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ΚΣ και σου γαμω το σπίτι❤ @klea–05

Well, it’s because I’m ridiculously immature, that’s why. Y'know, it’s because I haven’t grown up. There’s a theory going around in the UK - as an artist, your emotional development is arrested at the point in which you become famous. And I was reading about this theory in relation to Michael Jackson. So, Michael Jackson, basically, emotionally seemed to stay like a twelve year old all his life, y'know? So I'm… I’m stuck somewhere in my early 20s, y'know? And being in a band promotes that, y'know… it supports that sort of Peter Pan aspect. So I think that’s probably why fifteen year old kids today can still sort of relate to the lyrical outpourings of this very immature guy who’s pushing 40, y'know? I think when you’re much younger you’re sort of a lot more angry at the world and I think as you sort of mature you become a little bit more angry at yourself.
—  Brian Molko (on why so many young people relate to his songs. FM4, Greece, 05/09/2010)