I have officially filled every prompt sent to me thus far in 2015! Here’s the master list of the latest batch, titles based on the prompt(s)–I’ll be opening for prompts again shortly.

Cat [South/Maine] for loquaciousquark

Kick in the Head [Wyoming, Maine] for nightrae

Breaking the Rules [Kimball/Carolina] for aslightgrows

Pen and Paper [CT, North] for chillakeet

Teamwork [Wash/CT] for completelysane

Childhood/Family/Cookies [CT/South] for hatepig

Give Up/Last Hope [Carolina, Kimball] for jestershark

No Way Out/Are You Challenging Me? [Carolina, Director] for greatscottdoc

Heal [Wash, Carolina] for queseraawesome

Sacrifice/Breathe Again [Wash/Tucker] for melindaington

Flowers/Childhood [Kimball/Carolina] for Anonymous

Sacrifice/Seeing Red/Through the Fire [Alpha, Sigma] for Anonymous

Under the Rain/Hold My Hand [York/Carolina] for Anonymous

Standing Still [Kimball/Carolina] for thought-

Introduction [North/York] for felixmctrashy

Expectations [Carolina, Jensen] for queercatlady

Night/Cookies [York/Carolina] for ramblingredrose

Under the Rain [Kimball, Grey] for priestessofeste

Smile [North/Texas] for simmonsized

Breathe Again [Wyoming, Gamma] for @hayleycreagine

greatscottdoc  asked:

59 and 74 could be fun. Carolina and whomever else you feel like, I'm not picky.

59. No Way Out/74. Are You Challenging Me?

“She went too far,” Carolina says. This is, she knows, the key to arguing: find a strong thesis. Stick with it. Find new ways to express it, but stay on topic, stay persistent. Sometimes repetition wins where subtler methods of persuasion fail. “We were only ordered to retrieve CT’s armor, not kill her.”

The Director looks at her over his glasses. “Those were your orders, yes.”

“My orders,” says Carolina. She’s been standing at rigid attention for nearly an hour. The bullet graze on her calf is a dull ache at the back of her mind. The tension and pain, she thinks, must be the reason why she’s trembling. “As opposed to Tex’s orders.”

“Agent Texas,” the Director says, “is the current Number One on the leaderboard. If you will recall, Agent Carolina, when you occupied that position, you were privy to certain… details.”

Carolina’s jaw is set. “Details that would justify killing a teammate in cold blood.”

The Director’s hand spasms into a fist; Carolina flinches instinctively. “You failed your mission. The retrieval of Agent Connecticut’s armor was non-negotiable. By any means necessary, Agent.”

Persistence is key. Carolina takes a shaky step forward. “Sir, I understand the importance of retrieving that armor, but–”

“I very much doubt that you do, Agent Carolina,” he says, and looks down at the tablet in front of him. “Dismissed. Tell Agent Texas I’m ready for her debrief at any time.”

Carolina stands rigidly, breathing short, sharp breaths.

“Insubordination,” the Director says, “is not something I’ve come to expect of you, Agent. You do not challenge me.” He glances up at her. “Let’s not forget who taught you to argue in the first place. Persistence without reason is not a virtue. Pick your battles, Carolina. And for God’s sake, start winning the battles you pick.” He lowers his voice. “You’re bleeding on my floor, Agent. Get to the infirmary. Dismissed.”

Carolina meets his eyes for a long moment. She looks away first.

“Yes, sir,” she says.

Ahhh, I’ve been staring at this message for a while now because it makes me really happy. I am always ecstatic to know when someone gives Eight a try, especially if they end up loving him, as well! 

It was a weird feeling, finally admitting to myself that Eight was my favorite, and Ten was a close second. But yeah. He’s my darling amnesiac puppy. I’m incredibly thrilled to know he’s your darling amnesiac puppy, too!

theoncomingsprinkle  asked:

DUDE when I first read OotP, I was screaming at my book. Not because I hated Harry for whining or anything, but that I was so fucking excited we were finally seeing him react to the events. He's one resilient kid. He's parents died, he was abused, he fought his parent's killer, he found another version of his parent's killer and a motherfucking giant snake, he was united with his godfather only to have him be ripped away, then everything in GoF. HOW HAD HE NOT COMPLAINED BEFORE OotP?!?

