Okay so even though I have two other Princess Leia fics I still need to finish, I really want to start a new one because handmaidensofnaboo gave me a GREAT idea for a Mad Max AU where Princess Leia goes all Furiosa on Jabba’s palace and frees the slave girls and like…. Holy shit?!? That is exactly the kind of AU idea I am all about?!?!?!?! I’m just trying to figure out some character ideas, since there are four main slave girls (oola, lyn me, rystall, and greeata) but five wives, so I need to figure out if I should add sy snootles or that other singer lady who has a long name I can’t remember to the wives squad or if I should do something else. Also who would be Max? I feel like the obvious answer would be Han but I really don’t want to make this Han/Leia fic when it could be femslash (and I’m ALWAYS a slut for femslash). Luke or Lando could make good Maxes, too, but that still leaves the question of who should be Nux?? Like this is way more complicated than I expected it to be lol but I really want to write it ahh