I've seen a strange thing in a little German cemetery

there was a chamber in the graveyard,filled with human bones, and I had no clue about the caption’s meaning

until now

I’m learning German since September, and now I can finally read it:

"Was Ihr jetzt seid,

das waren wir.

Was wir jetzt sind,-

werdet Ihr”

I think it’s something like

“What you are now,

that were we.

What we are now -
you will be “

Maybe this is not correct, bc the more i learn german, the more my english gets worser, but at least i tried xT

anyway, this cemetery is in Greding,and the town is adorable, you all should visit it

I’m soooooooooo into Germany


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One Minute With … Jens Grede of Frame Denim


Frame Denim’s Fall 2015 collection.Image: Courtesy of Frame Denim Fashion Week kicked off with a flashback to the 70s thanks to Frame Denim this morning. The Fall 2015 collection inspired visions of a young Jodie Foster in her best flared jeans. But if forced to pick which film the co…

Frame Denim

Kudos to Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, the design duo behind the label, Frame Denim, who started their line with one pair of jeans, Le Skinny in 2012. For Fall 2015, they presented a collection that is denim-centric, but with plenty of sportswear in the mix. The end result is a lineup that is easy and cool in attitude with a nod to the seventies.

Images via Style.Com.

xx, Thank you.

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:Do u be havin dats Instagrum,,,wha is youar instagrum wha grede are youa in cauise Im in eitcgh grede?????¿¿¿¿¿is wha I saeid

I’m 100% Ur the anon with the spelling situation so if u want my instagram come off anon and we’ll talk 👋

Bayern: Lkw-Fahrer tödlich verunglückt

Bayern: Lkw-Fahrer tödlich verunglückt

Notarzt – Foto über dts Nachrichtenagentur

(dts Nachrichtenagentur) Greding.  Im mittelfränkischen Landkreis Roth ist am frühen Dienstagmorgen ein Lkw-Fahrer tödlich verunglückt. Der 46-Jährige war gegen 04:00 Uhr mit seinem mit Obst beladenen Sattelzug auf der A 9 in Richtung München unterwegs, teilte die örtliche Polizei mit.

Aus bislang ungeklärter Ursache kam der Lkw-Fahrer nach rechts von…

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Do u be havin dats Instagrum,,,wha is youar instagrum wha grede are youa in cauise Im in eitcgh grede?????¿¿¿¿¿

I’m sorry but