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Anything in honour of one of your OTPs' son's birthday?

an ode to harry (in the tune of thomas and his friends; fabulous pic done by @meraudurs happy birthday our lad ‘arry)

They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight

Learning spells at Hogwarts great

Red and green, yellow, blue- the houses are a useful crew!

All with different roles to play, to help Harry save the day

Down the stairs and round the bends

Harry and his friends!

HARRY he’s the chosen one, RON a friend and lots of fun

HERMIONE knows her spells all fine, SIRIUS is the best canine

LUNA is so very tough, NEVILLE - this mate is enough!

CEDRIC likes to help and share, OLIVER well, let’s say he’s debonair!


“Oh are they outside…yessss, yes they are- hey, (Y/N)!”

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okay so you said that riley gets pregnant on prom night right? so i think you already have a headcanon for the prom night - maybe share? (if you haven't already bc i don't know if you did)

You know honestly I didn’t have anything in my head for the prom but what the hell let’s see where this takes us

  • Okay so unlike Lucas ‘Wait-Nine-Months" Friar, Farkle was well aware his girlfriend wanted a promposal
  • Without getting into specifics, it happened in front of most of the school, and involved flowers, their song blasting over the loud speaker, doves and balloons released into the sky and a light up sign
  • Also Maya may or may not have been convinced to dress up as Tinkerbell for the occasion
  • So Riley’s crying and obviously says yes 
  • Farkle gets a fucking horse drawn carriage instead of a limo to take them to the dance
  • Riley’s in this super pretty light pink dress (cosmopolitan is the official obnoxious color name) and her hair is down and wavy pulled out of her face with this super cute head band that has daisies and glitter on it
  • All and all she looked hella gorgeous
  • Farkle did not look too bad himself
  • It was literally just the group trying to leave and get to the carriage while Cory, Topanga, Eric, Shawn and Katy cried omfg
  • Josh and Auggie had to create a distraction so they could all escape omfg
  • So the dance is just your standard usual prom
  • Like you know, it gets built up so much and it is fun but it’s not anything suuuuper special
  • But there’s fairy lights hanging all over the dance floor and she’s got all her best friends with her and spend most of the night slow dancing with Farkle while staring romantically into his eyes so Riley’s having a great time
  • The food was awful though omg would not recommend
  • Anyway so the dance ends and instead of going home they decide to head to one of the ~popular kids~ after parties
  • Probably Missy or Charlie or someone idk make up a face
  • So no one gets wasted there or anything but they’re all a little tipsy and loose you know
  • Not exactly the same romantic atmosphere from earlier lmao
  • So they totally loose their friends on the dance floor but Riley and Farkle still have a great time
  • At some point Riley wants some fresh air so they just decide to walk home
  • It’s like 2:30 in the morning and their tipsy 17 year olds so what’s another bad decision we can add to this
  • On the way home they pass their old elementary school and Riley’s like “holy shit Farkle we gotta swing on the playground again”
  • “You can’t prove that!”
  • “Breaking and entering, Riley!”
  • “I’m not breaking anything!”
  • “Your dad is a rich white man and my mom is a lawyer we’ll be fine
  • Riley oh my God”
  • By now she’s over the fence and is running towards the playground so Farkle decides he’s gotta follow her and climbs the fence himself
  • So they get on the swings and he stops worrying about potential criminal activity because the both melt into nostalgic piles of shit
  • OMFG okay so their grade school had a couple different classes per grade so they were never in a class with Maya until like 3rd grade
  • So for 1st and 2nd grade they’d spend recess all alone reading, making flower crowns in mini garden next to the playground, or on the swings
  • And whenever they were on the swings one of them would face the schoolyard and the other would have their back to it so they could make eye contact and talk while swinging OMG
  • Okay so Farkle and Riley get to the swings and sit how the used to on them and they’re swinging slowly and holding hands and reminiscing their childhood
  • I’m not crying you’re crying
  • Okay so they stay like that for a bit, just laughing over memories and lowkey freaking out their going to be going to college soon and all “did you ever think we’d be here when we met” like just super nostalgic/emotional convos
  • And while they’re both freaking about the future, they’re still both a little tipsy so they’re giggly and smiley and just keep saying how much they love each other omg
  • So at some point Riley’s like “remember when we used to race down the hill and I kicked your ass every time” and before he can start to defend himself she bolts of the swing and starts running
  • He’s not far behind her but they both fucking trip and roll down the hill and land in the little garden area OMFG
  • So they’re laying in the flowerbeds, looking at the very little stars they can manage to make out (bc it’s NYC and also kind of a cloudy night) in total silence except for an occasional giggle
  • All cuddled up and everything
  • And eventually start kissing
  • And I think we all know where this leads mmmhmmm
  • Now I don’t think this is the first time they’ve ~done anything~ but this is the first time they just fucking forgot about protection
  • So that’s how their daughter happens but at the moment it’s the last thought on their minds omg
  • Okay and they eventually do get caught by a Security Night Guard but they’re both so embarrassed and flustered and clearly came from prom that he lets them off with a “just don’t do this again” omfg
  • Farkle continues to give Riley hell for mild lawbreaking for like a month afterwards
  • But hey yeah it was the super sweet and romantic prom night that she couldn’t even have dreamt up so it was great
  • r i a r k l e

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