one gifset per appearance → visit to great tower scout camp, cumbria (22/03/2013)

The Duchess of Cambridge braved the snow for a visit to Great Tower Scout Camp in Cumbria, England. Along with kids and other Scouts volunteers, she learned how to light a camp fire and to cook unleavened bread on a stick. Simon Carter of the Scout Association said: ‘The reason we value the Duchess’s support so much is that she helps out when she can. She is very busy. We want to say to people: “You can come when you can and we will work around you.”’ Fatima Vukhari, aged nine and from a scout group in Manchester, learned about making fire with flint from the Duchess. Fatima said: ‘She showed us how to do it. It was hard because the snow was putting the sparks out. It was fun. She seemed like a princess, she looked pretty and had lovely hair.’ She also gave the Duchess a brown teddy bear for her new baby: 'Me and my friend got her a gift for her baby. She said it’s really cute. We didn’t do it pink or blue because they said it might be a girl or a boy.'