Joseph Severn     Poet John Keats     c.1821

“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, are sweeter” John Keats, from “Ode on a Grecian Urn”  1820

liyuanne  asked:

13, 59, 68 (´,,•ω•,,)♡

13: what’s something that made you smile today?

@islandgirl5311 This nerd.

59: what’s your favorite myth?

Oooohhhhh…. Uhm. I really like the Grecian story of Orpheus and Eurydice, how he loved her so much that he literally went to hell and back just for the chance to see her again.

68: what’s winter like where you live?

It doesn’t get very cold, only down to like -4 degrees C (25ish F), but it miiiiight snow once the entire season. It’s sandles weather except for like three weeks.

art history meme | 4/7 sculptures/other media: Winged Victory of Samothrace (Nike of Samothrace) (200-190B.C.)

The Nike of Samothrace, discovered in 1863, is estimated to have been created around 200-190 BC. It is 8ft (2.44m) high. It was created to not only honor the goddess, Nike, but to honor a sea battle. It conveys a sense of action and triumph as well as portraying artful flowing drapery through its features which the Greeks considered ideal beauty. It stood on a rostral pedestal of gray marble from Lartos representing the prow of a ship (most likely a trihemiolia), and represents the goddess as she descends from the skies to the triumphant fleet. Before she lost her arms, which have never been recovered, Nike’s right arm is believed to have been raised, cupped round her mouth to deliver the shout of Victory. The work is notable for its convincing rendering of a pose where violent motion and sudden stillness meet, for its graceful balance and for the rendering of the figure’s draped garments, compellingly depicted as if rippling in a strong sea breeze. The Nike of Samothrace is seen as an iconic depiction of triumphant spirit and of the divine momentarily coming face to face with man. It is possible, however, that the power of the work is enhanced by the very fact that the head is missing.


SPACE ATHENS. 2012 comparison to 2017. 

Lots of changes. Definitely changed as an artist and a person in the last five years. For one thing, I’m not afraid to draw girls that aren’t stick-thin with disproportionately large tiddies. There’s also the whole *vacuum sealed” boob thing that a lot of sci-fi artist fall into. Lmao. I used to be sooo proud of this one.

Anyway, in 2017, I’m nowhere near perfect, obviously. But I am more aware of proportions and my colours are a bit better.


Last week I worked on a photo shoot with two of my favourite creatives, photographer, Martin Higgs, and hair stylist, Kasia Fortuna.

Our model, Sri Nujella, wasn’t a model as such, but a professional woman who wanted some creative images of herself to look back on and say ‘that was me’!

We started off with some regular beauty images, and then we moved on to creating these two stunning photos!

The two main products I based the looks around was the Black glitter, and the Rose-Gold leaf.

Makeup Artist - Myself (Shonagh Scott)
Photography - Martin Higgs
Hair Stylist - Kasia Fortuna
Model - Sri Nujella
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova