Survival of the fittest is no longer true; the least intelligent with the lowest economic status now have the most kids—it’s survival of the s*ttiest and dumbest! Poor people need to be responsible for how many babies they choose to have.
—  Junior Biology major, submitted by greatnorthernloon
50 followers and almost a month

Thank you to all my followers! I was surprised so many people would like my well, loony, mix of posts enough to follow me.

I suppose I must be doing a good job if I have 50 52 followers after less than a month of regular posting on this account.

It’s been a lot of fun seeing what people post and being part of Tumblr myself. I actually get less people seeing what I post on Tumblr than on Facebook or other websites (to continue to shamelessly brag!), but Tumblr is much more enjoyable. So thank you again to everyone who makes it so awesome!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep it up and more.

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Wow, the voice changes in this version of “Come With Me!” are pretty epic.

I like all the girls’ voices, but what surprised me most was how beautiful Nodoka’s voice was. Too bad her seiyuu has never had a singing role apart from the K-On! character songs.

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