UGH RIGHT THANK YOU LIKE I JUST DON’T GET IT. He was 15 fucking years old and the events of the end of Goblet of Fire were beyond traumatizing HE HAS BASICALLY ALMOST DIED ONCE A YEAR FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS AND IN GOF HE ALMOST DIED LIKE A MILLION TIMES AND JUST UGH THANK YOU SO MUCH I love that there are people who understand me and aren’t all fucking idiots like the people who reblogged that post okay I’m done now you’re just wonderful okay I’m DONE.

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If flowers can
teach themselves
how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you.

theoncomingsprinkle  asked:

in regards to carolina acting solely as an epsilon-carrying unit: I'm also kind of peeved at the "can you believe I have to LIVE with her" bit they included. like 1) jesus fuck, church, way to channel the director on that one. but especially because 2) the camera cut to carolina right after that and she didn't get a chance to react and call him out on his bullshit or do ANYTHING, she just took it and instead they just used that time/angle for wash to move into frame.

yeh it’s… not something i’m impressed with, this season. i really enjoy epsilon and all, but i’m irritated that he’s stealing the show here when it would be so easy to throw in a line or two that’d show some actual development for carolina. i’m still really, really, really frustrated that the flashback episode was basically 100% epsilon and 0% carolina, especially since we’ve kinda got this thing going here where she only ever gets character development offscreen and it’s really really really frustrating, y'know?

i mean, sure, on one level it’s the newer team having to work with what was already there, and goodness knows carolina wasn’t especially well-served by s10 on the character development front. but i just… i just think it’s pretty telling that there’s been a lot of fantastic character development in s11/12, and that it’s all gone to the guys.

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don’t give him ideas or he’ll make the next doctor regenerate into a werewolf


don’t even joke about that, i will vomit all over you

greatscottdoc replied to your post:i feel like moffat and the head writer of that…

100% correct. the head writer has a bad case of Moffat syndrome.

like someone said something along the lines of “quit writing fanfiction of your show!!” and i was just LOL THAT’S LITERALLY MOFFAT

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How do you respond when people tell you to "man up"? My friend told me this the other day when I complained how the pool was way too cold to stay in for a long period of time. I floundered for a bit on a response before pointing out that her male friends we came with knew it was cold and wouldn't even get within a foot of the edge, much less go in.

I kick them in the balls. It’s hard to man up when you’re weeping on the floor, clutching your nuts.

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479 as the taxi driver who somehow always ends up working the nights when South gets kicked out of bars for starting fights that North helps finish

“Not one word,” South snarls, easing carefully into the back of the cab with one hand pinching her bloody nose.

Her brother slides in after, sporting a black eye and a worried expression, and murmurs, “Try not to bleed on the upholstery, South.”

“I’m just sayin’,” Four-Seven says, pulling away from the curb with a backwards wave at the glowering bouncers, “you ever need backup for one of these fights, you know where to find me.”

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sorry for creeping on your convo, but one time my mom went and got panera as a surprise, and she pulled out an everything bagel for me. I then had to inform her that that was my bff’s favorite bagel, not mine. so she told me to invite Amanda over.

haha aw! Well I’d invite Katie over but she’s in Philly aka two hours away so.

but we’ll be back at our apt on tuesday (wednesday for her) so we can get crappy florida bagels then

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"“Holy shit, how long were you and Maine talking?”" so I started composing a message in my head as I was reading about how that's one of the things I love about your fics, that there's always one line that just makes me laugh out loud and have to pause and reread it several times before regrouping. Then I read on and so much of this had me cracking up that I just have to say job well done!

Ahhh, oh man, thank you so much! <3