grecian braid

What really gets me about white people appropriating black hairstyles is that it’s not like white people don’t have their own long and varied history of fancy hairdoes.

Even though braiding – particularly braiding done very close to the scalp ala cornrows/hair twists – originated in West Africa, it’s not like Europeans haven’t done their own take on typical 3-plait hair braiding that is much more suited to European hair types.

Did everyone forget about French braids? Or Dutch braids?

What about the fishtail braid or “Grecian” braid as it was called in Europe during the 19th century?

And for all you white folks out there who think these are the only ones, I am really just skimming the top of the plethora of European hairstyles that are available to you!

Tired of the conventional ponytail? You can do a Dutch side braid if you want to!

Or even go double dutch!

Hell, you can say fuck it and do a dutch and/or french braid crown or bun!

…so, in short, white people have NO EXCUSE to appropriate traditional African hairstyles such as cornrows, or dreadlocks.

Stop embarrassing yourself and go Heidi it up instead, because you look like a mess.