greed ler cosplay


I’ve gotten tons of asks requesting more of this guy’s face. So here’s some of the finest pictures of the finest Once-ler cosplayer at AX!
I consider him my greatest gift and contribution to the fandom heheh ;3

Cosplayer is thetraingoat
Cosplay made by me 


So I heard y'all like low-key, cutesie, classic, all-american oncest!

These were all taken on various days throughout Anime Expo 2014. I’m only responsible for the 2 selfies. I stole the rest from my friends hahahahhh
Tall guy: thetraingoat
Little guy: me


MCM comic con London, Saturday.
Am finally posting the majority of good photos from Saturday, btw some of them got caption. Thank you guys, I had so much fun! Feel free to message me if you see yourself.

Dipper - d33rteeth
Castiel - sachlockk-the-sachlockk
Velma - maknaemokka

P.S. I badly want to find pictures of me with another Once-ler, so please write if you have them or saw them somewhere.



The Lorax | Mama Lover [COSPLAY]