greatnorthwoods  asked:

What got you interested in photography and what subjects did you document most when you first started? Would you say that your style has changed?

Well it started out at university parties tbh. I always hated being in front of the camera so I use to steal borrow my moms camera so that I could then be behind the camera. Then I went through some weird stuff and I liked spending time on my own, apart from my friends, so I would go on walks and just take my camera with me. 

Landscape has always been like the staple of my photography, even when starting out. Although now I also shoot artistic/concept images, family/wedding/engagement portraits, etc…

My style has definitely changed! When I look back to my earliest images I cringe. I was trying to be so overtly “artistic” and unique. But really that just meant I took photos with shitty composition and like angled at 45 degrees. My editing style has also changed. I never rely too heavily on photoshop, or other software, to edit my images but I definitely love that faded look so I’ve learned the process to achieve that look