la jeune femme put entendre un des gardes sonner l'alerte pour en appeler d'autre pour les renforts.

- The girl is here ! Find her and kill her ! Is an order of Bea ! Hurry ! We don’t have to kill the man, only the girl. We need him for the ritual !

Persephone s'arrêta net au mot “ritual”. Quel rituel…? Béa savait que son boss n'était pas humain ? Sentant son cœur tambouriner contre sa poitrine, une montée de courage s'empara d'elle. 

Elle devait le protéger.

 Haletante, elle se redressa, tirant sur plusieurs des hommes qui arrivaient avec son fusil à pompe. Même si l'arme était effective en soi, mais un peu lente  malheureusement pour elle, les hommes étaient trop bien nombreux.

Merde, qu'est-ce que je peux faire ?
…Ils n'ont pas l'air du tout de plaisanter !

De son côté, le démon semblait s'impatienter et tonna de sa voix forte qui alla résonner contre les parois du temple.

- For the god’s sake ! JUST FLEE !! YOU WANT TO DIE SO BADLY ?!

Un des gardes qui arrivait l’assomma violemment avec la crosse de son arme a feu pour l'arrêter dans sa parlote capricieuse et, impuissante, Persephone observa son boss sombrer dans l'inconscience. Il était certes un démon, mais enfermé dans un corps humain…Un corps qui lui correspondait. Mais pourquoi un corps aussi fragile pour quelqu'un d'aussi sanguin et exubérant ?

- Oh non…

Fermant les yeux, la femme abandonna sa cachette pour fuir le temple, essayant d'esquiver les balles tirées en sa direction, le coeur prêt à lâcher. Il fallait voir les choses en face : elle n'avait aucune chance contre une cinquantaines d'hommes armés jusqu'aux dents, il fallait devoir trouver un autre solution.

Je suis désolée Greedler, je ferai tout pour venir te sauver….


- No hope…No hope at all…I’m still there, I don’t know.

I don’t know why.

The tanned policewoman was speaking alone, kneeled on the cold and metal floor as the calm sea of a endless dawn was just showing the last remnants of her last case. The sharp wind was running along her long black hair as she had her face lowered to the ground with an empty glance as blood were flowing to her cuts and other injuries.

- It was to me to die. Not her…I promised to protect her. I promised…

* PeRsEpHone…WhErE ArE YoU ?…*

A familiar mutter came to her mind. It was that demon…He needed some blood like always ? The woman closed her eyes, scratching her thin eyebrows together. At least, that time, the woman didn’t respond to Greed. She wanted to be alone and not suffer anymore like she had always to do. Perspehone was even sure she didn’t deserve all that. All that pain…

* Why no one allow me to die ?…It’s to me to die…Not the others I have to protect. I really want to die. I-I just don’t want to live aymore…I don’t see the goal…*

The woman stood up weakly, holding her injuries behind her police uniform with one of her white gloved hand. It went without saying she was so tired that she couldn’t even crying. With a grimace of pain, the thin woman threw away her empty gun and walked slowly towards the deserted base as blood seemed to follow her in her steps.

Her own blood…

Holding her head, the woman was panting of pain but smilled.

She would die really soon. Finally.

Walking inside, she coughed some blood a little as she was keeping that knife in her weak and malnourished belly. As the lights suddenly blinked, the woman stood up in fear and froze, eyes widened.

- What the…?!

Now, tentacles of gloomy darkness were covering the room progressively, hinding the seeing of that proper room who turned to complete darkness.

- Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

The police woman jumped out of fear upon that odd and hissing sound. A voice…? It was somewhat familiar. Even if she was pretty injuried, Persephone was tending to guess. Greed ? But he was not the only one to be that kind of creature. In any case, she would die really soon, why not in being slaughtered by that gloomy and odd creatures wich were populating deserted places and she had to kill so often ?

* I don’t care anymore.*

An awful screech sound then…nothing. Darkness.


Greed appeared suddenly on his demonic form in front of her and the police woman let out a surprised scream.

- Hhhhh..PeRsEphOne, yoU SiLLy WoMAN…WhAT hAVe YoU DoNE tO YoUrSeLF !? “

The last thing the woman saw was the pale skin of the creature, the black eyes, the golden pupils upon her, and that long snake-like black tongue.



misscarriaged asked:

*made a small face after the "killing" part and just stirred my tea*This is plenty thank you for the drink. I um, like sleeping a lot too, actually I have to sleep the twice amount than humans need to. *felt like a tiny mouse when greed sat in front of me*

Always so intimidating, the demon pulled his hands together, glancing now down towards the woman with an amused look.

” The TeA TasTeS GoOD ? “

misscarriaged asked:

I'm sorry to hear if you don't like books. Is there anything you like? *fixes my tea and drinks it*

The Demon shrugged, laughing in a rather gloomy way as he laid he’s golden and ferocious eyes upon that little human.

” I DoN’t KnOw WeLL…MAyBE ThE NApS~”

*KilLing HuManS It’S My FaVoRitE ThINGs, heEHheHHEHehe~*

The strong demon sat on a chair, in front of her, glancing towards her tea in a toughtfully way.

” NeEd SomEthIng ElSE ? ThE TEA iS EnOuGh HoT for YoU ? “