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“Like the generations of leaves, the lives of mortal men. Now the wind scatters the old leaves across the earth, now the living timber bursts with the new buds and spring comes round again. And so with men: as one generation comes to life, another dies away.”
                                                                         ~ Homer, The Iliad

want one

art history meme | 4/7 sculptures/other media: Winged Victory of Samothrace (Nike of Samothrace) (200-190B.C.)

The Nike of Samothrace, discovered in 1863, is estimated to have been created around 200-190 BC. It is 8ft (2.44m) high. It was created to not only honor the goddess, Nike, but to honor a sea battle. It conveys a sense of action and triumph as well as portraying artful flowing drapery through its features which the Greeks considered ideal beauty. It stood on a rostral pedestal of gray marble from Lartos representing the prow of a ship (most likely a trihemiolia), and represents the goddess as she descends from the skies to the triumphant fleet. Before she lost her arms, which have never been recovered, Nike’s right arm is believed to have been raised, cupped round her mouth to deliver the shout of Victory. The work is notable for its convincing rendering of a pose where violent motion and sudden stillness meet, for its graceful balance and for the rendering of the figure’s draped garments, compellingly depicted as if rippling in a strong sea breeze. The Nike of Samothrace is seen as an iconic depiction of triumphant spirit and of the divine momentarily coming face to face with man. It is possible, however, that the power of the work is enhanced by the very fact that the head is missing.

Me: *trying to fall asleep*

Brain: …

Me: Please don’t.

Brain: What if you made a promise on the River Styx and then made a promise on the River Styx to break your first promise? Would the gods punish you no matter what? Or would they be caught in a loophole until they finally decided to just let you go?

Me: oh my god


If you’re ever feeling Grecian, and I
For one feel like a God,
You’d appreciate the feelings, that I
Have experienced myself.

When I am on Olympus, above the mountaintops
And down below the humans meddle, I don’t tell them to stop.
With the strength of many men, and the courage of a lion,
I send my legions (many men and lions) to defy them.

When their town is naught but cinders
And I hear the women cry, I transform into an angel, who
With His beauty lets them die. Of course,
I mustn’t mention, that I take a little on the side,

When people die I feel quite bad, so I need a little lie.
And who would care? (Once there are none left to feel)
With my mighty sword and hammer and axe
I can recreate their fields. I can recreate their lives so that

When they at last return. I can do it all over again
And again, again, again, again…

That’s quite a sight to see. Do you think I am corrupt?
I see myself in golden chains and I am filled with pure disgust.
That power overwhelming, that belies man’s greatest gift,
Is coursing through my soul. A burden that a bull can’t shift.

If you’re ever feeling Grecian, and I
Was once a mighty god,
You’d appreciate my sage advice, don’t try
To be something you’re not.



first off, I’d like to apologise for what a hot fucking mess this post is style-wise - this is what happens when I try to scribble down ideas as fast as possible in tiny spurts over the course of two weeks…I’d also like to put in a disclaimer - I’m a white person from the UK, and I realise a lot of my designs for these characters come from the cultures of POC in different parts of the world, so if I’ve messed up somehow and produced something somehow uncool out of ignorance, PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know so I can rectify it!

I’ve got more drawings planned but shoot me a message if there’s a particular character or pairing you’d like to see “translated” into this au!


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